The knowledge of the ages

I only want the good stuff. so lets talk cheese…not quite how cheesy I am but macaroni and cheese. despite the superiorness of a cheese-sauced fry, most of never see and even more rarely order, macaroni cheese still is a choice and a popular one. simple, warm and hearty. but after trying to pull that potato substitute punch, pasta by far win out with the cheese sauce any supposed competition tween the grains who is cheese’s pal.

cheese itself is possibly a range of colors of creamy white to deeper hues which sometimes are a result of the rind being stained. however, there is still a parallel between color and value and while currently that’s on it’s head, the trend is toward white cheese being superior over ew disgusting commoner peasant yellow cheese…. um actually allowing production differences mainly in additives here, the lower quality cheese is the whites still. but never let science influence you as marketers everywhere are hoping you lets the woo you with words and pictures so they can tell you what you want.

pastas too aren’t all the same but whichever shape you prefer, it should have surface area enough to cling onto saucy cheese. is durham wheat the one? or perhaps multigrain tickles your fancy. some say nay to this dish altogether simply because it isn’t lean protein but fatty forever on the thighs who can stand to look at themselves after knowing that this horrible dish can do to your veldt figure??? or what diabetic can conscious a meal of higher fats salts and carbs all just begging to do a body in???? or gluten sensititves think which moron said this dish was the bees knees – it has gut ache all over it???

I mean really, I’m here to discuss macaroni cheese and which is the best. there is room for you to rightly conclude I am all knowing and salient only here to guide you towards righteousness within your meal choices. we will discuss varying degrees of home made/scratch to which box brings the mm.

I’ve this thing that certain things taste the way they do like slice processed cheese individually wrapped is a holy grail in kraft wins…and yet since they win the cost is high perhaps higher than other offerings sliced processed cheese… well i tried them and found I about ralphed at how one tasted good the other wretched and it quickly became only which cheeses good could I get? know contrary to popular practice when you leave an improperly sealed cheese in the fridge for that oily hard spot, which should be cut and tossed yucky, macaroni cheese and many potato chips of the flavoring kind and corn chips too purposefully make the hard spot and grind it to coat your whoever yummy. bastards! they tell us what is true and right and succeed in business doing the exact opposite.

some cheese is evil these days because it’s processed as in some kind of powdered rock is dusting your cheese and it’s purposefully melted so with the rock dust keeping from doing anything stupid like separate which is what nature allows for…and this stuff is thus the devil because??? it’s fattening and what poor people eat. like cheese of any variety is truly naturally nonfattening?? but no joke the rock dust is often something sodium which means we elevate our sodium intake and thus risk health issues not the least of which is salt makes most nearly every human retain water and thus look puffy. and weight obviously more. but how you choose your sodium is your business and how you achieve some happy living within your means is your choice dollar stores everywhere love you loving the boxed non name brand cheese 😀

Is scratch made better. in a word? maybe. most often it’s a hell of a lot of work that some jerk can top with their tastes notions from a box of convenient ease. but, sometimes some folks can sell you on home made…you sure ain’t in the mood to pay for mac cheese ala kraft at the favorite sit down nice priced supper for something you can make for 85 cents at home! one would expect scratch and greatness! bit agaom. it’s just not a garuntee we’ll get up the best in cuisines from wholly home made goodness.

case in point. kerigold offering a range of white cheddars most with a n irish theme…with the best elbow shaped macaroni a bit of milk butter and flour and seasonings combine into a homemade gem baked just crusty golden and still chewy cheesy yum. it costs 5 times the amount of making a box

I’ve gotten dollar store no one’s heard of and willingly remembers mac cheese to the pinnacle of premium mac cheese kraft only to go into ultra luxury cheese of the pasta at the organic sustainable hippy marts if you want the truth let’s break this down

no one beats kraft for straight from the box never made varying the box style.
however velvet I believe a kraft company brand still has the edge with my tastes with their shells and cheese as I like the different shape and the actually made cheese sauce.

I just got done making sprouts white cheddar and shells mac cheese with organic cream cheese. I recently made the same with the yellow mac cheese of some name I’ve never heard of before best enjoy was some anniversary in the distant past. I’m not excited about cream cheese with macaroni cheese with the white cheeses as they offer not enough oomph in taste over the cream cheese and plus my spend box treat exploded cheese powder everywhere when I opened it ;if you must chreese of the cream cheese, please be cowardly lion all yellow about it?

or, in short, I remain unconvinced I can always do better out of a box but I’m also just as convinced that it’s a lot of wasted work to think you can snub the convenience of a box so I will occasionally still make a home cooked macaroni cheese…when i want to impress. when I’m pinched for enthusiasm and or time box me up.

I’m also more of a yellow cheese fan. which doesn’t mean anymore I like the best stuff but I’m really cheap and unhip. 😀 I can live with this. I get some of the best treasures in dinner 😛

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “The knowledge of the ages”

Good link! I didn’t know the answer, but now I do!
Great cheesy post! Er…maybe I should’ve said “Gouda post!!!” 😉 😀 You could be King Cheese! 😉 😛
🍷 🍞 🍷 🍞 🍷 🍞
Wine and bread to go with the cheese! 🙂
I have had gourmet mac and cheese and box mac and cheese and homemade mac and cheese and I like them all! 🙂

Just for fun…
Q: What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? A: All that was left was de brie.

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
A: Nacho Cheese!
Q: What did Gorgonzola say to Cheddar?
A: You’re lookin’ sharp.

ChuckECheeseHUGS!!! 😀

I don’t know how to make homemade. Never liked it as a child, preferred Velveeta shells, now I crave Gramma’s nasty mac.

you once mentioned it doesn’t happen in your land if it’s gluten so, will you pardon me to investigate good taste in an appropriate foodstuffs fashion? I mean it isn’t beyond me to tell you how to make a cheese sauce which is melt quite a lot of cheese into a alfredo/bechamel/white sauce which you can achieve with packets if you’re not the rux master…and I’ve cooked a variety of GF noodle products…however, I’m not pushing rice noodles today in a gloop of gross mismatched cheese… I can do you better than that. IN FOOD TALK.

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