I’m curious whether i’ll  bother to spell check edit and revise anything past a cursory schlock-job of deigning to capitolize a few sentences.  i don’t know.  maybe..  i rarely feel compelled to demonstrate that I learned anything from others.

Fiction fridays seems to ask about keys/key with points for spanking if one really wants redemption by going all out to utilize light and dark and or portals and time.  I know this is a far stretch for anyone to expect of me but i just listened to bertie higgins key largo long enough time has not elapsed to erase it from my head so…key/keys  when duh, there just in a key lime pie coming fictionally and light and dark is ooo hard…RUM perhaps?? with a pie to be pied and pie-eyed?  portals and time  strikes an odd note but i have read enough kurt vonnegut to imagine evolution gone backwards after a fine trip to the pretty isles the earth has.  and yet I’m more likely to lyric lather…oops rather than write.  so fictionally sing-songy pie and all in the guise of a bad drinking ode?   perhaps.  I have to work tomorrow and I have a poetry outting friday evening and a  mandatory meeting…andlikely a workday although oddly not many want to actually clue me. in with whats going on… maybe i need to stop listening to marving gaye at earth splitting decibles?  well did I just derail from the whole reason we use paragraphs again?….probably.

posty note for meeee. and something punctuated for you….

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “drafting”

What’s this about spankings?! Where do I get in line?! 😉
And where is the key lime pie line?!
Hope the poetry outing ’twill be fun fun FUN!
Like lounging in the sand and sun! Or banging on the snare drums!
Without hitting your opposable thumbs! 😛

it was a stog gap like the reserch one 😀 so I might remember to approach from not inspiration but research. it succeeded, i’m wholly uninspired now. well i have one effort’s perhaps maybe.

Funny funny. A little backwards evolution in my Fiction this Friday. That guy looks like Trent Reznor and sounds like him, too. Think of the cymbalism! 😉 A bad ode? Oh the places you will go.

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