on being odd

I wore argyle socks with shorts and short bookts. I feel accomplished
I wrote a haha you got stuck with tornado alert day at work only to see it’s a watch…snaps fingers.
I delivered a chosen brand of fine beer so I may be upgraded from asshole to nice asshole. I hope I get to feel accomplished.

the latest tune is a new artist to me, Yiruma and his “Kiss the rain”
Yes, that means I’ve taken a break from seventies era american pop music…. back to old sewage piano.

I have albs of chicken and aq round of sausage mild italian and a ajar of vodka sauce….hmn.

I’m told i never post yet I swear I do…. never mind what the record says~!!!

I suppose the only major accomplishment I have going at present is I believe I only have ONE outstanding picture bill from a radiologist I can’t find of course….tick tick. I should be golden on my home bills and debts for the moment so I may see a rise to finer credit. yet it appears my finances feel as I do…unimpressed I’m a month ahead and such. 😀 for beer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

14 replies on “on being odd”

nowhere near. I haven’t seen one save for tv in 20 or more years. all it takes is one and you’ll remember the train of doom howl of wind and see a wall of water within some and know you are far too close. that was 4 something miles away.

if you’ll pardon a natural pun, i really don’t like those suckers…. tornados, I don’t chase them and i am adept at my safety drills to help me and my residents. 🙂 I pay attetion to some things 😀 but ti’s the season for ’em

funny I did it ass-backwards… I meant to focus on me as in my lil debt is my security net. all my rents are just obligations to others. so to be ahead with others ease and not my own was…oops.

Doesn’t sound odd to me…sounds normal. 🙂
Now me…I’M ODD!!!! 😀 o_O
Love your fashion sense! 😉
Ooh…mild Italian sausage…yum! 😛
Hope you had a beer. And hope your Sat-Day is going well. Sat if you must, but I hope you play and have fun fun FUN!!! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

sattin about ma’am it’s cheap so far only a 99 cent packet of loaded potato I cant finish in a satting …. I’m finding I’m beering out. long ago spirits were no ueno as the sneak up like a dark alley…but now even beer begins to bore me…just in time for summer and lawn chairs and icebuckets of beer with a work schedule for beach bum bliss and I beer out 😉 oh well I’ll just have to grab perhaps one of those book things and a hammock.. ..and oh sin be boring. what irks me at this hot second is lol I haven’t any home run I know of with that date idea big bird boss sat close enough to squawk out hammy poutty face and obviously I make progress on being finally what 3/4 years into my favorite internet love affair which I might see travel visit daylight to I’m bored at work with little hope it’ll like change and be profitable or magical again yet I’ve at least only shot myself in the foot there not in the heart so I can limp the months by to this or that goal… and as I say, I now question the point. I mean whimsically question not mope/nwhimper…a new kitchen floor de-shiner… just I get that feeling I’m flat out of gas/enthusiasm gas…I manufacture other kinds with improper for me foods but that’s another horn solo for another time.

Glad you are ahead on all your bills. That is a feeling of comfort. Argyle socks & shirts seems to suit you. I imagine you made some fancy dish with your food supplies. Have a great day. Peace & smiles

heh, lately I “con” the roommate into cooking so more people eat it. he has more of the tastes folks want. however, it’d be a bad idea to count me out yet 😉 pity the look of argyle suits me but the construction doesn’t as I can’t really wear tight or oddly lined/seemed socks as it does me a mischief… 🙂 don’t mean I can’t treat it like n o no food and enjoy it in moderation 😀 I’m tempted to make my own adobada pork filling for tacos. I am glad I didn’t as the latest try to impress shared that spicy is o.u.t. out as she lacks a gall bladder and that’s a typical cut out, overly greasy/fried food and or spicy…. so not to be counted out and I will have to make the roast up swiftly as for food handling, I’m thinking to hell with my onion hating brother’s no onion policy I like onions and think they do well in food and I’m LIMITED on “spices” for the above reason so, 😉 I feeling pepsi and onions doctored enough to not be exactly tasting like a pork roast in pop with an onion.. yes, it’d be like finding a way to get you a cup of coffee, I’d be happy to try yet you’ve warned me you’re not hip on caffeine in quantity.

It’s really hard to cook to please everyone. I myself can be quite the picky eater but I always put onion in roast :-). I’m funny about somethings though and approach unusual foods with caution. I do like spicy. Not set your head on fire spicy but you know – a kick. I would hate to lose my gall bladder and give up spicy and fried (even though really I try not to *overdo* fried). I do watch my caffeine but here is the thing – coffee, while it often smells good to me and I like mocha ice cream, itself tastes bad. I had someone a couple of years ago talk me into trying their pumpkin spice cappuccino (or was it a latte?) assuring me it hardly had any coffee in it. I tried and frowned and said it tastes too much like coffee. 🙂

I made a sweet bomb of a maple syrup in milk shaken coffee addiin…. I got howled for it being coffee and for making it too sweet :), I’ve got another sugar bomb going at present too, a pork roast to bubble apart within cherry coke beer soy sauce and onion.

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