how to have fun.

Have you ever wanted to broom everyone out of the house after some silly statement like, There’s nothing to do!”  I’m about to talk about staying inside – but i wish the best of luck you finding peace and solitude.  Here’s some of how i have fun.

I like end of month scramble for something days.  as this is lately the chance to truly cook when it counts. when i’m broke and this is the only option.

there are no rules to what i buy as i just get what i want as i can afford it.  like it’d be odd to see a stand and stuff taco shells box which is old elpaso brand when i can save 10 cents and get more in a store brand… however it’s far nice to help the less dexterous get themselves a meal.  but put that to a store brand can of refried beans and a did i really buy dole brand lettuce, shame could have saved 13 cents after wasting 1.10 to get to a cheaper offering elsewhere!  the tomatoes are nice in that a roma is about  3-4 people garnish of diced tomato and deuce cheap.  the sour cream was fresh a which is ironic and the cheese oddly was on sale as the store brand cost more  so they were pushing this premium product out.  the rogue find of two chicken thighs i’d seperated and previously frozen were the chance to dance about in the cupboard… I added chili con carne the dark brown by now powder that is like a dollar at the walmarts was it i didn’t buy it but it isn’t yet tossable and a bottle of opatio hot sauce.

if you want a real recipe:

take the outter leaves off an icberg lettuce saving them for sandwiches. whack the core on a counter and pluck it out. use 1/3 to 1/1 of lettuce shaved as thinly as you’ve a knife to shred such to or the patience, i used a dollar store steak knife.

roma tomato, dice and dust with salt.

cheese, if you’re using shreeded cheese great, so am I otherwise chill cheese and run  it not your knuckles over a box or hand held grating device 2 bucks at the dollare unless you get really lucky.

sour cream requires a spoon and you to take the silly freshness lid under the lid off.

I had some corn toastada shells but they were rancid as in open the bag and the oil used to fry them crispdidn’t smell like corn it was woofta smelling so they got the toss.   this is why I made something chicken and beans with not toastadas but tacos?  sorry, all i had left .  warm shells in oven at 225 for 20 minutes preheated or you miss the luciousness of tacos.  it’s one of those steps that if you’re not a deep fryer that you can still play to a yummy meal for all.

the chicken was coat bottom of pot with corn oil, fry add chilli powder after draining excess oil into handy coffee can of metal.  thus low heat  the powder will still stick and threater to blacken so chicken back in quickly and coat then deglaze pan with hot sauce.  I used one heaping teaspoon of chili powder and 1/8 cup of not so hot hotsauce.  the thighs were value pack `/4 pound sized thighs skin on and with bone 2 whole thighs.  then water to cover plus an inch boil when boiled down an hour add more water and flip you can use another teaspoon of chili powder now as it can use a pepp up. adjust with hot sauce if desired by now it’s fairly stiff as stocks go some would complain it lacks this or that but I’m using this as pot liquor  so I don’t fuss too much 😉

I pulled apart my chicken after cook  and strained the cooking liquid using most to thin the beans with the chicken n ow in… after they cook or shall I say reheat these beans you’ve a bit of chili sauce left sour cream warm shells and a bean/chicken spread.  this is garnished further with lettuce fancy shred cheese and tomato and

that’s how I have some fun. one spoon paper plates with holders!   50,40, 1.25, 1.75, 65, 1.99 0 dollars ish if i can correctly account for what was eaten and what’ll be waste or $3 a person 2 tacos.  this icludes nothing for my time persay but that I’d layer out in a salaried way if I had to make a living cooking.  but 😉 you’ll see all the actual time could easily be allotted if I made this as a assemble as ordered dinner but made ahead in bulk.  but either way fatty boy food one taco could take out ordinary appetites. or 2 people of the ravenous teenager type would snack happily on 3 apiece.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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Here, ye; here, ye. Off-topic: I was searching for a post of yours to comment on, but I couldn’t find it. I have the comment. I just don’t know where to put it. Would you mind if I put it here? (it doesn’t fit at all, and I don’t even know if it will make sense without your original post).

Fly Away Free In the Ointment:

I think you win because you do have a keen awareness, yet this is frustrating (the awareness) because you all too well understand what being used looks like at what feels even worse, a dead end.

