stomp stomp stomp

I have conduit, connection clamps, screws, spare wire nuts aplenty, box and gasket/facia and thus added to the romex and gfi outlet i have; I have nearly everything I need to make the outlet appear near stove. I walked another five move something miles to do it.

Prior to leaving out, sugar was fasting 112 mg/dL and I felt lethargic malaise. I enjoyed the hell out of my last late afternoon chinese food but apparently as I cleared about 1/3 of the liquid I consumed at best with a 3 hour tub, I think I had too much salt and my sugar still isn’t right but its thankfully on the other side of right than high wrong. 🙂 I had to walk slower as I a: don’t feel well, b” don’t feel well . I managed this without injury and I don’t have too much tingly due to hypertension that can’t be right after high salt intake…like it ever is anyways but whatever.

I need to gain advice on anchoring the cabinet for microwave use with a potential stove hood with serious carbon filter as I can not vent outside. I know I overbought for my application but I don’t care. I’m not burning down the house for lack of not trying to do what i want with some element of care and forethought. I likely have to do this myself mostly-no one has time really. I need to hit a construction site for a scrap 2×4 so I can lop off about an inch or two to get my stupid fixtures hung… I need two more, I bought one already. that ought finish my basic maintenance past an outlet cover or two.



I am not surprised. I am not surprised because I have tried to make Japanese food and was heartily warned that what I would like is what they would detest for the very same reasons I was proud of my limited obviously talents.

Cooking styles and tastes are curiously LOCAL. the above link is on the subject of why Kung Pao chicken may thrive in the west but as the religion of authenticity is concerned…it is an abomination.

I learned this lesson attempting Dashi, a broth for what became miso soup. I was quintessentially heavy handed and got my best available miso choice and proceeded to be barely able to finish my creation as it still sucked. POW! to the skills and the tastebubs. PAO! sounds remarkably similar so let’s get our Asian on…. PAO means “to run” supposedly in Chinese.

speaking of “to RUN!: or pow!, I put hot sauce in my coffee. I drank two cups. I now need to RUN! and you can guess quietly why and where. yes, a whole cup of aerosol cream atop two weeny drops of SCORPION hot sauce courtesy of danny cash hot sauce as in made with lava hot ghost chilies and something even hotter… the coffee was a blend of leftover guatemalan and some leftover ground fresh whole bean coffee that is mine now….wis I would have known. the experience is tolerably spicy but coffee makes one have to run…. see ya.


Paradox and oxidol.

access your weaknesses… if I want to survive at life… I have and it only leads to 2-5 years of try somewhere else, no thanks. I’m lightning apposed to this valid working corporate bit of bullshit… so much so, I propose a return to 80’s hair.

(my apologies, Leah. I have bean honest and even outspokenly so, now I may access my weaknesses but as best I know how I shut up about them. the only value to them is to humiliate me when people succeed at arrogance…. or who has time for ME weakly put? everyone knows bullshit and can judge for themselves how much I lie…but if I put confidence in the trailer poorly secured so will they.)


cuttin’ up

scissor acor slick
plastic put to the ages
see ya city bank

As you can guess $3260 or whatever that balance actually was 😉 is $4 over $0 but the besets fun was cutting those cards to puzzle bits. *new account/ card, no choice really. Boss helped, she had a shit experience with Seasrs and was all too willing to help 😀

I’m full on the eve prior of payday. I have money in my pocket. I called into my my bloodwork lab and after 13 months it looking like the timely filing guidelines are are soon to expire thus I’m free of 120 in copays because they couldn’t do their jobs correctly. unless you’d like me to get a 700 something I brought correct insurance and documentation including signing the back up fail forms… While I’m not out to cheat anyone, :I’m rather sure happier to see I’m far luckier just not at lottery than I supposed. thus one 15 dollar bill to my last visit to the kidney doc remains unsquared. I have no other legally open debts save the bank’s card and a tiny bit towards target left…. or, sorry for the minutie, I’ve like ONE bill to dig after not 20. decent enough rate and term for the credit I had when I got it.

