the golden gate by Vikram something blew cold I couldn’t see how it was building before how will it end had me skipping into a mud puddle of the dance of a personal ad by the ex gal trying her own hand turning out to see the affair of him temporarily finding another for that one to pick his friend for her marriageable lover only after some weird trust test out by her brother. oh of course the originating lover dies most tragic as if by magic.

the new kitchen gal and nice cook on their break invaded my room to be….boystrous. the opening salvo of their riotous time *don’t you dare think I didn’t smile* was had I read fifty shades of grey… nope, I say. I think there were a few cutes. I did manage to complete my paperwork but I doubt I escaped without blushing.

I LOST (damn it) at scrabble by 32 points to avoid basking robin’s 41 flavors but I did get a strawberry sunday on the way home to grieve in. a llll because FI as in seper fiddles isn’t a word. if it were i would have closed the 90+ point turn that obviously I didn’t recover from. to add to this misery, I LOST at crazy 8’s at work too )LOL)

I succeeded in my hop to gain if not more people, more varied folks this opening week of split shift.

I’m enjoying my beer and ignoring the midweek transcription of poetic odes for the moment if not for a spell…I’m lamenting I left the erma bombeck book at mom’s picking the other listed above…what a dud.

tomorrow is to put up my outlet as I’ve help finally. I await the week’s review too.

sure, I hear more than I’m saying and neglecting describing all of what I was seeing…it’s good practice. hugs

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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😀 toots day and farts fridays? stunk sundays, blat blat saturdays rrrrp thursday windy wednesdays might escape monday as many small town shops take that day off 😀

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