Someone the other day told me that “on call” people expected to be available 24/7/365 have to be paid for what’s expected of them to be ready at the drop of the hat — for all those hours. I had an opportunity at a job like that but they weren’t willing to negotiate on site house — rent paid.

I can’t ever say I’ve been in your shoes, but I feel some of how you write this. You are valuable, and your value is taken for granted. But the instant you speak up in protest about feeling used, people instantly see you as less. It’s like the dog tied to a chain. His master likes the idea of a dog. He will even endure the chore of paying for the food and feeding the dog. But the instant the dog barks and cries to be petted or released to run free — for more — this type of master screams at it to shut up or more (worse).

I’m sorry your favorite turned out to have someone. I bet you are a perfect gentleman no matter how much you are burning. This leaves an impression.

my my light talk of dinner has me dining with my demons! thank you for what you say it’s either true or nice. I’I will point out that according to colorado not everywhere law, I have a cellphone – I do not pay per call rates and if i did they’re pennies…thus the perhaps one call a month i recieve to be available to work an unscheduled day is inconsequential to my phone cost and because it is a cell phone it follows me around my metropolitan service area so I’m not tied to my house unfairly…. thus by colorado law while I have to be avialable to work, I’m neither deprived cash nor forced to endure hardship by waiting about for a phonecall… you may say this imipedes my ability to go anywhere past a quickie car ride as I’m not able to make work if. IF they call and in a way that remains true yet by law I’m not really deprived as any driver who could make knows to gamble on a safe return on time… so from a legal standpoint i wont win a suit as no law is broken expecting me to be on call even though i am with the very phone I pay for…as for my hurt put upon feelings, well, as I said, i have my demons one is being not just alone which isn’t all that! bad! but it is more fun with others, but being chosen against. and in a way that remains just as vibrantly scary or plaguing. I know this soundlike a woman thing and it can be but its more of a general value thing. I felt like I had to wait as everyone snuck off as life takes us after highschool I mean i worked and pursued what and who i could but it literally felt like I had to wait…then there was the first marriages and divorces and here i am waiting still then as luck would have it I like one who liked my friend more and when it was clear he wanted zilch to do with her, she flew into marriage with another while that outcome was in progress and mine with her moving backwards I lost everything returning from a trip to visit sis and my friend then in the navy…the other friend in this question not the gal flew in at their expense and bussed home while i paid for my way and planned only to miss an important social security notice with a 14 day expiration to file my work history in march when I’m not due too file my taxes til april… I lost every cent i had and even with previous employers onto new jobs and liking me some still and references… no dice finding work or cash… it is this point oddly not the tragedy of this time i remember as the line as it took from that moment about 14 years to recover from that point financially and improve finally utilizing all the powers I read about to great use not just knowing but doing too. or hint life became then less about theory but about results. frustrating is the demon that i know i can prove pretty much everything but a lifetime lived before it’s lived or no matter what there is a gamble on togethers..and thus it’s a choice most make multiple times yet I cant seem to get a dam date let alone a relationship… oh sure nice folk tell me many well meant things and they still turn up with boyfriends and nevermind the honor of living and living well and honestly avoid troubles i’m left to be who i was before a theif and theavery is still looked down upon even if it’s for one’s heart no not yours general chatter here. yes, I was good at that…was. I didn’t want to be remembered that way it is the last of two lessons i got from church before a swoftball to the face because how dare i play sports against real players? one was the power of guilt stopping me from being carnally naughty and thus one gal escaped without children 😀 good thing I was 14 then not likely much help with my paperroute. and the other was as I said to remember well how you are viewed aand that you can but only influence this… i didn’t wish to be remembered as a shame. not bad churchin considering i never so much as got a noise violation ticket or any legal troubbles of my own kind in 26 yeaqrs since if you keep time in coincidences 14 divisible by 7 and 28 is another turning point also divisible by seven seven is the number of the western god… so i learn i can buy major appliances, support habits do many things above and beyond my requirements and sometimes under the suspicions of usery yet there is people showing up with boyfriends and new bosses as i cant do its and thus yet another social worker meaning yet another reduction in duties and hours as all of them worry me out of work till they’re minds change or they can care less…I don’t know. but while I’ve moved to results and longer term planning and such and setbacks are met with resolve to keep the most of the best and such it seems like I’m working for the next goal or should i say carrot out of reach of if I can manage a home perhaps space for another?…I can actually and have with others rent even when it was his very darkest times getting removed from income and finding out he’s cancer he had a place while he sorted out how to get home. many a couch surfer too. I mean i wonder sometimes if I had the preverbbial song lyric ten thousand dollars to help her say that yes if it be another song still country lol but if i had two dozen roses would it change your mind. I know my answer so far has repeatedly been no as once the decisions chosen I’m so history. and before you think I’ve any right to go pining on how unfair no one thinks of me whe n I’m gone lol I doubt i’d manage after 7 years not seeing one previous romance to get any if she never thought of me 😀 or2014 begain bed never a bad beginning. yet i cant give that liscense to quit trying at responsible when the other seeks only alcohol’s oblivion or the very ruination of responsibility…two different times or goals not in common but it means the world even if I’m foolish to try my stupid heart out.. yet oddly enough being decent as a human is either boring or something hideously unromantic as i keep trying and begin to succeed even and the relationships are shorter and shorter. but i waited my turn and now for some abraham lincoln those who wait may recieve but it’s only the leftovers. and thus here I go again to have to be odious and even and steal my prize? to be a worthless ass because apparently responsibility does me no personal good? is there a point when i proved enough of my value to be given a truer shot? well enough of demons with what was dinner lol and soon enough taco salad lunch 😀 my other emon is justice. 😉 but perhaps some other time

