keeping up the fiction

it’s Friday the fourth

Graduation came and went

uh,, now what?…now what?

distance equals  the of geometry multiplied out across arithmetic.  That rather un-amusing when time really doesn’t exist and the geometry is only a relative observation based against where one observes the situation.  Metaphysical notions really do have a way of being powerful but whether they are powerfully amusing  or powerfully annoying does tend to be yet another ratio of how much coffee one has had or how strongy one has spiked that said coffee….at the present moment I long for the omega or was it alpha too in the ealy version of the sign we’ve Occident ally come to know as Infinity. None of this crap is feeding my belly and none of it’s solving one iota of anything valuable to the issues before me.

I’m neither broke nor am I rich.  this could possibly be more neutral sounding or seeming in life but it’s not  neutral, it’s damned annoying.  i neither have the excuse of poverty nor do I have the means to slide out from underneath the latest schemes aiming to pin the bill as if it were a tail upon me the donkey.  I am well aware of the knife-edge of what starts small grows   to that of a steep mountain – should i care to play ostrich  I also know that to keep being angled, I’m only ending up   making that same said doughnut in a round not this time to indicate the fullness of time or the power of god but only that of a tired me ran around in a big zero of accomplishments  some circles are all too common and all too vicious.  but how can I change the bounce of angles from down to up?  how can i turn the circle of sound back into  even  a wave of fortunes rocking one to sleep as the world comes and goes?

Voluntary taxes?  Gambling.  why yes, I’ll just march up the street and fork out some lettuce for my paint shaving to reveal whether I’m king of my mountain or lighter for the effort now walking by the mega home before the open space i just paid for to make them rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  the trouble with gambling is it’s really only any fun if you win.  and its worse still in that it’s only fun if you win and hardly anyone else does…..ahhh the odds. luck be a lady.  if that isn’t a reference of import about attitudes, you’re not really listening… maybe you’re gambling also i have a point

vicious circles are not unlike the music of the 80’s wherein a little bit, a hook, was re looped with a slick new set of words and voila, we’ve brand new music?  nope, we may have the most dope lyric which only turn dopey later as they’re rather like that of a novel on toilet paper- don’t really care how good it is, it really sees ONE use…yet i haven’t seen any tp that didn’t have some kind of gross notion to it of saying it’s  not partially recycled  post consumer content…that’s rather disturbing if you think about it.  yes 80’s music and a bathroom runaway reference..  shameful of me.  misleading too.  I am sure everyone knows but doesn’t want to say it out loud that blissful relief of a trip to the can or before the kids laugh at you listening to the way it was ahhhhhh.  vicious circles  they keep returning and eating alive all the time to only end the same… how to avoid a vicious circle is to not fall into one… i guess i can no longer by any music but upon a thumb drive as i cant keep  away from the circles  be they cd’s  oooo maybe a tape rollin up the reels or even the hard drive spinning it’s platters or ooo ooo vinyl records!  nope, i can only avoid the vicious circles by being thoroughly square  in the use of a thumbdrive…until it hits my set of keys and then round and round we go again 😉

I’ve another fiction before i go off to contemplate reality…. I should go pay my bills now.  I really do have a life to lead.  I think i be spherical in obtaining a scoop of Chinese food which really is 3 circles luckily multiplied together to  obtain become  a scoop.  or will i investigate the full stomach with a circle become cylinder of something hamburger or perhaps arby’s?    if i keep sitting here I’m just going to keep up the fiction.

#FictionFriday – Distance.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “keeping up the fiction”

I had a theme when I started, honest lol. kinda neglected to write the connective sentence to a doughnut being a sign of infinity/god… so i guess i expect you knew 😉 shameful of me! describe describe descibe but a lil salt of sense never did hurt no one either 😀 yes, a bagel is a circle on purpose. and while doughnuts were often twises not circles requiring flipping whereas twist don’t – they self flip in oil…we move onward to the pretzle which i? the father son and holy ghost so the catholic kiddos could remember their prayers too. and i neglected also to write out the equations too distand – time multipled by angle chosen… I couldn’t find my symbology insertions…shamel- but the annoyance versus pleasure of metaphysical constructs are directly proportional to the amount of coffee consumed…that’s ture enough. 😀 or once again i might make sense if i try 😉

