visa became mastercard

Occidental Grand Aruba – All Inclusive Resort

4-0 Stars
  • Palm Beach | Map
    • Distance from airport: 5.2 miles
    • 1-800-222-0892  Free Cancellation within 24 hours!
    • Includes: All-Inclusive

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I’m not quite booked to visit lol, cant quite afford it, yet it is tantalizingly closer than it was 3 something years ago. nearly four.      it is rather impressive the power of a small part time job that might eventually mean international travel when before there was a few nice nights then the long wait til next month.  the ever present fear if it went wrong i’d be wholly at the mercy of the worrld.  weeks if not lol okay any annoying window to get anything repaired.  zero say.  and now I can almost contemplate international vacations.

remind me this often as i choose to love my job lol i’d better it’s the little break that cracks the world wide open.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “visa became mastercard”

Woo! What a beautiful place! 🙂
Hey! A dream vacation is fun to plan and think about! You WILL afford one someday!
I knew a guy in college from Aruba…maybe he still lives there and you could bunk with him! 😛
I’m still planning to go to Jamaica and get my groove back! 😉 *snort* Ha! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

hug even if I forget the how-to- e0fake-jamaican all of a sudden 😀 I’ll have to get red stripes instead of mooseheads. as to afford it someday, I supose superstitiously I’m at that point where it isn’t deserving instrinsically we all deserve abundance, nor is it anything other than small choices that steer me clear of such a happening..the discipline to see a snickers doesn’t satisfy when its not but a few coin less to the goal and such would be a big goal mind big discipline 😀 yet oddl I’ve made faster gains and losses with choices…no, the stove while about the same cost was a waste for others but it’s of use of course lol but it was a better get when prior to it I couldn’t say I’d made much happen beond my abilities and typical situation. same thing with a job that forces me to be someone else or I cant possibly fit in meaning i never really did/will drat remember such was an effort 😉 but without that job I would never have let go enough to absorb how others did it…this life thing. thus I am finally milking the clock so to speak as that lesson is nearly over except whether there’s anything for me still there….;) typical complaint is no there isn’t maybe my experience will differ or maybe I’ll get to date the young chickadee andit would have been something… who knows. but i am reminded of how small a choice becomes great after it’s followed a direction within time.

I’ll update that with, checks for work didn’t arrive til 3:10 i left40 minutes prior and was home, sour to have a wasted trip? no the trip was well worth it – the nice was turns out to be attached…tiny but all important detail…. before you think ack! bad luck! and bastards everyone! I am enjoying my free beer, a fine moosehead. we’ll just see if i have any of this grace stuff. 😉 hug.

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