a screw loose & etc.

When i tell you that I officially have a screw loose, I hardly think a single person will think of this picture first.

hours elapsed since i was to go to bed. I even tried yet I snuck back out of it to answer a call that got me trying to research up fun things to do. I figured out the no bueno as it’s an area not near nothing but so far away from me and anything to do that it’s truly a car type planned better in advance.

this bugs me to no end as I’m used to hellacious transportation times via public transit and not all routes are for the disgust-o-mats that one can’t dress nicer and not sit in yak urine or other disgusting things however I’m also used to trying to stage myself to be places and only recently enough was clued into the fact people find that creepy…there is something just not right about violating this notion you invent something to do and turn out not to be impromptu but waiting just around the dark alley creepy. so, unfair remains where it always was people are not so used to the real planning required when transportation options are limited …weeks go by because there just isn’t time to do anything fun and “free” sounding in the time available.

the frustrating point is it’s so damned close…but still no cigar for me all because there isn’t a way I’m allowed to make time in an affordable way. I mean i could blow a hundred bucks cabbing about town but that is piss money management. and or desperate. this brings me to parody time because I just feel like it.

mindy mccreedy once sung a song called ten thousand angels… i need ten thousand a gels to help me tell him no. i have the opposite problem and even though I’m innocent to this life and world, I have visited a strip club ONCE and as you read above there is a frustration trying to be charming out there especially in ways that are sauve sophisticated and or shit i’m likely to misspell it deeb o naire. so, here we go, all ya notions on right and wrong amount to a certain way of living and doing things that usually leave me ass out or are prohibitively expensive.. so, I need ten thousand dollars to help her say a yes.

ten thousand dollars

cussin’ like a devil
oh my heaven just waltzed in
charm please please empower me
or she’ll be washin’ her hair again
the question isn’t cash but how damn much
start by emptying out the pirate’s chest
I need ten thousand dollars
to help her say that yes.

when did love need explanation
it ain’t cash but with some one don’t go as wrong
I can fight, I’ve this strong feeling
but if the budget says water I’ll remain alone
help me say I’m solvent, not going under
let it be a detail of a pocket bulging just right
I need ten thousand dollars
to begin to make her eyes gleam in the light.

or I could face stark reality
bark up some better trees
be alive, yes me, not some meal-ticket free
face the fear of no so a yes can come on by
maybe it isn’t quite the lotto that means charms
or i’ll keep going belly up broke some more
keep your ten thousand dollars
there’s someone who’ll respect me more

when did love need explanation
it ain’t cash but with some one don’t go as wrong
I can fight, I’ve this strong feeling
but if the budget says water I’ll remain alone
help me say I’m solvent, not going under
let it be a detail of a pocket bulging just right
I need ten thousand dollars
to begin to make her eyes gleam tonight.

If I need ten thousand dollars
then she’s not likely right.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “a screw loose & etc.”

I agree. It’s an old expression, but just be yourself. Soon, there will be self-driving cars, anyway. Taxis will be for tourists, only. Cabbies will go the way of coachmen. Say, Hello, to Johnny Cab. No. Cuz you’ll probably have your own car by then. And cars these days are around $25K for a decent entry level one. So, you’ve way underestimated. Only kidding! Just be yourself. 🙂

come on now! I think that song is about twenty years old so it could be doubled which would allow your statement to be valid bus would my math be allowing for certain commodities to be more and some less than the average dollar value :D.

I suppose money definitely helps these situations – many situations – but I agree with that last line. If you need 10, 000 then she’s not the right one. Good luck! You make me once again fully appreciate my car and ability to drive one. And maybe living in an area not dependent on public transport. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think public transportation is wonderful and necessary – I’m just spoiled. peace & smiles

So, your glasses need fixing??!! 😉
Excellent song parody!
And your last line captures the truth. It should never be about money…when it comes to love and even friendship, but isn’t it sad how many people make it about that. ?! 😦

nah, not quite my point… it was simpler and less damning. I know a cover excuse as do you…they’re frustrating because they aren’t the words said. I can obviously follow english within my abilities of course, but sometimes what’s communicated isn’t the words themselves and that is a part of why I remain the assistant not the chief, perhaps have it wanh hard to charm folk if only to make it sweeter when I manage to 😉 but as I say it’s the meaning not the words and discovering that meaning gently without rancor is a real trick. so far it seems I’ve a slippery fish I’ve helped for now worsen my situation some too as I’ve guessed that meaning poorly and or heavy handedly.

as to the glasses I bought the screwdriver and I with aid got it screwed together… lovin the entendres 😀 I even was mildly annoyed I had the process incorrect – dang listen it’s….. heh…. turns out I even had the process wrong the screw went in upside down to the way I tried.

as to the bliss of living interestingly enough time is passing swiftly feeling for me so this “love” may not be my test or as meaningful an experience. just a proceedural to love the swiftness of a smile that may have been only that not the promise of a lifetime to come 🙂 hug smiles are nice 😀

you’ll pardon a delete 😀 I’m still employed. I am pleased I still sorta can tell some reactions to be able react before it’s entirely too late. I don’t have to work off the clock and this is a tidy blessing. while it’s not a home-run, I wont have to do the impossible for me to do swiftly paperwork for a good spells, but the same challenges of being perceived to be working correctly will remain as is the hope I can which I personally can not really multitask, whole souled – it’s a sight thing I never can appear to be fully aware unless I’m wholly looking at something and as you might imagine, I can not rely on peripheral visions as I ain’t got much vision….so, you may be pleased I’m still occasionally sane and smart enough to shut up long enough to get something sorted best possible.

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