I’d be happy if you kept up the fiction! 🙂
I rarely contemplate reality. I’d rather contemplate fiction! 🙂
My latest post is about vinyl!!! 😀
Happy L-O-N-G Whee-kend to you!!! Hope it’s filled with love and laughter and little or no labor! 😛

heh my boss quit. I’m curious of course why. I doubt anyone will talk. (technically, they better not – it violates privacy laws) I may have a bit more of a whee….splat! workweek lol versus whee fun. I haven’t yet decided how i wish to handle the lack of help they’d have when i know I’m not really leaving til the 18/19th of this month but obviously i’m not slog and toiling what really isn’t my problem – but I do want my reference. I do want a double paycheck lol but oh the ambiguity of it. I’ll probably work another day or two extra but I think I serve myself and my image better leaving them to it rather than helicopting into the rescue… we’ll see.

further investigation reveals… lol. it was thursday the direct superviz left not friday so yet again an interesting bit of cost savings occured …I know i should be equinanimous about work but some of this at my expense feeling crept in and it refuses to leave – hence the actual next post on how i handle the issues of perception which obviously isn’t well in that i found an escape. not that this is horrendous lol I’m 800 left likely in november’s opener for debts outstanding based against all the guesses or better by HAALF than when i came employed in the first place. with the move which somehow are always expensive 😉 or I’ll make ground and still afford a christmas medication spree and resign of insurances again all going of course up lol. or by the time january hits i should see trips everywhere! talk about dangerous cabin fever talk! 😀 this precludes finding any actual employment which i couldn’t care labout if i’m smart i did my numbers racket i should easily survive the winter and make a fun trip and still survive another relocation by next august ish if sis’s family side sees the rays of luck occur. even one night a week is a grace and I’m affordable in january for the winter as if i work out, i’m 40% off for 90 days or three months ish .. that 12 an hour WITH costs on the employer side versus 20. gotta love tax incentives 😉 :* to ada 1973/1991 or, I stand in a booth for 7 hours allowing the magic of a 24 hour if they can reasonably pull 300 a night in consistantly business. you needn’t see the clear math of 12 x 8 equals 100 of which 20 is withheld against 300 in meaning they gain 120 profit and i get paid and they’ve community goodwill finally being open when midnight snacks are required ;)…and more inventory turns over! this means 20 people need get a new hait 😉 or I don’t expect too much improvement in my life of normal hours work but i can plug in oddly and love life 😉
so you reprise work now, thursday midday was ? the third and if at midday my boss left that means the tailgate party was a fail for broncos day andperhaps they finally did what they are careful not to pull on me which is blame – meaning perhaps no one came and they expected 0 people and a photo party and her to go collect everyone or as usual no one got on board and this new it can be done if policy failed again – i don’t know but i’ve looked baffled at them for this oh the blah blahs ‘ll help and it’ll happen… yeah RIGHHHHHT 😉 but when it was saturday sunda no department head and nor tomorrow either…. I’m not surprised that’s when i got the fill in day saturday… not friday. this chaps my hide some as that’s MY oppurtunity to get ahead and why i grumble. the bones are just so thin and fishy choke a person on the free meal kindness 😉 but, here’s a nicety- i got my weekender’s card. I’m leaving and it’s got a good 12 signers which is nice and one tossed a ja ckson in which was? the bistro king for a glass of pinot gris, coconut shrimp and an order of eggrolls with tea for me and a soda for mom 😀 with tip twentyfour ish but yay. right after investigating the walmart for those household goods I was borrowed for a chat on microwaves which I got my science all wrong lol shhh! dislike looking the n o0nothing ass 😀 but i did still manage to offer useful considerations on ergonomics of use and my ideas of value – which are NOT dismissable. I got mom some whiskey as i suspect i want people to have a toast in my name whether i’m around or not preferably not 😀 but i like fresca and whiskey over ice with a splash of marichino cherry/grenadine. I need only decide the obvious deserving or not I’m not immune to being careful to earn as much as i should yet still leave on time and grand terms. i may work the obvious fail of their life there wednesday afternoon meeting day and the saturday or sundy half day only half days as *K* dictate my offers now lol what a tyrant. so our people suffer the least during the transition of me moving out of town. yet i get? cash. 😀 this leaves just enough room for a 20 something soon enough out of college pro to get it together et still be human. I hate being set up to fail. i wish to avoid leaving on that suspicion to others….who afterall are my reference! 😀 but ultimately i filed a month’s notice and it isn’t my doing the weekend i leave they lose essentially the entire department.

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