warning… version 2

Copy editing isn’t a strength I deploy often, however, let’s re order this to be easier on the point, shall we?

I made dinner. it gave me gas. you probably didn’t want to know this, but, you now do. I’m still pleased as punch as it weighed to a production sizing offering about 7-9 chimichangas which as i don’t make them often, tis leaves room for failures and pretty lunch for two….unless I make another offering in which case i can make a platter, combination for 3-4. i want to know this stuff out of 2 lb. pork roasts I also want to know how and if it’s worth the effort and as a chimichanga with no spice the cherry coke pork filling is drowned out. as itself it’s mild and tasty. as to whether I’ll make it again… not likely for myself as you’ll not wish to be in my company.

my seven picks for the kitchen folk wishing to take me out for all my kindness makes it into written form it looks like so.

Want to Dine?
a week worth considering.

Selected with CARE, these are a short list of places i’ll go happily.

1. Landsdowne Arms
Highlands Ranch, Co
Good: potato / leek soup, cod tostadas

it was mentioned first on purpose.

2. Ki Ki’s Casual Dining

While I’m not a big “fish” person, I do like some Japanese food.
I couldn’t finish their ramen back when I could take out a medium pizza by myself.

This place is close to work.

3. Jaya Asian Grill
Chicken w/ Lemongrass is soooooo good

This place is close to work.

4. Rodeo II *Los Mesones
Disregaurding others, I like this place’s Sopes

Colfax at Meade ST, Denver (not close to anyone)

5. Maria Empinada
Deli/ Spanish food.

This place is reasonably close to my home and convenient to I-25 Denver

6. Rosie’s Diner
Damn fine American food.

Iliff near Abilene Aurora Co,

7. Heidi’s
Delightful eggplant parmesian for a veggie option so we can scare the male carnivore!

32nd and Lowell blvd. Denver, Co *highlands

Based on what I know of everyone’s tastes,and what i can hope to achieve, this is a week worth of choices to review.

heidi’s, kiki’s and Maria’s likely do not serve alcohol.
jaya grill and landsdowne Arms are full bars.

*everyone present is 21 or over

just so you all know I am capable of copy editing and actually do…. now you might ask me why I didn’t actually copy edit them errors!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “warning… version 2”

I’ve made chimichangas several times!!! 🙂
These all look like GREAT places! I couldn’t chose…as I love Japanese, Mexican, Diners, Eggplant Parm, and ETC! Ha! I’d be happy at any of those places!
Where will/ did you go?!?!
HUGS!!! 🙂

it all depends on timing. if I’m given the green light on odd but not too odd and irritatingly far away yet cheap and fancy, landsdowne arms wins. if I’m given a mexican nod I picked a small place I adore that’s not in the heart of gangland urban decay just lol lose. if I’m given the sushi option I chose a close to work nice for me place that never has failed to delight me yet it’s far more japanese so this time people must know what they’re after. if they want different yet convenient I have maria empinada as I’d like to try their omellette however it’s fastfoody and about the boringest offering on the list- it’s alternate is like every location idea place given has one is, g b fish and chips as their bangers and mash are good. I can’t say i went to heaven on their fish. no one beats the memory of yorkshire fish and chips but they no longer serve cod but whatever and it’s not worth the trip any longer. heidi’s deli has meade street station which also does a good fish and chips and being a pub/tavern good. rodeo II has la cochinitas for stuffed sopapillas versus soaps and a nice enough patio for extended audiences or inside if it rains or some junk. jaya has new jerusalem and kiki’s has bonnie brae tavern pizza roses presents a challenge as while I visit my mom and like one or two places near her, I literally just haven’t a catalogue for that part of town.. I like masalausa which may outright be too spicy . landsdowne arms can be white fence farm for fried chicken.

I’m always afraid of getting leak soup at restaurants. I treat the staff accordingly.
That is disgusting, but damn if I’m not hungry now.
And sure, show off those editing skills. Go ahead.

Just btw, I thought it would be funny to leave my tone unreadable for that last part, just to keep you guessing. 😀

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