ancillary or ants already?

I’m curious if anyone has recently enough been to both a tokyo joes and a wahoo fish taco so we can discuss the merits of which is the most ancillary chain.

I nothiced my closet was disassembled to bypass the lock again – it turns out I’d not have gotten the call to cover even if i was in town which i wasn’t as my direct supervisor called in ill another 3 days after my weekend … I’m glad i didn’t call in myself…moral high ground ūüėĬ† but lol talk about another curiousness… how ancillary have I become there?¬† duh, yes i want to rage against the¬† anwe but I still get paychec ks which is the universal way of saying I count.

I’m fairly sure i waited a long time to get to sushi again as my tastebuds don’t register the stuff much… same with correctly made chicken¬† soup from powder and from campbells’ cans…¬† I’m still pleased with wasabi.¬† but something just is missing…an unctiousness.

i am guilty of saying something patently false… i appologized in my never really read notes on what i do daily… i’m actually not even remotely sorry – – I set up as directed for an activity early and it took a solid 45 minutes to help the one person outside as in to a chair i could begin the slog outside.¬† I got to make an interesting point which I dislike actually, I had the family member push his loved one¬† a bit in the chair- i was curious as to whether he could.¬† believe it or not I literally am the best blind driver lol¬† this type of chair is unweildy so thus I did the pushing and wasn’t aiming to look some kind of wonderful, I’d have rather looked fooling and overweaning… but unfortunately I am. good at what i do.¬† including the mistake of hours and late leaving still doesn’t go over the hours i was banked to have.¬†¬†¬† so in a way please note I know i’m unfortunately good, I know business vagueries and attitude control are difficult to manage so alas I wont always feel as appreciated as perhaps i deserve… i also know that they’ve a salaried social worker soul who IS the department relief when n we her ancillary staff aren’t there as she’s already paid for it anyways…. but it still feels like a personal vendetta against me there as in o my success.

I’m antsy.

Uncategorized¬† at least it seems a city over i have clinic care so that’s coverable

I visited the circl r again this time to discuss dinner in my belly and later to obtain a tasting of pina agria by odell brewing… a pineapple sour. – it may not have been exactly the same but lol this was one occassion it didn’t feel “different” it felt the same….not bad, mind – i returned twice in an evening.

Idon’t care for sours as they taste like vinegar.¬† this is not my favorite bee thing vinegar.¬† dinner was cuban trailer park sliders with veggie crisps and a salad with a bit of spicy baby sunflower shoots.¬†¬†¬† oddly, I knew what to expect even if i never had before had such period.¬† now before you misunderstand me – again a feeling of not surprised is NOT the same as disappointed, by no means.

I’m not particularly sleepy, it’s raining, I left my last lighter in mom’s car so finding a previous mine was nice, I don’t look forward to the work even simply walking in to say I’m moving on asap/2 weeks… I could but again I resist as everything I want in a move hinges on moving in unencumbered as much as possible and thus punting my job is a bad idea at present….such only limits my means and traps me all winter long for expensive fight my way out a few times evenings to return discipline ruined.¬† so again i’m excited a bit but there are some black marks of that’s not high quality care/independance! lol¬† it seems there is a limited shuttle for perhaps the senior centers but lol i cant find shit.

as to the beer, I don’t like it as is for beer drinking… but imagine marinated pork as a scalloppine¬† with grilled onion¬† it’s essentially a thin as it was anyways pork choppin and a heap of goodness to it… it was fun to mention that idea as i just so rarely get to talk food.¬† it may work out I may have a winter dish perfect for those who want to try upgrading their beer educations over dinner..¬† maybe.


by phone

Oak Creek,CO:  Im here courtesy of att netaork roaming.  Its worth noting one finger pecking a phone face keyboard will see me type no better.  Its surprising that this modern day pocket knife of communication work so close to far more expensive things.

I may move here. ¬†Im not sure i have transportation enough to work here…but i dont have to. ¬†I investigating medical being adequate. ¬†I am not dumb about stuck all winter. ¬† All previous visits say i can afford me. ¬†I can travel eventually.

The dissenting whisper is zen and now: following robert persig 40 years later.  Just barely into the book i find the truth of wanting an imagined connection meets reality.  I.e. this place cold and expensive and unforgivingly so.

The driving voice is… Its later than (you) think. ¬†I acheive no groundwhere i am at and likely await wine becoming vinegar.

The dissenting voice says all the cooking explorations successes or lies dont matter. ¬†All the new books and thoughts arent my first book sold. All the anwe kindled to bonfire’s roar isn’t with social sharring so is only showboating online. I likely trap myself


wherein I pick on someone….whom?



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AC/DC – Back In Black

now that you know who wants their money and or ego as well for their effort, please understand I’m here to have fun with what i heard.
parody is the art of, sattire is the art of MOCKING YOU, so LAUGH already!  well see for yourself, then choose.

(Back in black….sack, back….
I got nine lives
Cat’s eyes

Abusin’ every one of them and running wild)

Sack’s out back

hustle your buns, JACK

the line was 10 miles long so yeah, I got an extra off the rack

move your caboose

or my smack-hand’s loose

hustle or you’ll feel what I’m talkin’ about.

go ahead move while you whine ūüôā

I’ve not time for your videogame but, but, WHY?

stop anglin’ for my purse or I’ll give you a reason to cry!

just look in MY. EYES.


and you’ll be sleepin’ on your stomachs for the rest of your lives

‘Cause mom’s back

GRITS! She’s Back

KIDS!, Groce’ry! Sacks!

CRAP, She’s out back.

OH KiiiiDS, those SACKS, FAST!


Sack after sack, sack sack sack.

