painting it up, momentous

Upon pink paper it said thank you.  A change of address is about a month away.

“I don’t have to accept this, you know.”   – Amin’s quote

Now let’s list some more 😀

visit talking book library to sort them covered / sign ins for easier online access

make sure to note all my scripts are updated for long term switching, plus ask about whether i need to seek blood draws to alter/lower viscosity of blood as I’ll be higher up and bp wont enjoy that 😀

be uber glad I have just enough of a shot to see november  two years ago 1600 down and whether i can zero out all of that in the face of one speedbump of having to refresh my meddications prior to finding new prescription insuurance. happy dance if this works

realize I’m damned luckky.

invent a needfuls of town type living where I have the gourmet at hand everyday yet I move to where it’s miles away.  I’m thinking cheese sprinkle which rarely if ever I’ve used but i just know it’s quintessial I have that magic for popcorn or some fancy sautee veg….orfor making cheese sauce for french fries.  Smoked salt because it’s magic with pork chops.  pink pepper corns as they’re useful for strawberries and orwine making, a good good glug of oil as I like not wondering how I’ll manage without it and then never go cook.  saffron, because it just can be that magic  gourmet thing.

drink list.  I don’t have enough tea so i look forward to ordering some as a prize for the mail.  jhowever I do neeed to remember to have all my tea ball action as I doubt I can so easily find this stuff up there.  pappy’s sasafra  and some cold brew teas as while i can soda pop slurp ’em down,- i should attempt to enjoy varieties i can afford.  chocolate sauces for choc milk, malted milk powder because it adds 😀  it adds.  and one or two chai or warm tea options for that hoity toity of teaing to tea up the looks.  yes, odd that you didn’t see beer?  while I’m surely allowed perhaps  later so I’m not moving simply to drink each day.

needfuls list

I’m damn sure not forgetting crackers!  not much more annoying than bare soup.  I’m sure I have to just set a realistic junk budget.

miscelanious list

i intend to sushi at least once perhaps twice so I can midnight maki – this means it’s time to ain a new set of mats and a few rounds of  how this is made  rice wine/and some other fermented thing for the sugaring/glaze of the rice a few tins of instnat heaven as I happen to like say a  spicy  tuna.  soy sauce.  I’m tempted to get another gallon.  proper rice and black sesame oil and seeds along with a tub of sambel oelek – the unsweetened version of siracha.  I want a grill grove pan for vegetables when you know it’s winter out but you want a grilled this or that.  an emergency wine corker beer topper tool.  make sure to bring funnels and strainers!  I think it’s also time to get those corn on the cob pegg ends  and if possible a ziplock type  piping tool tip set.  proper wide metal soup spoons.

these all aid in making book night happen or something else  fun :).

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “painting it up, momentous”

Grill pans are groovy! I have one that I use in the winter for veggies, etc.
It’s fun to go to stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and look at all the beyond cooking utensils and stuff! 🙂
Now I need to go fix supper…I’m doing a broccoli salad and some grilled chicken!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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