moments now and then

The porch bench mocks me

in high pitched squeals as if

I were up to procreative good.

weren’t, we?  weren’t, we?  werennn’t wee?

funny thing was that I was

it, of course, was there

sweat pants are the best lingerie

to retrieve his arrow

turtle slunk onward on

whilst a fox and chicken played

BADminton? oh delicious

he was found out OH NO!

it’s just a cartoon

I haven’t proof i was caught.

the bad guys roll up in a vw van

out comes the hoods and the tunes

enemy dj spun the wrong tunes

the doctor has been shot full of bad vibes

so back winds the camera’s future

here we take two, three -fired now- more

without me the movie was made

such it is with… friends

I had only one job to do

play along with the right songs

I liked everything WRONG

the movies are memories

and even fired from the wheels

I was there  for skate or die

who was it or so they sang

was what the walkperson clanged

the camera was out for blood

pity that time caught his momma

as then it was ketchup plastic cries

not the sadness of time’s flies

and NO was the word for us and dolls.

I walk into a cubicle

I’d spend much of my times there

but at first it’s as if free

it’s my birthday again

count this the third job landed on the day

I can’t say i feared interviews

shoe-in or shut right outs

what do you say to your heroes then

as for that moment they’re there now

Hi i remember his dad said

lol, I might have thought of that

but it never occurred to me then

just do your job and be nice

the magic wore out soon enough.

what were you doing when

what song was hot

which jobs  came

which one left with a shot

when did it surprise you as real

when were you the one to squeal

what are your moments now or then?

#fictionfridays – life changes…  I don’t know if we called it skate or die – I really was the dude to plug in the amp and cd player and spin the hot skatable tunes… i think you can liken my choices to patsy cline  instead of pantera…but i don’t remember what evil i perpetrated.  back to the future does indeed have a scene where the lybians are coming with machine guns after the doc…  a fox and a chicken play badminton – disney’s robinhood. 😉  the who is it is better known as who can it be now – men at work my then was 1983 summer a tad late in that they were still cool but time was marching…walkperson avoid sony walkman the then hot tape player radio of a portable nature…i believe it’s james best who played roscoe p. coltrane in the tv sitcom the dukes of hazzard and i did indeed meet him at an auto show before the show went off the air .  barbie soroit house murders was the home movie where we literally were forbidden to play with his sister’s dolls by his FATHER but i remember him more as the last mention was of his loss of his mother.  I do still have the swinging bench from my parents home in 87 when i was after a peek in her pants…it does squeak but whether it talks is a subject for you to debate upon how much of what new medications I should be on.  that should help cover enough of what the hell am i talking about… but not too much.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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