repeat, ad nausium

I’m thinking schedule. work schedule – Ieeee! run away he mentioned drama work. nah, it’s far more boring than that.

2-3 in denver town this means Cinco De Mayo fair with overpriced everything drinking beer staring at the gov’s office.
10 Mother’s day – a fine attended day for visitors.
23-24-25, memorial day weekend= I request this off, but outside of paying double for said if not more, I have this sinking feeling I should expect chicanery in not getting it after all.

as i tend to work weekends. this means: 2.3; 9,10; 16,17 { } 30.31 I will be repaying days boss had to come in as it’s policy one doesn’t take off every holiday so days I work 20 minutes present I have…. 2 there courtesy of jaanuary showings and these cover april 30 and may 1 and she officially requests the tenth of may off even though I’d be working it anyways so that’s another day to float and she’s allowed 2 days off after 5 so if i get my memorial day weekend off, I have 3 days to cover more so, 6 days for three…this is what I mean by fighting for a fair shake and last minute non illness cover me or your fireds most often late evening for morning cover but never a days notice – I have no life, that’s why I’m hired and retained I’ve heard the words directly quotable. oh and I should improve how I am respected too. now, skip the ire, I haven’t any, I have this gig til and through most of if not all of october as i wish to work through september so as to prove an october check and have to file 30 days at least notice to quit and still have a chance at paperwork reliable or not to throw this job reputation and such away. so even if it seems odious at times, so be it. it beats nothing an hour and no, I do not work I mooch off your hard earned tax dollars….not enticing to say so 😀

now my usual day is:
some form of exercise
some form of fine motor skills assessment
some form of memory/cognition
always watching for participation/socilization

4 activities garunteed as it is a requirement of law/regulation
and avoiding too many non-partcipatory sedentary things…. i.e. television, music without singing along etc.

bean bag shuffleboard = using a long table to toss bean bags as close to the edge without falling off scoring leaners double and last breadth of a bag double otherwise 3/4 length x 1 for points…due to some inability for all to get the bag down the whole table well, I must adjust scoring ranges fairly via an agreed upon handicap system so I may cheer all. I often play but I tend to have to toss off center and from halfway across the room.

balloon volley ball…bop the balloon. oddly enough it’s silly and fun and about the best attended physical exercise for the most residents. I tend to fill the balloons with just a bit of helium so they do not sink as fast…this allows those of slower reactions to still try and successfully send it around the room.

Senior Devotions: be it outright reading passages from the holy bible or pamphlet articles of a spiritual nature or a dang fine lesson on biblical travel via a maze across the sinai… this is where I may attend to noting spiritual things

storytime. I would love to read all the licensiou trash the romance novel offers but nope, I tend to read five minute mysteries, choose your own adventures and some short articles compiled in reminisce magazine books… the reasons are appropriateness for their level and also to attempt this to be participatory.

my memory games include the actual match pictures memory game which I despite…go fish which when played with three or more people is an exercise in memory because you hear others fail to ask the right person what they and you want… you’d think memory with pictures is easier but never has been and is boring as sin.

fine motor skills- I like play dough and once literally did have fun with a whole room participating making shapes become other shapes.. like an egg becomes an apple the apple becomes a turtle… or egg to pancake roll pacake like a cone shape bottom half as the bottom of a budding flower and now attempt to make a long stem… you have a fairly pretty rose if you try….or a lot of amusement trying. I also like jenga the wooden block puzzle as you can do it! and it kills time well.

I’ve tried the sensory vacation which is a line of smells and a story to go with them taking one places like an apple orchard over to the seashore…. nearly lost my job because one who never speaks told me to go away…turns out she hates smelly things… same thing with hand massage, not that I’m bad at it – but as I’m male not always is enough comfortable with me and that activity. plus huge long nightmare to keep this sanitary and not have little hands walk off with my materials.

sing alongs are mostly misses for me- however bible study seems to do well with them!

I am fortunate with nature vids as discovery life is a good one, the sentimental reflections/jouneys hit miss and this 80’s australia vid does well most of the time. I don’t have as good of luck with special internet finds as I don’t have a powerful enough sound system for the harder of hearing… thus playing old movies quickly dies…can’t hear. I know that is an easy answer of play silent film! hahahaha but no, it means find better sound.

other artsy things are tempura painting and coloring type things- which sometimes get up support sometimes fall flat. have to watch the resident’s children because often they bagsies the very things I wish to show boss as proof of progress…. and I don’t mean their parent’s either I mean other people’s.

I note my hours will fluctuate as in amount of and start time this month. so to actuallywrite out a schedule is silly. I hopefully have my prized vacation…maybe not and believe it or not, this is the lion’s share of my job, if you have ideas, they’ll be considered, but keep in mind I’m forbidden to do anything with group feeding and I must mention that 3-5 is my functional level

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “repeat, ad nausium”

Sounds like those could be fun May events! 🙂
When will you know if you get Memorial Whee-kend off?!
Sounds like some fun, creative activities you plan/lead for the seniors! Even if you don’t always get to do it your way….like reading from romance novels! 😛 So they wouldn’t let you read 50 Shades of Grey to the folks?! 😉 😀
Keep up the good work!
HUGS!!! 🙂

no ma’am no fifty shades of grey, you shoulda have seen the one kiddo of the residents censor swift when I mentioned the highlight of social changes of the sixties was the birth control pill 😉 as i said, no fifty shades of grey allowed :D. I do not know if I get my wheel end. it’s still in process as it allows ma’am to negotiate that each day I want is one off for her I must cover. no rancor, I just want something and thus must be willing to pay for said. as to whether I’ll get it, I’ll know tomorrow ish. I spent 4.5 there hours for a 40 minute meeting as every possible time bandit was banditing 😀 as this works less smoothly over the phone, I’ll eat it and be in tomorrow.

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