someone who is nice got me going on everyone should pay politics.  I deleted most any reference to the thoughts I had.  the world is full of enough abundance that it matters not one way or another ultimately how the current issues get decided.  shake shack is 66 locations into 1.3 billion in sales whipping it’s competitive similar establishments with the OMG priced burger as they cant compete with macdonald’s type pricing mac donalds made 7.4 billion ish but, they’ve 3500 locations world-wide.  just as a lot of places have a choice to serve a select group at elevated costs versus a more walmart type masses on the chap type approach.  or, if you think there’s no opportunity in the world at large, you’d likely be full of crap.  and also there just isn’t ONE right way but proof the opposite way works just as well if not better by ratio.  as to the wider issue of non-profits need to stop skipping the law of taxes – make ’em all pay it really doesn’t much matter even if i’ll admit i’m leary of the initial results of attempting such as that’s a long wait to see who replaces them and how the new social order comes online and who skips away scott free anyways….but i’ll truly say it’s likely to be the saddest day and year for the world when charity is taxed thus removing any incentive to contribute to the community.  but again, as i say it can work as there really is plenty of reason it can – one way…sing your Blondie now… or another.

demand god pay, it only makes foodbanks go away.

demand the end of free non-profit lunch, and just see if anyone pays out as much

the difference often in the taxes is only the ceo’s paycheck cheat.

in a way, i’ve heard this and that somehow here is going to be a retaking back or ground made up in the disparity of rich versus poor… but i promise you the cost are only to raise accordingly at the door.

why do i even bother, it’s only fear i’d lose everything and society would take a big giant leap backwards leaving me disenfranchised.  yet you’d think i’d be in favor of more change as then there’d be more money in the coffers.. this is one time i don’t think the gov needs MORE money only to finance another war against anything i believe.

if you’d like, title 42 explains a LOT of who’s getting what and it’s not just vets.

social security just as a tax form from the us irs will show you in a heartbeat the difference of what special interest like me the blind begin to get

white cane laws are state to state and largely have been repealed in favor of no longer sponsoring special inter only legislation.

a simple top 50 best charities will show you that none would survive the cost to the cause ratio of paying taxes

one of the first laws helping the blind nationally in america is the randolph – sheppard act of 1936 giving preference to the blind to operate food stand on federal property  thus it’s a new deal program and thus a raw deal program according to m odern conservative politics.

there is incentive out there for the blind/diabled and vet if you care to read  i’ve never ONCE gotten a job on merit if any plae took this incentive which all have.  I signed the forms to it.  excuse me if you take away the incentives what makes you think I have a damn prayer of competing for work disabled?    that’d sure be FAIR…not.

but in truth it doesn’t much matter how this all works out i soil my hopes worrying.  all i have to do is foolishly believe somehow I’ll be lucky – i am not supported in any way to feel entitled to be a full memer of society… which is exactly the linkage issue i’d have with removing all, getting those who’d help to have no money due to taxation and no special law when traditionally nearly 3/4 blind people are unemployed even with this help of nearly 80 years.  but balance this against the no support of any position of mine socially and you see why I’m never likely to chase politics as the ultimate outcome is i offend when i can least afford to be offensive I won’t win yours or anone’s support  but must hope against obvious tidings that it’ll just have to work out.

between mom and reading the most rabid of politicians  against anything empowering me michelle bachmann/tea partiers of the ultra conservative politics which still is damned popular, I finally got a laugh.  so what.  just as one voice shouldn’t matter against a million against it so much no matter the argument, such it is to me as a member of a special group without hope of political voice except sneaky links to other larger groups.    but balance this against who’d have coffee with an asshole. so, heh politics mc foooey for now.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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