(Well, I’m back in black
Yes, I’m back in black)

ever feel BAD, before your time?¬† I have.¬†¬†¬† I’d finish this off gludgle after gludgle¬† of ruined rhyme and word-crime.¬† but alas, I’m out of gas and I’ll be to bed something soon here fast.¬† I’ve a vacation to attend to after a work-day.¬† but I must wait my turn on laundry.


free form.  try something new. poo.

not surprised really.  clever how they kindly note the *sometimes not legally part of how some of the kennedy fortune is derived.

the site that got me to the presidents by wealth list – i haven’t done too badly in that i’ve read a good number of that what is given.

I’ve summed up my wildest or “key” college memories in a hope it’s a hug for another and if not a stolen laugh.

i was asked what i know on a certain health subject and lol you know i’ll wait alllll week to find out if i blew¬† it somehow and or that’s all it was .¬† but I shared anyways perhaps tmi as in too much information.

I lookiking around missing my beer …and stubbed my toe thanks lighter for being where i left you or no trips were saved ūüėõ

I ate my dinner laughing at how it was such a task to procure it as in make the damned choice of it… it was supposed to be more epic than it was… no wonder the best places in town don’t rate above 3 and 2/3’s stars.¬† musago is some kind of caviar-esque product¬† apparently cavier is a no bueno word anymore… poor robin leech.¬† I cant say i adored anything as i got the fish nugget wrapped in rice.. ait was nice to try but frankly it wasn’t a connecting experience just a note it happened one.¬† i did figure out the weirdness of what’s this spinach stuff in¬† my dinner, this isn’t how it’s usually made!… laugh with… me as we’re not usually in the habit of eating the green garnish underneath the dish ūüėĬ† guess it really was boxxed hot!

i missed my whole window of attending the poetry festival as i slept through the first day and while setting an alarm for the second just couldn’t flippin’ move to get out and about today.¬† however it isn’t the worst tragedy in that I did catch a snip, fb allows one to like invitations to event but mentions automatically “i’m coming” they one asked another if they were ready for that kind of attention… it felt like a snip so I’m not sad i didn’t spend money and effort to visit an even where 50% of those i know there were feeling snippy¬† my way.¬† this also brings up a laugh mentioning that to others about praise, sure, this week I heard i’ve a rare enough “talent”¬† but often those words are not more than a lure to pay to learn the ways as events that pay others and freely hope to have excited non paid participation are well enough what they are…already established without me – I’m just another paying accolyte.¬† chump.

the week elapsed already again so the last person of interest hasn’t communicated and likely didn’t find a job in the month off and has another month to go before the interns have to return to school…. only to begin at the bottom.¬†¬†¬† as you read above another one made that conversational leap so it’s not like dead in the waters here just… something not quite exactly exciting

that’s a general feeling, generally not exciting.

I think now to more food and learnings wondering if i’ll find a weird new idea.¬† i may have.¬† has anyone ever seen the difference between a regular maki roll and a “hand roll?”¬† I was pleased about that difference and idea then thought as i usually do of serving some the best i can manage when it occurs to me so many are usually in the mood for anything but my idea.¬† so i was thinking how the hell would i manage a moment sushi if someone suddenly said i hate fish?¬† the seaweeds fine for someone else!¬† oh shit this is sushi folk fish and seaweed!¬† never fear the hamburger is here.¬† imagine the typical cone of not seaweed but now lettuce.¬† it’s a wrap! damn it but I’m still talking heheheheh.¬† imagine the meat filling thus must be a robin’s egg mmeatball or two¬† with a lilbacon sauce and salsa to get the everything minus the bun thing achieved.¬† i mused on that a little bit

I’ve previously mused on what earthly purpose i have to travel as in what i might gain from it as i’m limited on sight seeing¬† when i’m still technically blind, I’m capable of socializing but given my own permissions to be myself I literally am more often unlikely to, i can’t do enough walking and cant stand feeling like i could onl if I had a car… so imagine¬†¬† a compression of many places into one summation of the notion.¬† it’s not beyond me to sort out how to make liquid or cryogenic air.¬† it’s not imapossible to find a way to put this air now liquid in a tank somehow.¬† it’s so far not safe either but shhh!¬† it’s not hard as i’ve actually done it it or parts of it converting a mower type engine to sit upon a movable mechanism and thus put put upon air everywhere…not just as far as the cord lasts or not within a gas powered legally reuiring liscense scenario which i cant obviously obtain…cant see well.¬† and not be stuck but not be so fast I incure death every second i hope.¬† obviously on leaving someone has a cheap bit of fun with liquid air and a motor machine to tool about their teenagedd lives .¬†¬†¬†¬† but i get to see as much as i can and hum a little frank sinatra too i did it MYyyyyy WAAUuuuuu.

I cant say i’ve nailed enough of the details above to¬† just go and do or find out…but….

I’m tring to avoid going to bed before dark as I’ll only get up around midnight and then have a long long long beginning of a week not just a workday monday for me.¬† it’s working if only just.¬† my sugar oddly isn’t abnormally high¬†¬† or greivously low so i have difficulty accounting for this malaise diabetes wise- i have noticed lately as in over six months my normally 99% o2 stat is no more like 96% so I’m gernally lesser lately than usual

I can remember most of my dreams for a few millisecond on wakings and the more vivid/horrid the more memorable..eek.¬† I’m here to tell you vitamin b starts up the memories… hmph.

i suppose what i really want at the moment is beer perhaps a burrito.¬†¬†¬† i had hoped i’d find some inspiration to go looking for an idea, but until then these are the only thoughts I have excepting the naugtier ones which i guess don’t ultimately interest o many lol or they’d be realities.¬† again hmph but without the usual rancor.