effectively end of

tis an end of month.
na really 3 years have passed
and so have the dreams

I won’t likely make my electrical projects completions as I favored beer versus electrical work. I did however make the isolation of the circuit breaker I need to shut off to do my project safely which means there still is a chance as the stove is moved to bang it up last minute. I could even trot to Kmart/sears and install the microwave before night’s end in a work week! I doubt it, I leave the place starved of brain power and incentive.

I’ve also isolated the main state teacher’s union which means i have potential access to college grads for temporary hire if I’m not too big an ass. this means I can work a deal to get pro’s to run my shop on notice and with credentials. I mean damn well to have real money change hands and me to benefit with real time off – within clearance. I did my two years on call 24/7/365 missing my family moments when family is cherished at this place…watching mother’s with children in hospital screamed at and forced to stay while the boss takes the next week off. uh yeah YOUR family is important, fuck us. as for the ramifications better to ram than be rammed. I’m nearing my time done/served.

here’s a beer to ya, as there’s no hope of electrical work as I promised mom on her birthday I miss I wouldn’t play with my life livelihood all beers up. 3 for 3 bucks and courtesy of a fine gent of an Enlglishman I do not have to walk 13 miles to work tomorrow….for my sin of being too nice to one who might have forgotten nice can happen…

or, if can’t tell, I know I’m being sodomized and abused officially. I’m grumpy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “effectively end of”

Aw. 😦
Sometimes work (and other places and peoples) can do that to a person. 😦 I’m sorry they are officially doing such things to you.
Hang in there, J-Man!
Hey! I know! You be Grumpy and I’ll be Dopey! 😉 😛
But, where is Snow White when you need her?!
🍺 🍺 🍺 HUGS!!!

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