the fun with names

i’ve read as much as i can stand to – meaning i’m a skipper-arounders .  I’ve exhasusted my piles

arizona: wagons west volume 2x somthing… dana fuller ross

-I read about the least of this book as after 501- years with the series it has a repetitive tone no matter whivh volume it is.  I like how it’s somewhat accurate to the kind of names one may have heard and how far flung they became but yet it’s still something of a possibilitie to catch a familiar thread.  I liked independance wagons west  which i believe is book two and where i started like always never in sequence.  however five or ten in it became repetitive and now it oo what’s the bad man trying to get which holt is it this time ever so honorable holt —which reminds me now to puke remembering school when what was it a rheinholdt that published so many of my textbooks so the same then too.

frans kafka

amerika = i laugh as just like jules verne in his 20,000 leagues under the sea, this book is loosely based against all that could be discovered from afar on what was known.    I find it accurate in that someone can and easily will cheat the generousity of others to latch onto any gravy train.  I laughed at the theater of oklahoma where it was so uch like the army where who cares what you want what did you do before how high did you pass which studies where .  it was like so much of beaurocracy today.  even if this was yet another book where favor can be LOST on the judgement of others saving themselves matters not who.

the castle – another long long explaination about the valuation of where one stands in life…. it isn’t very rational.    it’s oppinion it’s whose who caring about you….but unlike the opinion i was told to expect which is a story of alienation from life i found it still possible to see why some just are fortunate and are quick to cultivate the friends appropriate to their wanted way of living andwont let go when they’ve suffered a change for the worse…and it’s almost singularly impossible to change a reputation by one’s self.

frog music – emma donnaue – this is a naughty enough book set mostly in sanfranscisco circa 1876 september.  it’s about lusty love. a little lesbian action as well as what you might have found as a watcher of porn long long ago  but again of love versus ambitions and attitudes toss in a murder and as thus it’s a who-done-it laugh when just like the cliche the butler did it or in this case close 😉  and you’ve the4=9 song the daring young man on the flying trapeze from england yet the whole crue is french and that song is? from the depression era more or less in popularity..but argue all you like.  in fact this book has some anger about the justice we hide seemingly  yet always reveal of ourselves?  in a way the book is so thuroughly modern and paced so that the setting is but theater to the story.. a bit of a lie.  just as korea was mash the tv show lasting not three years as the real war did but eleven hit seasons on television displaying more of an attitude contemporary to vitetnam and social politics of the day like leaving a bar because you need a drink only to return when you want a drink and but in the books this one the others- the colours of the characters contain a truth and archetyping yet it’s attitude that drives them to radiate as they do – officials in 1920 and before era books are selfabsorbed and often hostile – this book is no different.  but i suppose where this book breaks is a more modern notion that we live our l ives and then “settle down” repectably…everyone covering up one lie or another.

the last book here is jorge luis borges’ book of illusions – which covers so much of what we popularly retell over and over.  as if stealing from a recipe book. 😉  it bored me fairly quickly excepting what a mandrake was which is covered in the bible of all places where leah  bargains for a night of sex with Jacob from Rachel…rachel wanting the mandrakes and having the popular spot with their shared husband.  but even in the bible its about something concrete or nevermind love how many sons?  who’s the husband?  STATIS.  and thus i’ve completed the last books of the type to cover status as a thing.. perse

or have i  the guy who helped make imax everest ed biesters climbing everest  times recounts a life studied to be a veternarian who loved the outdoors and climbing…fell into his passion for climbing giving up the course he studied for upon completing school.  as a guy who obviously could climb and thus drag you to the tops of mountains, he was status and showed how nearly all his friends were shallow but passionate and sometimes unwise but true to themselves because climbing a mountain to it’s top is only climbing halway… you still have to get down hopefully safely.  but imagine 15 breaths to a step, i walk nearly 2 steps to a breath for pace.  it’s those little details that offer a little window into how people condition and achieve what magic they can-  so in a way  status is a touch illusiary… for climbing everest was just as dangerous the first time as the last time and just as hard  never mind the 7 times it’s often luck of a way that we get up these challenges or social heights or height heights at all.  that’s with all the hard work  imagine if we didn’t try…nope cant climb without efforts ;)D

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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