pennies from hell.

poetry isn’t clicking well in my head at present so.

clankity clank came the can to land

smack back of my gutter gleaming

it was a wing-ed brand  and they flew  away screaming

one more penny from hell richer I am.


I was  chasing one four years ago

six, twenty four it wasn’t anymore

here it went again my saturday metaphor

to lie smiling in death of memories before

so it goes, c’iest la vie, and so.


it was wooden nickle redemptions I believe once upon that bummer of change way back then, now it’s two for the road.    I know this might not seem a great moment to remember things often work out for the best, but I’m sure they can and do – why on earth would I travel the world to get knocked down by love?  why would I expect anything less than the best and worst of whom anyone can be – often for the worse as that frees them to be them.  why would i expect easy tidings at work when all I want to do is say naughty potty words and display innappropriate levels of attitude.   such isn’t together forever when it’s just a fairy tale awaiting it’s fail… such isn’t empowerment to be rock headed and/or proud.

oh I worried I was dead broke and as I have plastic, I just got the cash excchange for something I can get…whee.

I am two gal pals down not exactly out of aces, still employed and have a case of beer.  eff it.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “pennies from hell.”

How are pennies from Hell different from pennies from Heaven?!?! 😉 😛
I think if you say naughty potty words at work and display inappropriate levels of attitude and do nothing else…you might not work much longer. 😉 😛 But, ‘twould be fun to see peoples shock-ed faces! 😮
Getting knocked down by love is painful. Not sure what the key is to NOT getting knocked down. Guess it’s best to enjoy yourself and your life and if love is to be it will be. And if they truly love you they won’t deliberately hurt you.
How are you “two gal pals” down?! Glad you still have aces, a job, and beer! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

I’m not really down anyone, no one promised me even a kiss on the winky or anywhere else. I have never been told I have anyone and thus odd as this sounds it isn’t it means i can hope all I want but I really have? nada. but for the sake of illogicc as in my feeling, I had the heavy interest then boyfriend of one working lass then the other said I nevermind you just nevermind! and 4 years of chasing later nearly it’s like 2 months shy never missing a day unless internet whent out. andwhile he r middle is 18 nearly 18 the youngest is 16 she’s not changing her life til they’ve been baked complete and then given a life they choose to live successfully. sonot that I lack aces as I have a home and I also have a job while Icant often allow the stay at home mom thing I don’t make that I’m not asking for much. or I’m not out of aces be they rubber denial that I am desired and can be chosen when it seems I’m desirable and chosen against the bitches! did i ever mention I sstill have the card you sent? hug.

You never mentioned that!
I sent a card?! You still have it?!
Aw! 🙂
As a famous person said to another person (before they got famous), “That was nice of me.” 😉
HUGS for a Sunny-Day!!! 😛

perspective love. I’m not thrilled litterbugs litter my yard in front of my face I was sitting on the porch! although if I was smarter I’d encourage the behaviour to suppliment my income with aluminum can recycling 😀 it is a ctual money, however that’s dangerous to encourage due to glass. I’m not into home made glasswares.

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