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it’s time again shortly to see the PALATHER of poetic palaver.Β  the poetry fest is on again. πŸ™‚

I got to extraordinary by taking the longer than normal 4 car train in the fourth car which i got entirely to myself … even then i neglected to put my feet on the seats…perhaps even there i forget my Thoreau, the only thing i might regret is my good behaviour. πŸ˜‰

I was able to achieve something work related on paper finally and allow the question of whether they wanted me for one activity not generally requiring meΒ  thus I can say i cared ….here comes a Thoreau moment again πŸ˜€

I was please recently to get to a burger king where prices and participation varies yet I’ve really long since been unable to read either braille or the standard posting menu…so i got a spicy chicken sandwich made fresh at 2am at a bk.Β  to be honest it’s amazing how tasty things are freshly prepared…to add to this i went to a taco bell for lunch on a Monday not Sunday lunch rush every table was taken but i literally had my food before i could fill my drink… there just is something to freshly prepared.

I laugh as i made it to work in time to retrieve a note to one of my supervisors as i beat her in.Β  I did so on the off chance i could avoid the flak of not quite remembering her name.Β  i laugh because i got it anyways…just try and sneak something past the older ladies out there… just try, they apparently just know you’re guilty the only question is of what πŸ˜‰Β  )in other words i had to ask after my one of two supervisors and in fact did not know her name….she is your supervisor, you might want to learn her name if you was the quote came with “the look”

I still need something of a diversion to life as usual as you can tell I post what i can about what is nice

I cap this off with food shopping as otherwise I have only a handful of otter pops type popsicles.

tunafish sandwiches

lentil soup

(bones courtesy of a rack of ribs @ %2 a pound ish SCPRE

loose meat sandwiches

chicken enough for chicken tacos and also normal bakedΒ  or bbq chicken thighs with maple baked beans

cereal milkΒ  and blueberry on the bottom yogurt

laundry soap/tp for continuing to be publically servicable πŸ˜€

black bean soup, red beans and riceΒ  and macoroni cheese can also light meal or side dish as needed. and more of the silly beer to most as i actually like non alcoholic beer so i got some so i can continue to enjoy thingsΒ  and attempt to be nice to me.

diet soda and real seven up exist for that later I’ve got it but not really that I idea of what to do with it.

I also got a bag of pretzles with the can of cheese whatever as snacking too much happen.

I left 84 smacks lighter butt my fridge isn’t empty.Β  I am not exactly sure how long this lasts which is the trick of value, if it’s just me, there is enoughΒ  even with gluttony for this to easily last me in food about10 days.. which is actually a mild value with pricing is about 200 plus a person a month to scrimp every cent and resent the grocery store yet feel the double priced taco bell is a value.Β  on some things and with just one person, the price cant easily be ever beat yet the bloodwork tells on a person as to how solid of a dietary choice all the time fast food is.Β  however, if one feeds 4 i’ve like 5 days or less …and there are far better options out there for foods when feeding so many and doing so budget friendly like. πŸ˜€Β  but it’s a fun little exercise none the same to wonder if one really did get a bargain.

coupon and bargain

sultry sale sights delight

is it a deal?


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8 responses to “a-typical.

  1. or, I’ll just ask it, why do people think the dollar stores are a value? my laundry soap is ten cents a load with easy math and a special free of scents one as I tend to itch with perfumes of any kind and tide is mega mean itch like a houndog burried in fleas…. laundry soap at the dollar store is 8 loads for a dollar best price i’ve ever seen and i don’t visit often so this is why i ask, or mathmatically NOT ten cents but 12. why do people thing a dollar store is ever a value? another thing is we all know fillers happen but to make weight and price i’ve seen carnstarch in a number of spices…I literally am a calory counter as that one carb gram might be the difference between a healthy meal and yet another nap… so i would cringe like snob on not knowing what I’m buying by brand and knowing it’s overpriced a bit for secoond banana brands and can alter my dietary intake in ways that are bothersome. so again, why do people think the dollar store’s a value?king supers in my area offers store pop at the occasional 60 a two liter bottle three liter for a dollar lets say cola orange or grape and the taste is equivalent but again 90 cents for 3 liters my store choice of pop ora dollar for 3 liters which i pray to god i can use in one setting as we all know the stuff can goe way flat fast. but even if my normal price is 80 center thus 1.20 for 3 liters I still have a second capped serving saveable over such a huge pop. I can not drink 3 liters in one sitting πŸ˜€ why again do people think the dollar store ever is a value??

  2. I agree about the dollar store. I did find bathroom waste baskets there to be worth it, though, for the fact that I was not out $15 for a fancier version. It’s to temporarily hold used tissue, for hmmm sakes! Oh, and I plan on going there to look for wall stickers. Oh, oh! and they do carry the good kind of licorice.

