Acronymn game

treasured moments there
Girft Of Times given, taken
just look what I G.O.T.

I lement not I had a lower moment
I cement to my heart mem’ies potent
why on earth would be less than free?
my oh my my many moments self-pity
sigh, such is my times so spent.

brookWHO,candied chocies
gourmet velveted raisens
I’ll post you a pic

$4.99 plus tax Kmarts so gone, soooo fast!

I feel freer now
say it was a weight lifted
Pity I can’t share

I spent as I point out 4.5 hours for a 20 minute meeting today that wasn’t paid-time. i got the meeting, I overheard quite the truths. Please understand I mean some corporate b.s. when I say I can not share in that i’d not want my days tonight’s gossip…but wow. it was nice to see that while little if any struggle against fate changes, I am doing very well indeed. I still have to suss and have approved my magic victory weekend of holiday off as hopefully a victory against 2 years always all holidays and weekends…and also my schedule fleshed out to be approved. I do see some hope. it can crumble and I don’t tonight care. I feel free because it wasn’t ME! damn it. but the atlas on everyone’s shoulders.

I celebrated away in joyous tithing my fortunes on 7 years before’s decision obviously delay well made and chose as I had choice – my roommates then didn’t and spent 7 years mostly homeless as that situation dissolved and I chose to help it…I was blessed it wasn’t such a punishment for me but I’m aware unlike before that what I say and do counts. add to this I’m not the only one with frustrations and let’s be far, I’m nnnnnoooooottt always nice nor helpful, but largely I hope I am overwhelmingly far more powerful than I often feel.

I bought about my least favorite wine as it stands a chance at lasting as to be so generous leaves me paired squarer with god, luck and the universe…etc. but it still is and was a bill both spend and unexpected to have my night out.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Acronymn game”

I’ve always wanted to try those, but never have…yet. The photo makes them look soooooooooooo yummy! 🙂
Sounds like congrats are in order! Keep moving forward!
Haiku-HUGS!!! 🙂 Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

ooo, I made happy candy junkies of many of the lasses with the choco raisins which I do hope you try 🙂 if you can/when. I didn’t forget to smile and go get ’em even if i neither got what I was aiming at or home without gracious help – yes I offered gas money and thanks and the truth it wasn’t looking like I would have made it as I was out of gas internal top of the hil even with the gale force wind s lol…shhh they were tail winds and we aint talking taco bell. that YOU for your hugs as along with a biblical passage well read at the right time I had enough sooth to get through that lil round of when did that tooth go bad? 😀 I choice the split-shift scheme as I can honestly say I fought/fight and if given a chance will fight to do well with my charge of responsibility. display some christian grace if I can manage it 😀 and in general more often than my banana peels of reversals 😀 be a bit of a credit to o me and my hopes/goals 🙂 thank you for helping or big squishy for you ;P and a decidedly unromantic boogie 😛

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