Uncategorized  at least it seems a city over i have clinic care so that’s coverable

I visited the circl r again this time to discuss dinner in my belly and later to obtain a tasting of pina agria by odell brewing… a pineapple sour. – it may not have been exactly the same but lol this was one occassion it didn’t feel “different” it felt the same….not bad, mind – i returned twice in an evening.

Idon’t care for sours as they taste like vinegar.  this is not my favorite bee thing vinegar.  dinner was cuban trailer park sliders with veggie crisps and a salad with a bit of spicy baby sunflower shoots.    oddly, I knew what to expect even if i never had before had such period.  now before you misunderstand me – again a feeling of not surprised is NOT the same as disappointed, by no means.

I’m not particularly sleepy, it’s raining, I left my last lighter in mom’s car so finding a previous mine was nice, I don’t look forward to the work even simply walking in to say I’m moving on asap/2 weeks… I could but again I resist as everything I want in a move hinges on moving in unencumbered as much as possible and thus punting my job is a bad idea at present….such only limits my means and traps me all winter long for expensive fight my way out a few times evenings to return discipline ruined.  so again i’m excited a bit but there are some black marks of that’s not high quality care/independance! lol  it seems there is a limited shuttle for perhaps the senior centers but lol i cant find shit.

as to the beer, I don’t like it as is for beer drinking… but imagine marinated pork as a scalloppine  with grilled onion  it’s essentially a thin as it was anyways pork choppin and a heap of goodness to it… it was fun to mention that idea as i just so rarely get to talk food.  it may work out I may have a winter dish perfect for those who want to try upgrading their beer educations over dinner..  maybe.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I like pineapple juice and fruit juices…they get me wild without any alcohol. 🙂
But, that marinated pork sounds delicious! 🙂
How was your whee-kend!? Mine was busy, but oodles of fun! 🙂
HUGS!!! 😛

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