meander in the internet land…eer?

despite this clear evidence that life’s choices place me as somewhat institutionally only social otherwise highly avoidant of people…  I’m not yet entirely that bad 😀  I have thse for strangenesses.

in my life where much of it wouldn’t happen without support… mine just so happens to be social support as I’m rather too pricey for just one person 😀  I looked up all that support as  a simple loan repaid against what common lottery beginnings are and, I’ve long since hit the jackpot.

I was reading the conflicts of the myth helen of troy.  one thing seems apparent enough, girls cant or shouldn’t sway things is the outcome of these tales.  yet beauty is still prized often above all else.

jungian junk about who I continually lean towards being providing it doesn’t kill me or otherwise pickle me entirely senseless….

would it surprise anyone that i am a health care worker?


follows the rules, polite, fears drawing attention to self, dislikes competition, somewhat easily frightened, easily offended, timid, dutiful, private, lower energy, finisher, organized, socially uncomfortable, modest, not confrontational, easily hurt, observer, prone to crying, not spontaneous,…., dislikes change

favored careers:

homemaker, stay at home parent, office worker, health care worker, personal assistant, school teacher, administrative assistant, child care worker, clerical employee, receptionist, library assistant, dietitian, health educator, librarian

disfavored careers:

rock star, philosophy professor, filmmaker, performer, writer, bar owner, comedian, dj, entertainer, ceo, psychotherapist, bartender, entrepreneur, lecturer, astronomer

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “meander in the internet land…eer?”

Interesting! Especially your personality traits and favored careers! 🙂
Last time I took any personality tests…one said I am a combo Phlegmatic/Sanguine and the other test said I am a ESFP.

I’ve worked at jobs where they had us take personality tests…it really helped everyone understand each other better. 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂

lol. I don’t know some things… shh don’t tell. but, you know in i think it was second grade I remember vividly telling this other classmate I knew this this that and the other when i certainly didn’t and while i didn’t turn out later to be a horrid pianist, I wasn’t going to have a lot of technical brillliance. I was not very good at violin either nor drumming. violin went the way of wind in highschool i noodled for a while longer on the piano til i had to leave mine due to not knowing how to move it as it just isn’t a two person thing and i didn’t know how to raise the support or cash. I’ll admit i pretty much quit all of that stuff about that point. so you could toss it up to not wanting to be braggart liar or other things of ill repute that I slowly turned from being one person into another. none of these things comes without emotion al cost but in a weird way this sets of choices turn me into who I am. but even i remember a when when it wasn’t chosen against….or when i wasn’t this now.

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