Most days are searching for something days, that little end of the month thing wherein one discovers exactly what can be thrown together in a pleasurable fashion. 😉

Tanks for the recipe, J-Man! Sounds fun and delicious! 🙂 I think cooking is fun! And I love hearing about what you cook, the recipes you invent, etc. 🙂

Some of the best meals I’ve had/fixed were on a limited budget or right-before-payday-dining! 😛 I’ve even make my own tortillas out of water, flour, salt, oil. 🙂 I know 101 ways to serve potatoes! And whatever-leftovers-soup is great! 🙂

I HAVE wanted to broom people who think there is nothing to do! There is always something to do! And there is always fun to be had! I am never bored! 🙂 Every day I am like the Cat in the Hat on a rainy day! 😉 😛

HUGS!!! 🙂

lol, I ask as lol I have to be spritely for the holiday gonna rain all weekend. 😀 or some crudinsky, I’m tempted to do negative or flip photography…remember that point of how to get the inverse of something…helpful 😀 I never actually learned…but i did watch the whole season of calculus at11, kinda spoiled me on math getting the concept but not the applications. but just imagine the fun of watching grey turn to smoke and what was deepest greens become eerily something else again. it’s a recipe for something.
now 101 ways to potato? I’ll be fair lol: I’ve never made a true scalloped potato excepting the box kind. I know how silly of me to say when i can make a bisque of a potato cheese soup… not far off. I have boiled and baked my spuds like the irish said to. i’ve twice cooked the spud to become a stuffed potato of multiple variation cheese herbed cheesed bacon cheese and even a weird florentine one with pureed broccoli bits. I’ve not made gnocchi yet, nor have I made a pierogi even if i have made a fine swedish potato pancake. i’ve made hashbrowns yes from scratch too, never got mine toward the macdonalds side of life so in my opinion they were boring. i’ve made a passable skillet/country potatos. I’ve not made the america’s test kitchen tapas or omelette with egg with potatoes cooked all afternoon in olive oil. I have made german american and a mustardy american potato salad. oddly I am german by heritage and surname but i just dont dig german potato salad as much as i do with mayonaisse… a lil english to spoil a germain soul. i have made potato chips. i haven’t made a tater tot by scratch. I’ve made natural cut type and school lunch home”” fries i even soaked in sugar water and fried up potatoes for the more macdonald’sy experience…didn’t hit that one either. I’ve mademashed potatoes proper along with fried potato skins…I dont understand how come they tell me to put about a pound apiece of cream and butter into mashed potatos and I just cant fit that much in! that about completes my roster of potato ing. i’m sure i’ve missed something.

spud-ly hugs ma’am.

