sailing away

once upon a yesteryear we’d boxes

cobble together of boards perhaps pine

you made lists others filled those lists just right

maybe the boxes became a toy oh boy!

now-a-days the bags become a cheap house

but laura ingalls marks the times-old, new

yet again here’s a number of lines that do nicely to make the pentameter yet fail to leave going anywhere soon

it is hard to discuss a key be it a cay or thus island made by sedimentiments deposited over largely a reef’s body which thus can support something like grass and smaller trees likely a mangrove swamp and or a more tastey tillia tomentosa species or 30 which produce characteristically tangier fruits yet like the blessings of their place are only of so much of a lasting fruit so as to be but a gift for those who live the life….of an islander.  condensed milk appears to ccome online in our lives as of the late civil war wherein it was a ration for those serving in the north andd while I’ve watched ages of civil war material I’m unaware of it’s mention because like the lasting moments of the war it heralded times far in the future such as world war 1 versus the pride of romance of the ending of napoleonic tacticc of line ’em up and mow ’em down….everyone well dressed to impress or be pierced.  condensed milk is synonymous NOW with sweetened condensed milk where slowly the water is removed replaced in this process by sugar and if left unexposed to the elements will last and last and last  thus heralding us into a modern age of shipping our best around the world.  it is odd that the elements of modern bleeding edge practices of fair trade have their beginning with Borden which with their eagle brand sold the new world of condensed milk- carnation tarnation came later and set up on the other side of the country’s coast.  what’s interesting to m e isn’t that this invention is new because as usual it isn’t but a tarter staple… the tartars being something worth conjuring up ghenghis  khan and thus doughnuts from the steps and all manner meat pies… but why it didn’t sweep the world far sooner is the obviousness of science, their version didn’t LAST near long enough…our’s does.  but what a caloric bomb it is! 1300 a can with half your day’s’s intake of protein and 2/3’s your fat….and calorically for someone doing a light bit of soldiering, about half your day’s calories.  so is born the donought and sweetened coffee and ending your day with a big ol hunk of PIE… so here to it seems the old world is streamlined for the diet that was my grandparents  and yet in my world 55 units of insulin to correct for in that itty bitty can… 55. or 2x the dose i was began at when i showed issues with sugar sensitivity and pill/diet based control failed me.  i suppose I could work like a hero of greece’s golden ages and get myself to needing and using 2600 calories a day but i get 1600 thereabouts and thats about my lifestyle on average if i’m good.

I finally have more of a theme to go upon now after musing over whiats impossible to easily include in in an ode to the writing prompt which is key or keys with bonus points for utilizing light or dark and or portals and time.  I note these bonus points were jokingly offerred trade in value for spankings which amuses more than one person.  i have again an idea and if it pans out yay, then i make my fiction friday entry after all.  it’s my best of parody abusing the rhyme somewhere in the night – michael w. smith to be portal throughout time… as you see i have a few images perhaps to utilize .  I feel it fair to laugh as the high holy of civilization is really a touch of a joke as while people surely were amazed at the new ease of utilizing a stable product tas sweetened condensed milk, it isn’t without it’s other swords of abuses on trade value which is of? rum of course which was a legal ration until 1972 within the british navy having to be removed as rum is incapatible with modern necessities of reflex and rum dulls those light or dark 😉 and lasts a length of time incompatible with war readiness happening anytime causse demands…sorry sleep isn’t a priority so no sleeping it off 😀  well let’s me look up the lyric moden to abuse for my purposes into an ode of the island when it couldn’t have come further away within the grassy oceans of asia’s interior.

and the opening picture is of sail boats of produce stuffing and cheese in a pretty way.  sometimes all one needs is food.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “sailing away”

Yes, so true!
Love the little foodie sailboats sailing away! I need to make those to share with friends who come over to eat dinner!
I love your opening “once upon a yesteryear” lines!
And I learned several things from reading this post! YAY! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

heh, i wont trouble you with the lone attempt and further agony of doggedly retrying. it was 2008’s NaNoWriMo and you knew me then a lil. I made the 50k words alright but it derailed and repeated and i cant say it went anywhere which is a definition of word vomit. I know when on seeing it to scrap a few lumps off and tidy up…sometimes. I’m not yet any Markowitz….just me and oh lordie, that is my writing process scrap the few lumps that stubbornly remain. 😉 that’s why i quit the tack i was on in this above, i couldn’t find that thread of passion or logically grander writing. don’t misunderstand, i get the fires too.

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