occulto, a blended barrel staves of tequila barrels…BARRELS aged beer is enough to make one cry all the more after having this life tried corona. ICK. corona or sobriety…not a tough call. I haven’t had a corona in a decade…please note this. here comes a picture

nothing says sissy ass kid’s beer like happy skulls :X 😛 but it does happen to make a middle aged man weep for the glory of a tasty light beer. if this mood keep up, it’s going to require steely dan.

the smith and forge for lack of a correct ism is michigan-style juice-back cider which means it’s sweeter ut still tastes like a brewed product versus don’t waster your money on reed’s entirely fake apple-taste shite.
so cider class, lets review.
I’ve not had thatcher’s as I’m not in England, I’ve not even had the “kingston black” apples cider either. reputation proceeds it.
I’ve had strongbow *cry) drispin multiple offering semi sweet to dry, reed, angry orchard *yummy for their apple con) and of course woodchuck their amber is my heaven in cider still. i can not try get mercury brand offering out of australia due to either cost or availability. I’m game….even if it’s a foster’s group ltd. product.

I’m sure i’ve had a cavaldos… I’ve had laird’s applejack but can’t get the extra aged one…but that’s something different than cheap cider.

I’ve even made my own to the chagrin of the lousiannan homeowner concerned we underaged we making hooch off his back step…thank god for you mothers 😀 😀 😀

or, I’m still celebrating as I have 60 buck for smokes and 40 for groceries for two weeks after I get my last niggliers attended to. I have enough money to throw my mommy a birthday too. I asked for memorial day off as in the whole weekend. if i get it, I have enough money to take a southern colorado holiday. if I can not, I’ll do it before or after it rather really doesn’t matter. and that includes mom’s day whoever mom wants a apology for cheapness on here double bubble one check two holiday evil 😉 I won’t be wealthy, but it is about time to worry less as i’ve staved off fires aplenty.

my last cash is likely towards a conduit solution for putting a duplicated/moved outlet higher up the wall so I can use a cabinet for a microwave and the consult fee from a pro as I am not. I mean i can wire the outlets and install that….I can probably handle the cabinet removal pain tinting and cord access and underlayment that is wirable…wallpaper people…but, I want a pro’s eyes to inspect.

thus, I’m on my timeframe. I’m paid current if not extra and paid off on some of the niggler with a real life clause in place. go me.


trekking along

imagine a struggle to feel it’s only
it’s only obligations to fight through
just a few short months of saving up
saving up the reputation of power to be

the line gets lower on the pages
so much more needing consideration
and only then can totality be seen
and it is but food for sand covering ages

but that dessert after the desert
to have weathered all toward new land
now to create fortunes avarice only dreat of


to dream again,+CO&saddr=Shiprock,+NM&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&geocode=Kb_Dly46tjuHMWl3yb6Nx9XO;KSHBnHGXbzmHMUcvgyUJebBa&dirflg=d&sa=X&ei=uvAfVYW2C4XSoATQq4GYDg&ved=0CCIQ-A8wAA

the link if it display (fine with me) is to a map displaying the distance from a town called cortez, colorado to a significant point of Shiprock, nm. this is 70 kilometers or 42 miles distant. a bit too much to walk but not too much to ride a bicycle. one way anyways. last year summerish was 31.4 Miles and I could do more. it took about 5 hours maybe six I forget altogether…but I did stop for lunch and walking hills, lights etc.
this is a link to why the map is what it is. this is a link to Gallup and the southwest chief train to L.A. or K.C / Chicago. or ye ole bus towards the same.
this is a link to a land lot likely not available when I’m interested in cash but whatever 😉 it illustrates the basic NOW cost of something
this is to cal Earth, a super-adobe system of how to cheaply get up something slightly more usefully lasting than a tent. it’s dirt (heh) cheap a cistern with deliverable water a few solar panels enough for basics of modern living, some form of black water elimination such as an incinolet toilet or outright septic setup and a wood stove would complete the dream.

or, while I can not on my means exactly afford a house, I’m not against more of a cabin thing 😉 and if done like this, it is actually feasible to have it MINE paid in 3 years. not 30.

however with the renter clause to home mortgage, it’s possible for the same minus 2 to occur for not much more than I pay in rent now…well if I include the purchase needs which I just call rent.
or a standard home in town 140k seems to beab out that.but again that’s a 30 year thing not 3. but it’s IN town versus 30 extra miles from town or something ridiculous which turns a 42 mile journey into something i can not consider with my abilities.

