trend FOO. 

Red rooster is a chicken fast food chain in Australia.  I’ve never been – but like we’ve the mcdonald’s mystic of yesteryear here and whatever is ragin now – which by the way is likely  if there ipo of 112 million usd with just over 60 locations  yet an outstanding redraw of profits soon thereafter list this place as current trending GOD of food… if you go who?  I understand.  I’m not really up on trends anyways 😉  or am I?  but the point is red rooster a foreign chain is doing well with things as simple as a pineapple fritter and a potato bake?  for the love of god a casserole on sale at a fast food place?????  i’m impressed!… I mean a casserole on sale at a  fast food chain that ISNT mac/cheese.  and the first ass the mentions spanikopia and renzio’s needs a good spanking!!  why would i care about pineapple fritters ?  It’s trendy and  not generally available either… case in point!

it’s not very surprising that something that is “fast” to YOU is actually slow cooked goodness.  yes, from a fast food place offering a potato casserole.    bbq if not in actuallity but a sort of labor of love spirit is what youth bring back… they reject the lobster thermidore as is pretentious when they want upscale casual…. or just flat out something no one else can manage as it would simply fall apart on them… trust me the bastard batter in the foodnetwork recipe is well tested for it’s mystic of the long waitt, proven  there was a reason the frugal gourmet may have been my cooking hero but wasn’t foolish enough not to hire a chef throughout the national series… one just cant meet the schedules without a pro.  one cant avoid the hate mail but one can cut down on it giving reliable advice.

I’m sure you too can start looking around andseeing that crockpot heaven coming back.  slow cooked shredded this shredded that fall apart goodness here there and everywhere like all over my shirt and my belly! 😀

how do you see the newworld in food trends?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “trend FOO.”

I don’t keep up much with food trends. What I do know I learned on the Food Network. 🙂 All the fushion stuff and “science” food stuff is interesting to me!
I wish could travel the world tasting and cooking new foods and writing about it! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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