a smile held close

the first of spring folk –
joining in the party now –
fIn’ly a dawning.

looks, no boss to greet
and ahhh carries through the day
one more check to come.

I had participants finally! that’s a nice day for work. spring finally is come. I came home to no beer as it rained …i.e…..sprinkled a little…. so one day’s glug gone is achieved. despite it sounding convenient, mom’s gone through her birthday which doesn’t feel like a financial win but a stamp of the foot ugh! I can’t bring the joy- just call and right on schedule lol I forget the dates exactly lol….guess I’ll have to call more.

I enjoyed my coffee and should get after something more. I highly doubt a tea with 2 teaspoons honey, a single1/6tth slice red baron pizza slice a lil cream and two packets sugar qualifies as a proper day’s food intake…and believe me I don’t lack food nor kindly help me into a bite if I let theme at work either…plus there’s a bbq tomorrow night…but I may call it a day with an insulin check.
I’m happier and a tad at peace after the usual biblical lesson on an unusual saturday afternoon…. wherein justice and a crushing sense of being with no voice can be let to god to show the truth’s light…bummer the verse jumbles after 30 of them… I know with feel happy religious book it was. it reminds me i serve me, it often seems unfair but the more I fight unfair the more I lose. I thus can easily see myself quit not of continuing pay but the peace that not fighting leaves me to ignore some the irritating wind of what I hear….now now, can’t get caught not listening and claiming don’t care…bad! but in effect it’s nothing personal, I can not fight the feeling of whim…. I don’t know and likely won’t the real reasons….but it needn’t seem a tragedy my situation so long as I continue learning more and more to bring the positive.

even if tomorrow is more of the same old I still come out ahead twice I show some numbers which means initiative/ performance. about time!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “a smile held close”

I hope it’s the 29th and I remember! 😉 reminds me to pack the coffee k cups and my jury notice just about 2 weeks in advance for work. Ireally have already “made” it – okay not this or that perfect oomph more but to be dead even if not ahead as the check’s made, next month main is close enough… I have if not all my needful parts for my go ahead little improvement, next month’s rent is the same stable so I end up there a month ahead again after the dust clears with just enough squeeze money to make it no matter what happens 😀 so in that regard I can improve and go ahead a month which means in theory the next month again can be less than my starting point prior to working….but each little ninth helps. I’d like to get mom’s day nicely and maybe a rip for a sorta holiday after two years or pin honor of that.. I’d like a lil cushion to keep the month ahead so there’s daylight sooner to being paid zero and be prepared to gain that zero and the truer safety net of proven ssdi work credits of fully requalified and then of course not be paper ahead but actually ahead and finally two being able to overcome my previous best and not just hit that paper ahead but enjoy it a lil LIVING IT….a lot of little ooomphs but each one more in little steps sure would be nice. I even got and used a new toothbrush dental sinner I usually am.

Love your title!!! 🙂
Good haiku as always, King of Haiku!!! 🙂
Yay for Spring! I think the warmer weather, singing birds, blooming flowers, etc, make life happier!!! 🙂
Yes, we all need to keep learning and keep bringing the positive!!! 🙂
Years ago, my kids told me I was like the character Enthusiastic Parker on the tv show Friends. So, I try to tone down the positive sometimes. 😀

Flowery-HUGS!!! 🙂

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