I’m ready to see may already as it begins my 4th year at this house as in I’m less than 30 from completing my 3rd year here.
I couldn’t this hot second zero out one of my cards but I’m 50 away. I either tonight or tomorrow get to zero the other and I have just enough pennies to make a beer run and get through til next work payday. 1-th ish. I say may because I tidy the run to be a full month ahead on all my bills with a few wholly disappeared or to owe about or less than 2 months income. I have done DAMN good to make this from 5+ if not six outright and it onl took cussing and scraping for 5 months straight with one last hurdler of tidying to go to be ahead in the short term and hopefully zeroing completely thus beginning ME time opening of sumer. ahtt’s my present to me and a worthy gamble of not trying for more at work but dates and achievements of longevity which is a little reputation work possibly well worth every penny…

you know. to dream again, like the above can actually happen?

the navajo inter-reservation transportation thing is huge as it’s 5 bucks to flaggstaff or gallup minus that snag of 30 some miles to get to the bus stop 😉 but, while durance’s easier in location casino shuttle to say not ship rock but farminton…which gets me to this winds of the navajo bus… I’m not sure it isn’t worth the consideration of cortez as it’s nearer vineyard and the college town for other people’s misery of living with college kiddos to be affirmed with wine and quilts or something… it just seems easier to pick against the hassle for the privacy and commute if other’s need to. but I must comb my hair and catch a lift to work 🙂 asta.


picture postcard search

Montrose I hope colorado.

bueno Vista Colorado

Walsenberg Colorado

Trinidad Colorado

cortez, Colorado
Creede colorado

Red state offerings
Escaping city Cancer
small town intolerance.

Imagine chasing the moon
and then the road curves so we reverse
chase the night in that trinidad universe
dancing the turns, vroom!

Walsenburg advertisement
land! for sale land!
whho wouldn’t want dreams come true?

Beano Vista winds
washing clean the mountain scenes
of high adventure

Montrose I’ve met one of yours
I know I can find sanity in being individual
there are river, parks a downtown scene
it seems you’re big enough to encourage sidewalks
and not so dry as to choke off growth.


Creede Colorado is an artsy tourism town I list is as I’d like it if I have to be stuck here or any here, then why not creed hikes sledding beauty.

cortez is listed and thats as my brother likes it.. I list a prettier picture of the place but I don’t feel called to that much dessert.

I am sure I list interestingly with the detail that I hate city cancer like anyone that feeling you’re all of a sudden not free except to take what troubles comings. but I also hate places I can’t walk safely…sidewalks please….very disappointed in west oklahoma city for that dirt path junk…. thus beans vista is the smallest town you’ll see of the pictures – but as it’s name implies it’s pretty! 😉 next, city mean people and the more of them the more likely people can leave a little niche for me to try for. plus as one who can’t drive, this means i’m stuck. I’d like it to offer some pleasantness. you can discerns that I’ve been through every part of this listed but much is so old it’s forgotten save for the run across them again memories. this is apocalypse planning lol

because it give me great pleasure to say this

montrose according to the map link above is between the t and a of what would be maintains 😀 bahahahahaha
if you look for mt elbert and a city called salida just south of it, roughly the middle of this picture map… between mt elbert and salida is buena vista. it has some of the prettiest views of the collegiate peaks.
there is a lot of green terrain so where the terrain meets the plans go south from denver to colorado springs to pueblo….bye bye big towns…before the trinidad which is on the border of new mexico… there is a town half ways from pueblo and trinidad.

