You mean I can say, “yes?”

Okay, in one sense it’s cheap and in another sense I”M CHEAP.  I am idling about the web and a pedestrian outting set sees me make a mistake in my geography and it bring up the chance of possibilities.  i start with how to get from my denvertown, to Cortez Colorado which has mesa verde cliff dwelling of the Anasazi / Hopi Indians forever ago along with wine and a blend of southwest latin and native American foods…. then I look up Nogales MX  thinking it was that one just over the border from below Tuscon az – in a beer collecting trip to a border town and perhaps smokes……nogales mx is in vera crus or west of Mexico city not quite coast….um, blew that but it was surprisingly cheap at  bus rates …shut up I have taken a bus from nyc half way about the usa it sucks and Mexico’s hotter and just as long…..and at 400 clams advance purchase web only fare it’t like cheap…. pity Durango MX this time not Colorado USA is about the same as I’ve a date with food there…mole mole.  but Chihuahua mx  – well into the interior and the terminus  of trains and such to do copper canyon and end up on the baja coast…. well that’s 110.xx a are you kidding me that’s like screaming cheap.  it’s not a place to snub or make irritating dog jokes it’s a town in some hills nestled.  the tequila pricing I couldn’t determine yet it’s 20% as of 3 years back when i checked and exchanges haven’t changed much nor have travelers exploded the prices.    I’m impressed that hotel type stays are 36 low 68 typical for low end a night.  and yes, there’s choice.  *  and?  you’ve got to be kidding me; you mean, I can say, “yes?”

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “You mean I can say, “yes?””

🙂 oh all right I’ll consider it as I know in advance like I’m not blowing the whole month, critical month’s progress on a silly overpriced vacation in the dead heat of summer. lol, not kidding quite cheap as I wish my goals met.

You can say YES! 😉 😀
All sound like fun fun FUN trips!
But, don’t people from hot places come to CO in the Summer to cool down?! You are already in a beautiful cool vacation spot! 😉
Maybe a trip in the Fall might be cooler and nicer! Have you ever been to NM?! It’s so beautiful….especially northern NM in the Summer.
HUGS!!! 🙂

Mi,OH,IN,IL,IA,NE,CO, WY, UT,AZ,NM,KS,MO, SD, NC,CA, TX, OK, PA,NJ,NY, CN, VA, WI, MN, ID,OR,WA, TN,KY, FL MEANING DE, MA, ME, NH, VT, SC,GA, AL,MS LA, AR, ND MT, NV, AK AND HI REMAIN. I suppose those trips are simple too just more time consuming. wilmigton dde to say I’ve been but philly it all the way up firstt. boston to maine then nh and vt to montreal? or down the st lawrence’s upper ny state small towns to niagra/toronto,. down the coast from the panhandle to the new orleans and then on that way home hit texarkana for bbq and a specific coor product pitcture perhaps rent silkwood to yay it up with a far subtler mention of coors and the life than smokey and the bandit. north dakota is harder as they don’t want a bus to connect it with winnepeg canada…they want it seperate. but motana to a just over the border the different direction is a lil lewis and clark national park action and big sky country. begas or reno are their own reasons to nevada. so are hawaii and alaska.

My comment got ated. Mesa Verde, I’ve been. I’d guess you have, too. The bus trips sound exciting. Bring me back some tuh-killer.

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