tales from the night’s side.

I’ve been told I have a way of being mostly nice but occasionally outright mean. I don’t doubt I have my streaks and this is an ebb and flow. I know lately I had enough land on me I can say I’m dramatic but also prone to be hateful – sorry. now, as with anyone courting negative vibes, it shouldn’t have been a surmise I ran into a workplace full of out of norm neg vibes today and nothing I went in after went well. I should also mention it wasn’t a surprise the horror of being recognized about town occurred – ex roommate from 7 years ago…7 years homeless ( please not I left that situation as it was galloping up diarrhea drive..but i indeed left…it took me over a year t recover financially to move again….that kind of lost a months rent just paid fight in the night – time to move kind of too too.

the pizza place was: eggplant and mozzarella pizza on GF crust. it was divine as was the pitcher of beer. oh sure the even was a bit spend. but all a choice. I brought smiles as a way thanks for my good luck univer and also a cold lesson in how I worked to be different…not better…different. I didn’t fall for the drink up as there is no more as I’m fortunate there usually is. I didn’t fall for eat while you can as I’m diabetic and know better there. I didn’t fall for the call to “high times” which turned out to be a rook craps games only there to take all available bets and thus every last cent I looked to have. but, please note it still is spend hanging out with the down and out if you are not.

my favorite was a bunch seeing a smoker come up with the line does ANYONE have a smoke usually someone says no I don’t to the snappish that’s why i said does anyone…. oh boy gimme mine and free or fuck off ATTiTuDE!!

also note good bad or indifferent I made sure to arrive with my basic needs covered with room to suffer my fabulous evening’s generosity..

so, there’s me what happens and whom I run into if I have a frustration of a week or so…. another bill of course 😉 but one well paid and worth it as…no night out is truly ever free.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “tales from the night’s side.”

Yeah, but honesty, especially the self kind, covers a multitude of sins.
Yes, Different…or…growing, as I like to think of it.

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