Presenting a smile.

mr. Sun was long in the tooth when I awoke.

JUST IN TIME to miss the meeting…oops

Motivation found me just as it threatens to rain

and i must travel down the lane once again.

I’m not sure i traveled anywhere significant today.

I still see the image of truth haunting

wouldn’t it be ever so little amusement to find out I’m gaslit

the advice is I CAN do it! make 70 – 140 all the time

yet i start out at 110 and pop is 240 for it’s time

what is only fifteen calories a meal? – Celery!

I’ve still to get to the library and a few errand more

just simple baby steps really badda bing badda boom

yet mr sun laughs at me saying time’s ticking

I bet I’ll befouly mooded by the time it’s just one moreΒ  straw

and I just a camel… and I just a camel.

Successes stack up asΒ  it still seems possible

I paid well and managed rather sweetly

I have example for my mission impossible diet

I consider this as I travel the lists of what I want

it’s like little lights saying I’ve won the prize.

I wish i could say this is fiction

alas it’s just so smacks of reality

but goals are always a fiction

and successes only for the past

but i smile at the present.

#fictionfriday – Travel as i interpret it.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

20 replies on “Presenting a smile.”

A happy jaunt with the reader, from beginning to end, no matter the blood sugar reading. Good work.

has a quick giggle imagining jumping up and down insensed because yet again i purposely tried NOT to be any “good” just not miss the silly five line form hopefully making perfectly cluear paragraph…probably failing πŸ˜€ I’ve two books going and want to toss them both as in a way they remind me not of the love of reading which somehow fell down a bit ago a little but that notion that this there words was why. those books are jorge luis borges’ book of imaginary creatures which oddly reminds me of something saleable wordsmith harp upon, how we fit and thus can be sold from who came before just like art isn’t new but a continuation of spirit on whom came before even if sometimes one must use contrast to achieve this πŸ˜‰ and the other book is robert persig’s 25 edition of a 121 rejected manuscript that obviously turned out like smokey robinson’s tracks of my tears and tears of a clown to be early but solid hits for the then young man after similarly high rejections from mr gordy prior to be the persistant soul snatching a prize inmusic as persig snatched a prize in writing for this book zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance. I see both as punishing homework and I am very glad they are read to me on tape so i waste the least pains between my ambiguities reading them . i couldn’t change the tediousness of war and peace by tolstoy but as i finished it i can honestly say it wasn’t epic to me in grandure but sheer boredom with one shiny moment of impressiong someone twenty years later that i had actually managed competing the text which if not read to me I would have failed as when i ac tually read it I fell asleep twice both times not far from if not exactly page three in. I did better with red storm rising by tom clancy but again about the time the refinery meets a fate and thus the book must switch from action to another mode… I couldn’t read a stitch more about page sixty eight. I also have kafka on hand uh oh if I continue the feeling πŸ˜€ I’m only saying I’m magazine depth interested lately this may explain the death of books. πŸ˜€

the actual whee end was so thrilling… the sickness part abaited just in time to mean I had to go to work lol…drat… I made it to a fine bottle of wine beers and a cider too sharring a serious big girl red with the cook. I wonder if they know how grouchy they get throughout the day. I’m in process with cash too yay for getting the greeting card project I had for work 2 years nearly back ago through real graphic design for proper pro printing. just to prove to me anyways that they can and may be doing kindergarden ART or elementary school poetry with guidance but πŸ˜€ that doesn’t mean it isn’t them nor lesser in value or has to end up looking like early art πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’ll see hopefully after this big huge pimple that never went away gets looked out/taken away. nothing like spending money on art after irritating proceedures πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hug

lol, your sympathetic and you’ve more annoying trouble so have a hug as you’re kind and wonderful :). I am back from the graphic designer for mock up of ideas on my card project. he’s more skill working wit production and the requirement within this so I’ve meant to throw him a bone or two for years and finally started to try. I’ve no luck with the o riginal concept as it’s far too costly and big for my budget and needs so lol i do retain a bit of the neato and professional slick still with a secondary insert of semi transparent paper as in for wedding invitations inside the cards themselves so it is printed cleanly and nicely and not from a cheapo house printer in an attic but a print shop.. I’m excited to show them that remain that it ISN”T kindergarten time with me always but every bit the seriousness of all you can do with your time πŸ™‚ the dermatology appointment turns out to be a surgical remal of my silly cyst which may delay me moving – but if the doc doesn’t chicken i have proof that I can survive invasive work again when i’m most definitely a HIGH risk patient in that I have hypertension which delays healing nd delayed healing anyways from a decade of diagnosed diabetes… cross your fingers he don’t chicken out as this proves something of under stress i’ll heal and survive proceedures which may help me get the damned snapped tooth bit removed after 4 years with chicken yellow dentists always wanting a free consult oops not helping sends bill screw that noise πŸ˜€

Got all my crossable parts crossed that the doc doesn’t chicken out and everything gets taken care of soon!
Let me know how it goes and I’ll uncross my crossable crossed parts then and not a second before!

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