4. Rodeo II otherise remembered as Los Mesones.

disregarding others, I like their sops…… so much so i like them MOEW than cod tostadas of the landsdowne Arms, more than sushi or chicken with lemongrass, damn fine american food, the idea of a good spanish omelet as tapas and I’ll chase a good eggplant parmesan sandwich another day, I guess.

it’s close to:

sloan’s Lake: with a couple mile around bit of sidewalk for walking off lunch/dinner.

with sloan’s lake there is
a recreational marijuanna shop… hey it is colorado. I have to say this even if I’m not keen on the stuff. a place called freakies as wwho wants to get all that fine dope and then go buzzkill! there’s nada to smoke it with.

if you aren’t laughing you should be, Iam being aware of my surroundings 😉

of more interest to me is that the place is close to a kingsoopers which means delicious home type ice cream like perhaps some of that marion berry pie ice-cream. mmm. i doubt they’ll have my coffee they rarely do/did and I know they are even worse at having my pistachio….bastards! or there is mcdonald’s which while most mcfrown at the idea please understand that a mcdonald’s cone is like 130 calories and sometimes after a big meal that’s begging room problems even then.

there is also Lakeside amusement park if one wants to enjoy literal roller coasters versus stupid metaphors about changes in feelings 😉

this has advantages all over the place as to the real concern of eventually wishing to get back home. these places are pretty and fun…perhaps too much fun lol but that’s what exists in the area.

this can move on along towards more fun by going on a tour of other fine things like:
house of commons tea
they serve a dynamite apricot tea iced or hot.

my favorite japanese market, Pacific Merchantile
which has all the affordable goodies lol okay so it’s imported and a tad pricier but still affordable to go oo lala that about the best candied gummy I’ve ever had, kasugai gummies or maybe those tasty pocky biscuit sit cos dipped in a variety of flavors. or maybe you dream of a sushi mat? they got that too.

maybe the ice-cream became a jamba juice.

not bad for a stroll down this particular mall

(sixteenth street mall denver, co.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “selection”

Do the Wacky Weed Shops in CO sell wacky candy and wacky baked goods, too?!?! 😛
Freakys looks like a freaking fun place! 😀
Marion Berry pie! 😮 I thought he died?!?! Oh wait…his name was spelled “Barry”! 😉
Love the pics you shared…especially the amusement park! that looks like fun fun FUN! 🙂
Tis the season for ice cream, roller coasters, slides, and iced tea! 🙂
The name Jamba Juice has always made me laugh! 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

yes blah blah blah toe stomp-a? la la la la bomba? that kind of funny 😀 yes, as a matter of fact most places sell edible cannabanoids infused goodies, you can get a naughty like the bank lollipop/sucker from when you were three or you can step up in some places to sesame hash brittle with a variety of muffins and intermediary baking supplies tinctures and so on. I do not know if the once mayor of washington d.c. passed or not I just thought it funny he was up against clean seeming folk and he a naughty boy with a record gained even in office and they still voted him back to the party :D. yes, to the ice cream slides and such all even if it appears overcast

I love the pictures. I think it would be fun to do the roller coaster, first. Then have some tea. Maybe something else. Go to the shop walk. And then have the Mexican. I love the idea of walk around the lake after. Sure, why not. Ice cream, too. Even McDonalds (and their bathrooms aren’t too bad).

we shall see how the day works out which remind me to call the last of the principle attendees …. okay, this is set for next saturday evening as in a week and a day from now. we can meet at work as one must finish up. depending on whether or not people want to all grab a beverage lol, the light rail train is across the street which goes to the school campus where one can catch the west on colfax bus which means lol expect an evening! lol I used to live over there so after dinner is that downtown walking mall which has many fine moments to be rowdy/happy. however, the japanese market would be closed so no good candy… very one’s diet is safe 😀 at least until I find the ice creams. 😀 and suspiciousness! there is a place called “the market” which offers coffee on entering and upstairs a deli proper which has about some of the best desserts about.
see, i shared delight in a ccalories free way 😀 that leaves open safe enough fun.

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