I did MINE :D  **

when investigating odd products this came up  five years ago, today i saw and bought their ginger ale.

Specialty Salt

I hope it’s comparing to alderwood smoked sea salt- which it may or may not be but i’m assured some serious chicken alll winter long in any even.

or, I stopped into a place called cost plus world market today.  SCORE!

obviously, if my day ended there at the market, that’s be cool in of itself but next was dinner

taco house, previously a specific taco joint in littleton on the corner of the library turn off is also not open either both…remodeling or out entirely…so i missed the turn to the good chinese place and the buffet was pretty much packed so I skipped that too and ended up with a more not even close to entirely veggie meal of hurraches asado with plenty of creamy habenero sauce devil’s orange.  *not asada as in grilled meat but asado as they termed it a potato verde sauce and some bits of beef…over a cornmeal cake with bean spread.

I stopped out for a beer so I could have one and the first two were?  closed.  crappo.  so i ended up with 3 for 10 bucks gallo pick and mix varieties wine.  I got pinot noir, red moscato for mom and sauvignon blanc.

i suppose the drawback occured which was i managed for the second time to be late to work…odd I had a ride then it disappeared and… bugger then the taxi didn’t pick my call til 25 minutes later… mc late to work – yes i called prior to actualy being late.

I have my card mock ups at work to be inspected so I can get information fact checked and before printing the cards onfancy papers cover my legal obligations so as to not break that trust.  it is afterall, THE LAW.   shoot I’m late to the neighbor guys crap crap crap!  enjoy your day?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “I did MINE :D”

I hope your work situation comes with the understanding that you have transportation challenges. It’s part of the Josh package and the bargain they are getting from you in helping bring quality of life to the home. 3 for 10? Great deal.

yeah it was, but as good a deal as it was i could stomp over there to buy them near out as you’ll read in your other message, I’ve cards to order 😀 if you remember the one who showed up with a boyfriend after a hot bit of romance it seemed…well she quit for six weeks ish and as one of the replacements is due back to school and they were hosed otherwise, i asked the principles if they’d not mind her back as in this market she wasn’t able to obtain work elsewhere in that time… she came back! or adding to the neat card’s project elevating my personal game, I was able to help my operations with a trained employee who left on good terms to return. I do hope it works out for a few weeks at least. but i feel for a change that I actually did my REAL part, not the paper job but the real job of looking out some for a place I apparently care about afterall however annoying they are after forever being there – they’re not. or, soon the wine ‘ll kick in pinot noir tonight late day tomorrow 😉 😀 good and cheap. but, for a change i’m prepared to redo my basic ME driven portfolio of activities up as I’ll have pro work too soon, I know it matter not if I get a dishwashing gig for extra scratch but i’m a tad pleased with what i managed this last half decade 🙂 again hug share as you see fit with the cats and the soul you snagged 🙂

I feel the transport
pains, man. More so, when things seem
beyond one’s control.

Er… I don’t suppose
I can convince you to try
Japanese fried-shrimp?


heh I still cant understand at a glance what that mechanism is! I’d comment that but you beat me to it. Isuppose it replaces the steam cannon rice cake makers for coolness and times march on.

I love browsing at Cost Plus World Market!!! 🙂 Always find too much I like! o_O
You got the late-bug of late?! It’s always hard to arrive on time when you have to depend on others to transport.
I shall click on your linky links! I love rootbeer AND ginger ale! 🙂
More HUGS of the bear variety today!!! 🙂

ww thanks 🙂 I’m stil considering a polar brand diet root beer clear. but that’s a different store. and here’s ayou a funny someone got up some pumkin ravioli at the world market and i was intrigued so I asked and in this 3 years it’s been I couldn’t ever find the place! nor website and i believe world and market are standard spellings just skip the space twween them and dot com it… no luck. odd.

Wow! Pumpkin ravioli! I’d try that! 🙂
One of my kids ate at a fun 50’s diner recently and told me they had some great root beer, that I would’ve loved! 🙂
We have a CP World Market store about 30 minutes drive from my house! 🙂

HUGS, not slugs!!! 😛

lol, I know that! now lol but i was astounded that previously I couldn’t find it at all, nor the store I went to was in the conversation mentioned at the time it was quite the goosechase that when mom read the sign before we’d wholly passed i said i wanted to go look 😀 it’s like being reminded of a ghost you finally ssee in front of you.

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