I don’t think it has to do with the cost of a phone. It has more to do with being prepared to arrive at work in a professional manner. One’s personal life must be led as though one were on the job. There is no down time. It’s hyper-alert like firemen who do get paid while playing cards at the station, even if their is no fire alarm for a week. But then they get to go home with their families and have a cookout and enjoy a beer or two while others are paid to sit at the station waiting for the fire alarm, while playing cards.

true, hence you know such can poison me away from being there… this ye ol’ entitlement thing! I DESERVE better. i surely do but i’ve not found it and noow it’s a simple bit of mathmatics to me to choose principles or paychecks and for now i’m trying after paychecks, i reached a rise in credit score early i’m now a level forward of before in standing, I have 2 short months of light discipline to achieve a significant reduction in debt remaining. never hope for it all as i’m already short 3 paychecks to achieve that with hours limitations but still 😀 while I’ll not likely again be “happy” truly to be at tthis place, i am grateful i get as much and am allowed still to enjoy more of getting ME into the equation of my life. to poison away now would only be poisoning away my own chances. 😀 but, I hear you.

It’s not really me. It’s those who are standing up in a leadership role in order to make the world a better place for changing how people are taken for granted, taken advantage of, exploited etc… I was only remarking how I had heard this was being considered. I am in awe over how people have the courage to take risks for better treatment, like the olden days before the 40 hour work week and breaks, for example. This wasn’t meant to have you be part of that crowd. Of course, it is take out of context for the fact that the post of your that I wanted to place my comment couldn’t be found. Anyway, I praise you Kwai Chang Caine ways, too.

as often aas I non sequitor your pages, ma’am 😀 to return the favor is a smile. I am in ambiguity now, I know better but must balance risk against gain in my albeit limited sometimes experiences/ or perceptions. I want deeply yet have experienced gain so narrowly that i cring at caring for myself. i don’t want to say even that but it does lean towards the facts. as i see them 😀 in kindlier news since i can still get you an adult beverage 🙂 I know you’ve said enough on the skip of your pal’s partaking, I have black silk coffee, cafe bustello would also substitute as would a french roast, or columbian… dark choc powder, enough choc syrup to attempt a few drinks, sugar in case i slip. chocolate vodka and creame with standbys of orange flavor or rootbeer….one never knows! 😀 can i make you an adult coffee?

I am watching Almost Famous (I have never seen it). I only now notice you wrote “… so and so somebody famous?” I’m inside but on the outside writing to you. Sure, but it would be an imaginary Irish coffee.

I work all weekend plus monday. i needn’t worry as i already know. you’d be proud as i was sociable keeping up with a ups in facility driver who was clearer than anyone on the subject of are they that anal about accidents…why yes they are as it’s always assume til proven otherwise which is impossible your fault. don’t consider accidents until you’re well connectied. i shared my winning night of instill in your grand kid that he holds the pride in himself limited or otherwise night of a benjamin franklin and free dinner at the bayou bob’s a few month’s back ish. enjoy your tv. 😀

Ok. So that’s how you see the word “accident”. I thought you meant the UPS driver was safe to drink and drive as long as he didn’t have an accident. At least you’re scheduled and can plan these things. The only uncertainty is the chance they might call off your schedule. Have a fun fourth.

it was just a rumor of policy 😀 lol I was curious if it were true and it seems accurate but not in the way I was lead to believe it was… it’s more of a standard policy one doesn’t wreck the company stuff which is typical rather than a which hunt type openly stated policy per say. enquiring minds want to know. 😀

oh lol. I have grown to appreciate softserve. the reason is one of caloric choice. I heard the rumors of unsanitaryness and undoubtedly some places one should avoid surely but in general i’ve never once had a problem with softserve so when it’s half the calories and calories I must be careful of, I tend to still be able to smile and tastes wise and eye pleasingness I still appreciate my goop. 🙂

🙂 my joy which is sometimes thwarted lol, is eithor or, just pistachio ice cream and more often found but still not regularly is coffee ice cream which just isn’t popular in my area.

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