ancillary or ants already?

I’m curious if anyone has recently enough been to both a tokyo joes and a wahoo fish taco so we can discuss the merits of which is the most ancillary chain.

I nothiced my closet was disassembled to bypass the lock again – it turns out I’d not have gotten the call to cover even if i was in town which i wasn’t as my direct supervisor called in ill another 3 days after my weekend … I’m glad i didn’t call in myself…moral high ground 😀  but lol talk about another curiousness… how ancillary have I become there?  duh, yes i want to rage against the  anwe but I still get paychec ks which is the universal way of saying I count.

I’m fairly sure i waited a long time to get to sushi again as my tastebuds don’t register the stuff much… same with correctly made chicken  soup from powder and from campbells’ cans…  I’m still pleased with wasabi.  but something just is missing…an unctiousness.

i am guilty of saying something patently false… i appologized in my never really read notes on what i do daily… i’m actually not even remotely sorry – – I set up as directed for an activity early and it took a solid 45 minutes to help the one person outside as in to a chair i could begin the slog outside.  I got to make an interesting point which I dislike actually, I had the family member push his loved one  a bit in the chair- i was curious as to whether he could.  believe it or not I literally am the best blind driver lol  this type of chair is unweildy so thus I did the pushing and wasn’t aiming to look some kind of wonderful, I’d have rather looked fooling and overweaning… but unfortunately I am. good at what i do.  including the mistake of hours and late leaving still doesn’t go over the hours i was banked to have.    so in a way please note I know i’m unfortunately good, I know business vagueries and attitude control are difficult to manage so alas I wont always feel as appreciated as perhaps i deserve… i also know that they’ve a salaried social worker soul who IS the department relief when n we her ancillary staff aren’t there as she’s already paid for it anyways…. but it still feels like a personal vendetta against me there as in o my success.

I’m antsy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Ancillary”

I’ve been to Wahoo, but not Toyko Joes, so my input (imput?!) would be one sided. I do love both fish tacos and Japanese food!!! 🙂
Will your antsy-ness spur you on to new things and new places?!
HUGS!!! 🙂

as for lopsided opinions. i believe tokyo joes hit my radar before wahoo fish taco but i could be in error – I …no, I went to a tokyo joes i believe it was on what was painted up as me dating my friend’s first wife. I think it was 07 when i first made a maki roll and also tried my hand at miso soup… I surely tried a fish taco but I honestly cant remember that til 10…discounting 200 ish when sis made a non fried fish version that was good but I’m not sure of those years anymore just the place it wasn’t duplicatedhe experience even if it was fairly tastey….at least a long long time. my then complaint about the tokyo joes wasn’t that it wasn’t good it is, it’s just retardly easy to claim bankruptcy with dinner. I prposely chose a chicken skewer an 8 piece and a two piece and easily made it through what still feels so light as meals go yet is a steak dinner rare enough outting. the last time i went to a wahoo’s i just came home and began making my own. sushi is not yet to be learned better. also i suppose off the restuarants themselves but not their meaning to me, beans and a not bean chili… i expect to do more with dried joys.

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