Doing the Disappear.

(no, not leaving the social network nexuses!  just finding it hard to recapture a recipe.)

carrot/confetti rice is the closest i’ve come to what i remember seeing of an Egyptian rice recipe I remember.

a recipe for said is

now, the dish I remember was slightly simpler and now i can not find head nor tails of up.  I know this is common enough but how annoying it did the disappear.

yes, this current dish is more Indian-of -the-subcontinent.

now I’m cooking with gas…as expressions go. Jollof rice

intriguing headscratcher is i still can not find the “look” of what I saw once upon a time,

funny how ideas are ephemeral.  either way, I can not as reciped above use these as the spice content is far too large.  outside of limited salt, maybe pepper and I’ve seen it paprika, spicing is frowned upon….

today according to the clock has also done the disappear.  mid weekend is “tmrrw” now this here spankin’ new day.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Doing the Disappear.”

Happy Spankin’ New Day, J-Man! I hope we all get a spankin’!!! 😛 Where’s the line I can get in?! 😉

It’s fun to try to recreate a recipe of a delicious dish. It is hard, though, if it’s a secret-recipe or family-recipe from a restaurant or a person who doesn’t want it shared! o_O

The meal in the pic looks yummy! 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂

lol, but it was THERE! lol. oh and you missed the quote on the casablanca – the scene is two adjoining, victor lazlo starts up a revolution of oposing anthems when the germans get up to sing, the major strassa leans over to oh god, what-his-name the french administrator and advises he close the bar why? everyone seems to be having a good time/ find one… the reason now come with him standing to blow his whistle and say, this cafe is closed, I’m shocked. shocked! to find out gambling is happening here…one of the staff says here is your winnings sir 😀

My comment to you did get ated. Anyway. One of my wife’s classmates once served us a dish from her native Iran that was a yellow rice with what I thought were raisins. I’ve tried to recreate it several times, always unsuccessfully.

🙂 I think you will find much of what makes what we know as another land’s authentic is a few key ingredients/techniques we just do not have or employ. and lol I know this is irony as I’m the king of foul or non existant editing but ated? I believe that’s eaten 😉 allow me a cackle of delight and remember your tax dollars aren’t always to no good use 😉 I did me some schoolin’ 😀
back to food. – one thing of the pan near and middle east / africa i’ve seen is they use ghee or we know it s clarified butter…paints toasts real nice at the diners. but oddly so much of food just isn’t the same if began as we would peraps try with the melting of butter in a pan…not correct for the taste. ghee just is different all the way around. onions rice and perhaps a pea / carrot? this just is a tragedy americda waiting to happen compared to golden onions in a warm ghee with fluffy rice earthy saffron or if you must economize, annatto seed *both are the signature “yellow” but you’d swear it’s red when you see it 😉 it isn’t yellow. but while saffronn is NOT inexpensive – oh no no n o it is not at nearly it’s weight in gold lol okay these days not so bad but it’s still many hundred a pouond. you literally use less than fifty cents worth for big huge family sized recipes. and thus, I can say fairly that I am overdo for mexican soup, I’d like to try pazole i believe it is a pork with spinach and corn thing as i have tried it yet never odered it out. as even liver and menudo smell good but no. no. no. no. and i’m sure i’ll get around to rice rice baby! soon enough, I however worr I’m likely to try a stuffed grape leaf or two first which is a far different thing.

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