S’mores, as a metaphor

a nibble  lies CHOMP! bite delight

warmth, comfort. chocolate.

how do you pack to travel on to a somewhere new?

oddly enough it begins with what old desire float up into my mind

whereever i go, there I am. the cliche prfound

but how do you pack to travel somewhere new….

Packing for an adventure is always fun.  I soon must procure and pack my life to move toward a new place.  the hot tub was drained and filled and christened with wine while one soakeed inside and out.  i know obviously i want some arbitrarily little things aplenty and sure as usual must budget – lol.  i know I can manage but how well/long?  I know i can finally return to finish a project or two.

how much will reality  allow?  how many midnight makis.  I currently know how to make two whole kinds and just began to reaccquaint myself with what’s out there.  travel with me through a rainbow of of scents, a forrest of textures a landscape of colors or the adventure that is returning to the business of making sure i explore every adventure i can as sushi diets could be healthy 😀  will the wonderland of this warmth of possibility help against the bitterness of an extra month each end of the cold part of the year?

I know enough to make sure i get another blanket and winter gear and a thermos as i face the need to keep my lessoening circulation to extremities not allowing me to slog it out and fight it won anymore.  I worry I’m city soft.    but who wouldn’t want to try anyways to make that statement i can make it, damn it.  I don’t mean against the “odds” I mean reality has a challenge and it’s worth noting the risks worth respecting.  will i get out to conversate even though i’m curmudgeonly and or antisocial sometimes too.  even if my experiences dead end so often, will i renew like i can to the joy i can just as easily have too whilst avoid killing myself off too early being inattentive….  I don’t know but i’m not waking up 41 to not having moved and my ship still there in sight but not into port.

I know enough magic happens differently even if i don’t have public transit, most commute so a dash of cash might persuade them to benefit/profit from my need to get somewhere too.  i rememberchickenfooting up a hill in skis and that I haven’t forgotten there is a need of exercise but also fun.  I know enough about little tools that while rarely used are actually worth having when there just isn’t another thing like the joy of a good tool.  I suppose the best bet going is to have check  the financial prospectous and remember like any good maxim of traveling to pack half as much and take twice as much money.

so as travel goes  the only problem i have with this is that it hasn’t happened yet, but for the planning each detail in it’s time.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “travelin”

You know I’m wishing you well! Hoping for everything to fall into place! Hoping for adventures and fun! 🙂
One day at a time…another old cliche…but it seems to work for me.
HUGS!!! 🙂
I hate unpacking…but, find packing fun…thinking about the places, the people, the oh-my-gosh what might I get to do! 🙂

lol 😉 fair enough 🙂 hug now back to food about the world. come now, this is easily blog blah blahable. you tell me about the home style taco oh no no wahoo I whoop up on you. and you know it’s not particularly a nice slang but whats about a nip of Nippon? what do you Japanese when it is that you do so as you please?

I haven’t tasted any Japanese food I don’t like. But, I’m kinda’ picky about sushi. Some I like, some I can tolerate. Like if given the preference, I like my salmon slapped on the grill and heated up a bit! 😉 😛 At home I’ve made some Japanese salads, miso, tempura veggies, teyriaki (spelled wrong) meats, rice dishes, etc. 🙂 I know my way around a kitchen and then back again to do the dishes! 😉 😛

for some reason the movie stripes with bill murray comes to mind – someone needs her aunt jemimah treatment. knows her way around the kitchen indeed 😀 I too like toasted things and they say toasted we think broiled or grilled and we’d be right but they do textures and timing far more precisely than we do the Japanese artists of the kitchen. so they’d be right in saying toasted as they know we heavy hand things 😉 I happen to like unagi of fresh water eel a lot. I also like this margarita after returning from the doctor who essentially says i can starve and live or splurge and die. 70 = 140 is my range often i come in at 120 so effectively i can never ever eat a blessed thing according to his advice and my knowledge of how to execute it… but if I quit smoke and LISTEN not just hear the advice leave my airspace… I can avoid death in his opinion. just so you know as you face your own troubles, i cant believe i waited it seems to live and just when I could i feel too late is m expression and at what cost… fuck it. here’s a margarita hug. it’s not heradura which was the panty dropper margarita fuel another xangaite smiling offered a recipe for… it’s maestro doble anejo and about the same general range in price if 5 bucks a quart cheaper than herra. which i didn’t like much and yet again I skip the don julio…i hope i learn the stuff isn’t all that as i’d cuss to learn i chose wrong 😀 yes, a margarita. you can skip the tequila and all that and go with your bevvy of choice as we all know this or that with the heart condition doesn’t jive… ou aren’t in a hurry to play kick the bucket 😀 I hope. :*

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