Genesis Continuing Education

Discontinueing the old way is a halmark of our progressing society.  this link following covers how the world i grew in must give way legally to the new.,2817,2428279,00.asp

it would also seem another solution I remember from it has been 20 years ago is also no longer an option, the halogen torcierre lamp with fully dimmable rheostat switch which allows seemless mood lighting or the whole ceiling lit up for a bright room .  this isn’t to say i can not pay extra for vintage equipment and find and hord replacement bulbs.

so what’s the latest and greatest in getting the room lit?  LED’s    what follows is a video which shows what’s possible but not how to achieve it.  and a listing of ONE offering which is  with science 1/3 as much as a premium step up in the old days.


LED Vintage Light Bulb – ST18 Shape – Edison Style Antique Bulb with Filament LED

Product Code: ST18D-x8DF
Stock: In Stock
700 lm
Available LED Colors
 Warm White  Ultra Warm White 
Comparable Wattage
40~45 Watts, 70~75 Watts
Total Power Consumption(Max)
8 Watts
Bulb Type
Beam Angle
 360 degree 
Base Type
90~145 VAC
LED Quantity
8 LEDs
LED Type
COB (chip-on-board)
Dimmable old-fashioned style LED replacement bulb for traditional medium screw base lamps with the traditional exposed filament appearance for decorative illumination. This bulb is the perfect vintage reproduction touch for antique fixtures, vintage wall sconces, traditional lamps, and older wall lanterns. Also brings a traditional design to a newer fixture in bistro lights, large tents, decorative wedding lights, decorative light strands, commercial light strings, chandeliers, ornamental fixtures, and any fixture where exposed antique filament bulbs create an elegant appearance. Light output comparable up to 70~75 Watt incandescent bulbs. Consumes 7.7 Watts of power using Linear COB (Multiple-chips-on-board) LEDs to imitate thin filament wire. Available in Warm White and Ultra Warm White with 360° beam pattern.
ug, i’m tired after reading this!  tired as i now have to remember a bulb plug in type and obtain multiple fixtures and how i obtained compatible tech too.  but remember this is a point of science now lol
an old halogen was upwards of 300 watts so lets check what lumens it gave if I can;_ylt=A0LEVjNq3bNVXZcA2nYnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTEzNjdzc3M0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDRkZVSUMwXzEEc2VjA3Ny?qid=20080525205417AA5O7xB&p=halogen%20bulb%20lumens   –  this offers a general guide to expectations so 4200 lumens is what i’d need which would be six sockets of the led buld I list and thus two lamps to do the old one that was an admitted fire risk’s job  as these things are hard to find with a dimmer  and with three or four  sockets to drve, um i’m looking at legitimately getting to pay double plus 20% to get what i want which is about right money loses half it’s vlaue every 20 years and prices do go up.
but one example of multi socketed lamps
yes, what i want is possible but still there is no actual dimmer remote or otherwise and thus lol it’s amusing to want a simple lamp damn it and spend frustratingly dull hours seeing the latest and greatest in go faster burn bright…liars, stripes.  but let there be light is the genesis joke and now genesis requires a new paradigm’s education  so here you go… try to find a god damned light bulb!…. and it’s all about how to make a 50 cents a bulb turn into pages of endless death boredom on why their seventeen dollars a bulb is so cute!   hmph.  is where i found the fancy bulb and the demo vid was from them but another 30 minutes of searching.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Genesis Continuing Education”

What an enLIGHTening post! But I don’t understand some of it, because I’m not that bright! 😉 In fact, I maybe the dimmest bulb here! 😛 HA! 😀
I love blue lights the bestest!

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

Dogs don’t care! They can still play with squeaky toys and lick themselves in the dark! 😉 😛

I like candle light. And it saves on bulbs.
And I know some more bulb jokes, but I won’t

oh don’t worry i picked up a bible today to annoy the poor captives with another “talk” :Da long hour of what’s he on about snore. 😀 resounding hugs back oh enlightened one 😀

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