cortex is almost the border or southwest corner of the map…it is close to mesa verde of the anasasi cliff dwelling… it’s also close to ship rock new mexico which makes appearances all over tony hillermans mysteries. farminton durango also in that square are place that have shuttle service to the indian reservation casinos…or you can catch a lift out of town not pray your neighbors want to gouge you.
around the red eye… oh the jokes… the red I in mountains just to it’s right is a town called del norte… the road forks around here and about that I is creed cut off somewhat from the car travel notion of being somewhere but is trails everywhere exploring.

if you would ask me based on the lifestyles I have and or want, trinidad without hesitation because it has the most travel I can get and remains pretty with actual open water which is appolyptically important 😉 it only remains that I have some chance to say brew beer when other might like the still in colorado grow marijuanna thing…big enough town to enjoy walking out for a bite to eat or a magazine etc…strolling. I don’t have to ask permission on a full moon to hop the greyhound down to albequerque nm and enjoy the hills hide the moon or the chase it is within the canyon….

it wouldn’t be so bad if it was buena vista…but it’s thin air and mom has asthma its cold I have diabetes and am sensitive to some dumb frostbite comes easier. I don’t mind shipping in my cool but i worry not enough economy survives to get the roommate model that allows us up til now to live.

creed bigger than buena vista but same damn thing 0 great if you can drive… there is no transportation out of those places I can count on.

cortez, I’m sure I can find someone to deal with the bribe money to get me to durango where I can chase better my own living. it’s poor enough down there so by nature it improves over the above two

walsenberg has the same greyhound i can catch in trinidad but unless we’re packing money to buy our land and build the modern adobe dream house of my dreams that is… this place is 30 miles from anything whistle stop small town anything… this place is settled as there is but what you look about to enjoy. I just don’t know if this work without commute issues to pueblo / trinidad for employment prospects.

I don’t get to montrose often so the picture i chose says all I really know past some kindly people I met who came from there …yes I visited as a child but I don’t remember that. It’s a mountain town on what we call the western slope which means it’s okay for trees/fruit and is pretty, it’s possible to get a ride to gj but this town’s big enough to get most of my living done and I’m in no rush to get to utah…really been there done that.

well there you have it
where do you replant your dreams
picture postcard search.



Benediktiner bliss
all that glitters as if a ‘gold.’
yep, still fixating

the chosen evil
justifiably pondered
it still is evil.

oh that peace of mind
flies away with a demand
of any outcome

necessary wall
I haven’t time for wasting
block on block built high.

weighed out evils’ choice
how much power to expend?
how dear did I pay?

I managed fairly well to keep my temper. it was nearly a full day’s shift of fallout from the announced change demanded of who’s here. I spent 2 hours more researching how I might brew beer and how deeply as my way of fixating on a lesser evil of spun thoughts versus all the chatter round here.

I made three coffee two for me 😀 strong ones too! I tried like usual to peacemaker and i’m remarkably good at it. no cops showed. I made another tube of pillsbury sweetrols after a fine evening’s effort at a real dinner of box mac cheese made with cream cheese. or, I can say I did stuff other than fixate too much past some effort to influence reality…Iknow tension and crap happen and who likes change? but, not when my month’s hopes are left exposed to bullshit responsibilities killing my dreams as someone too many couldn’t keep their tempers… 😀 or, fight all you want quietly after the rent’s paid. yes, my hotpoint of worries is I won’t get after my dreams as someone wants to make me give them up …pretty dumb that trap of powerless, but I’ve not reinforced all my weaknesses.



Pregesso is a fine soup available in shelf stable cans at many north american grocery stores. While I admit limited experience with their products and also have great experiences of a lifetime with their competitor Campbell’s – I;m not here to knock them or their products but take joy in their name. if ever their was a name for the joy of progress or this progressive success, I am slowly enjoying, Their brand name would leap hopefully to your mind too.