    • I suppose it’s like bitching about walmart and their walmartians. I like that they often carry stuff i want reasonably. examples being penny matches which aren’t a need but come in very handy when all my lighters have been borrowed. another example is a tea ball, oddly enough if it wasn’t for walmart – not known for being HIGH CLASS which is what drinking looseleaf tea tends to conjur, I’d not have procurred my many. to set the pattern fairly, an additional example is pink salt… this is a gourmet item uder the best of considerations – even if the main reason it’s worth it to walmart to carry it isn’t the gourmet angle but one of the pink being from manganese not magnesium, manganese which in recent medical parlents is for insulin sensitivity improvement…but again, it’s a gourmet item and on offer at walmart very easily found in the spice section with other salt offerings. My complaint about walmart traditionally is the customers as I’m just a big snob and i justified this with the usual bullcrap that it takes a lot longer at walmart to check out and that time I’ve lost is money they didn’t save me. but lets fairly anallyze over time not selectable to prove my bias iss raised. I choose a line like anyone else and sometimes they move and sometimes they dont. I’ll note fairly though that I have a penchant traditionally for needing that slowest traditionally line perhaps it’s because there’s one line for tobacco products and it’s the slowest as i.d.’s are checked and stock is better safeguarded. perhaps i’m in the self checkout line and as i cant see, I always get tripped up by the credit only machines when I only have cash. either way, these issues can be addressed in one way or another to more fairly give a go at altering my complaint about time at walmart being on average notably 15 minutes sometimes to check out…fifteen minutes is 3 dollars and that’s more than I’d save with the price differences at walmart versus say a target where they have a more favorable uniform with prettier people in them and more of them more activly engaging …but if I were to say that, it’s a perception unfairly rigged in favor of not liking walmart clientel… I have just as often gotten the slow line at target and more price checks occur here too far and away discounting the original oppinion plus to further discount it, target doesn’t offer tobacco products so its an outright unfair comparison!. target to my knowledge less often carries pink salt if ever, target never has penny matches and I can occassionally find a device overpricesd to brew loofleaf tea but it’s 10x the price vs. walmart. but i chose them in 99 as I had walmart, kmart and target stores as my housewears, clothes, grocer aids as at that time none were full groceries.. and the principle reasons i gave target the nod were the housewares may have been slightly more but appealed to me more often for what i saw about in people’s places that had that style. and the biggest killer was kmart and walmart offered tobacco procuts and I chose not to have my smoking habit tied to credit. I had hoped i’d quit πŸ˜‰ now i own a kmart card two months before they quit nationwide offering tobaacco procts as i paid everything off shh about the new junk, i don’t have a tobacco/credit thing going but I believe I was right in that it’s foolish even temporarily to utilize tobacco or any vice on credit as kmart offers me and most 26% interest target i believe is inched to 21 from 19 over time. but while the premise of time savings is suspect so I must admit snobbery, i can say kmart versus walmart is far faster to find what I want in my specifics of home/tool/garden needs but special order happy versus generic and available at walmart. this case is simple, I put a plastic item atop a stove burner, eventually it melted to this now ruined burner. i have seen at walmart basics of living like a replacement element…kmart part of sears is special order and obviously more expensive walmart is buy and go, if i want to list the 3 day shipping delay as a comparison of one to another, and price kmart so loses!. both have an issue of too few cart returns thus the walk across the lot to them favors target always! and back to snobbery, i never see target carts scandalously overturned for bum bunches/litter I see walmart bus stops forever and always full of trash people and litter/carts disarray. so, as snobbery goes – points to target but any real time savings offered is minimal and I pay about the same and empirically they’re the furthest store from me…but not like kmart offering more of a walgreens selection at drug store prices, cant shop at kmart! lol not often anyways. walmart is directly on my buslineand is half the distance of me walking to kmart unless I lazily took the bus two stops up vXK ns doerh then they’re equal not including the danger of crossing a major street. target I have to have a ride to achieve. its not a street I can cross easily as there isn’t actually a light the way it’s designed to go, oh there’s a light there but it’s specifically not given a crosswalk as this road is a highway and you’re expected to walk the long way around. I can not do either carrying heavy groceries walk the ful mile plus the long way or cross safely at the shortcut/legally. so now comes down to cost comparing, this is not where walmart wins for me as their produce or quote anything actually healthy is a few cents more. I cant ever find it, if I do it’s without the wealth of choice offered at target at a penny or two off walmart pricing. but this brings me back to the premise, it’s unfair i like one store over another excepting by purely snobbish reasons as there isn’t much differece between them and overall if price is a factor which it is, walmart can and does traditionally compete very well…. but they don’t bring the class.
      long ass preamble to say dollar stores strike me in a vain like walmart, they never offer what truly appeals to me aon any significant basis however there are times they have precisely what I want and that’s a bargain!!! dollar stores are great when space is limited and money tight yet I need to do my laundry or dishes and i just cant afford the 40 in house sundries elsewhere i have 7 ish and yet i can magically get by happily thank you dollar store! but overall, to me they’re overpriced crap with ghetto people walmart is lower class but colorful and fun sometimes just for character enjoyment… target is hootier bu but not really the best deal it just feels like it πŸ˜‰ and kmart offers a better quality array of house goods than a walmart but be prepared to pony up. none are without value. but some I’d truly shun. i bet you can sort out which ones πŸ˜€

  3. Been a busy, but fun fun FUN night! Just now getting a chance to sit back down and comment some blogs! πŸ™‚
    Wow, Ziggies looks like the fun fun FUN place to be! πŸ™‚
    Yes, I understand…everyone always thinks I’m guilty of something…but, they aren’t sure what because I have an innocent face. πŸ˜› It’s probably better they don’t try to figure out what us guilty-ones are up to! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    I rarely shop at dollar stores. But, once in awhile when I’m on the way home and need something, I pop in there and they usually have what I need. πŸ™‚
    I don’t enjoy shopping, so I try to do all of my shopping once a week and then don’t shop again for another week.
    I enjoy Target (and I say the “get” like a “jay”! πŸ˜› )
    Now that you mentioned black bean soup, I need some! I put finely chopped peppers, onions, and tomatoes in mine! πŸ™‚
    HUGS for a Sat-Day!!! πŸ˜€

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