who’s the new lady?
Candi, something (one) you can’t have
delish entendre.

the details of my last moments are:
I arrived to one planning to move to assisted living and made the I’m sorry for your loss face 😀
normally I never get to let people in from a nontypical entrance today I did and it wasn’t wrong excepting that he was to help along my buddy who passed…of course that parts always wrong.
I had a reminder of my religious background and I still now as didn’t understand then that I just don’t fit it to any uplifting of my soul. I’m damned enough in my time. I could use a lil direction towards positivity not well…religion. however, I will visit a church for to prove until the end of ime that there is change’s room…just like my food tastes change in that I like beets and never did before. live is still out…don’t even.
its raining and seems to give my garden a chance.
I saww the accountant’s delight in forms that are actually worth a poop! Hallelujah.

would anyone like to explain why I work 30-ish hours for two weeks when they have hired a director? I truly believe someone remembers and or has long ears the people she’s known before this she being big boss. I also see I am well liked and yet certain things like creating a filedex of compliance forms isn’t a strength nor within my duties. so I may have hours extra 🙂 or the other outcome can seedily be I’m being given a turnkey operation as the making of it isn’t for me.

today is something artsie and doughnuts.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Pictures….sorta”

I would like to point out my delusional thinking, I indeed have a boss and thus am not this one’s today. my new one yesterday had keys, not I, My new one had morning meetings, not I. My new one even said in all my working life how you do things never has happened… For what it matters, I must wear the badge now of shame of pretending to the thrown as silly prince john in disney’s robin hood. till her paperwork takes effect. 2 days. that’s how out classed I am. mind you, I’m pleased as I knew better in advance… but roll your eyes with me that I’m only all that. can you tell what support I obviously had for what reasons? 2 days. quite a mountain all things considered, but obvious not the real deal.

the above thinker forgets that there is such a thing as a deep breath 😀 sure, I have it back to normal usual typical only the names have changed to annoy me…but also it’s not I have a shot to show what I do and that’s not everyone’s way but it’s kept me about.

New lady where?! At work?! New boss?1
Sorry you had a buddy who passed.
Yay for rains and gardens! I love my summer garden! I call it The Garden of Weedin’! 😉 Oh, and I am NOT growing The Wacky Weed! 😉 😛
Yay for doughnuts! What was artsie?!
Yes, deep breaths help!
I love the Disney Robin Hood movie!!! 🙂
You are lucky you comment on your blogs! 🙂
Me, Myself, and I never comment on my blogs! 😦
HUGS!!! 🙂

you should talk to yourself and be freer with the hugs, after all, we need our hugs the most?? our opinion is who we sell the world on… 😀

yes, I took my trinket badge of interim department head home as I’m an assistant

an artsie was twelve popsicle sticks well glued onto paper ala contraction but so well the rolled into a pretty holder. or trashy picket fence.

well, at least it’s not the garden of wheaton… where’d you wesley crusher.

I work at a nursing home so I unfortunately have to say goodbye a time or two.

new boss reminded me that the young lady in dietary/kitchen liking me best be kept professional or unseen.

PS…Sorry for all my questions…it’s late and my brain is wonky! 😉 (No, I don’t have any excuse when my brain is wonky during the day! 😛 )
I left you two comments like you left you two comments! 😛
I are goofy, too! 😀

You could sing that Foo Fighters song, and then there’s the other song, Back on the Chain Gang, by The Pretenders. I still don’t like pickled beets, but fresh boiled ones aren’t bad (though it’s been decades). Yes, change. Can happen.

it would seem on it’s way. all that has to happen is a little spirit glue of the feeling holding out like a flame catching. I mean in my room…beach boys…I like to sing primarily at the top of what I can to jefferson airplane’s go ask alice…”when your friends treat you like a guessssst. *pest*

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