up up and away.

as I pointed out, it had a fine red cabbage duck roll.  but the proprietor also runs a toco stand that after 3 trips here previously, I got to go.

this may sound odd but I rarely get fish tacos  today’s was mahi….fish. and one shrimp one too.  the fish had the danny cash MEAN STREAK mango hotsauce which is sweet with a hint of heat.   the shrimp got the danny cash whatever it is in western spannish the day of the dead.

there was another wave with the puppies I like the weeny runt of the litter, she’s gray with a white collar of hair and speckles.  the was belly rubs and lap pets which is my favorite – why, think whatever a puppy does the adult at 100 lbs for run  will be 😀    tuxedo mostly black with a white tie of hair at his collar came up for some play and that was when runt was rolled over so to be fair so to speak, he went bowling too 😀 😀  all of the monsters love toes now.

I went for a walk with mom and pop pooches here

of course it’s rained in coastal mopin fiesta thrillingness but lol I’ve gotten a weekend off.  I’m not this instant dead broke. I’ve hit the doctor’s with returns on 6.11 non fasting and 6.18 fasting.    i should be in stride with knowing the new one at work   and you bet I’d think of work on a vacation 😀 why not? I can smile now 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “up up and away.”

yes, I pointed out earlier this month I had the initial goal of getting off memorial day. at first oh sure then no chance in hell then boss quit said whatever she’d allow me to and then new boss arrives the shakeout is simple i’m in oak creek it’s still early for me feeling evening if I slept 11 pretty well through. 114 miles ish away. hugged sis out to work. all of them worked the holiday weekend. the puppies as in great dane puppies of many years back kona dog and the newer as in 1.5 moe who’s skittish are an all black like daddy, a black with a white ring around the collar, two harlequin’s like momma and a grey one with a pretty bunch of spot … I know that’s five when there’s six…puppy watching is tricky that way 😀 oh and the neighbors dog got itself on the roof…. chaos awaits you everywhere.

Whose dog had puppies?!?!
I love puppies!!!
Fish tacos are yummy!
Glad you are enjoying your vacation time!
It’s been a busy fun fun FUN whee-kend for me…and I’m off to a BBQ later!
YAY for smiliing!!! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

sis/boyfriend’s two registered great danes had a litter of puppies just over six weeks old today. big huge weenie was scard and doodooed my hand…this is tragic but the fun returns when he takes out who he’s handed to 😀 😀 vacay about over I’m due to work tomorrow….enjoy the hug that splats your plate if you’re not on your toes for this wicked glinting smiler. 😀

hope you had fun laughing at how you were already eat by the time the threat came in 😀 snaps fingers. a playful hug anyways. the chihuahua eaters are good size 😀

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