I have between six and nine months to go until the next credit score range up. this of course bars faster progress possible one way or another. if the plan of slow progress forward is maintained, I can look forward to saying it took pretty much exactly 12 years from the point i had money again to slowly improve my credit two zones ahead, that coupled with a timely part time job for actual means to repay credit enough to extend me some. it seems awesome what easy credit rip-offs I fell for in the lyrics of the tv show “good times” “temporary lay=offs, EASY Credit rip-offs – GOOD TIMES!” because it will be 14 years since it went downhill and stayed that way slowly for quite a long long time. All because I just had to go on vacation the same precise two weeks away that I had to respond to a 14 days or else letter. or as jokes go, not one mirror’s bad luck but TWO… 100% more free! and for those of you who say bad luck comes in threes, my stored through 3 moves favorite moment of the family was a sears and roebuck painted mirror that after careful storage for years fell into my step’s way…crunch.

now while I am still told it’s later than I think… and for those of you who like positivity versus the above ‘s dark cloud, just think that after so much fighting of which I also heard I will not win the fight…which too can be positive… I won’t make it by fighting to get ahead just simply being careful vigilantly over long periods of time… nor will I get much more if any than I already have… as haha it really doesn’t mean shit if I have x credit rating or not if I gain no more than I have from it save a stupid commercial’s worth of swagger to swipe the sale’s person’s potted fake plant while buying a car…which why would I no one but the State of Missouri MAYBE with enough graft will allow me to operate a Motor Vehicle in a licensed manner…I already know it was maybe possible once. It’s less likely now – because I haven’t played my video games or ate my fish/brain food to keep my retains up, I’ve been shown it’s far better for me to drink them away and cope better with forgetting what’s going… what’s join on? marvin gaye…. but while this sounds negative it and I’m not aiming to be, I’m deadly serious that I’m served far better plodding on day after day with no hope in sight and thus hope magically appears as a joyous surprise. I wanted:

to pay my own way
this means cash
this means credit
this means home chores
this means joy
this means hugs to help with coping
this means dealing with my own shit
this means being worth a shit
this means not bragging I’m worth a shit
this means by example, forget what i said about it.
this means personal power
this means I’m of use.

either I send all applicants away blindly or something because it’s pretty evident I’m not spotting this grand audience to my impending successes 😀

I know it won’t matter that i get a microwave put into my space – sure it’s great and useful but who cares as it isn’t a pound of dope in one’s hand wealth or sexy sounding…who cares? I do. It’s happening…but without a kitchen sink that functions it’s hardly a resounding success to achieve.

I know I’ll make that higher credit ranking more than likely to exhaust the w mirror’s bad luck repaid. but as I point out, it hardly matters in that this is only a beginning of how to utilize this to lower my interest rates…which are only proven with 3 years perfect payment history and before choosing to go elsewhere….from the point of excelling interest – and this I point out is an ask not a garuntee… and this also means if it’s no it’ll take 3 years or more to recover from a closed credit account. or it sound possible but it’s just a thin thin hope with ages of effort behind it waiting carefully….strategically.

I know if I last 2 years plus the rest of the 3 days shy of 3 months proper more to make a proper 2 years work credits to if ever needed requalify for ssdi, this is good but far more impressive is to make the 3 years mark and probably more useful as experience goes. this still means little past on paper achievements til it is utilized in a fundamental successful moving forward to a better job, but this is a stumbler without fancy education and actual disability meaning lack of car thus reliability issues and thus little past what I have already to charm anyone new for likely a pay decrease rather than a pay increase… this is where those raises I’ll never likely get come in handy…as to get them means something of value added workmanship…hmn… as I say it isn’t like I can not be happy of my impending achievements…but in a larger world scope

all I need do is keep singing the R>E>EM> losing my religion… Oh, Life. It’s bigger than you and you are not me. the lengths that I will go to, the distance in your eyes.


eye spy

I got a jury summons. am I in trouble that my first thought is “damn it!?” There is quite a lot of tolerance upon the form – Physician and/or licensed christian scientology practitioner? I, of course, have no excuse- it’s far away = want!, it interferes with my drinking the night before due earliest convenient to whom reporting = want. I would ask whether or what I did to deserve this privilege but I bet I know…..all ya have to do in life is ask to exercise your rights.