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you may not care right now…Dinner

I’m not sure as in too lazy to photo. but I did my roast with wine and all salt of a smokey kind. the roast is well done now just basting to hold time. the potatoes should be done at 7:15 at three fifty one hone fifteen minutes, i have butter salt and sour cream for them a simple bit of greens and sautéed veg I can find two pieced of red pepper and some summer squash for that.. no onions as I’ve an onion hater to ruin a fine dinner. it’d adjusted correctly for salt if to the underside slightly correctable at table.

basically, it’s browned gorgeous and I’m hungry and as usual it is time for folks to arrive but they haven’t so i hold as long as I can.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “you may not care right now…Dinner

  1. theinfiniterally ⋅

    What more to life than a well browned roast? Well, maybe onions.

    • well, I got the inion of my discontent on the call after to “whine” only to be to to ge “grateful” went for a walk and the odious advice has merit but I war. there isn’t anything in the redemptive die of things and I know it. it’s not a huge loss save it meant everything…dreams and all that shinola… but who hasn’t had a tough moment only to have another kick coming so 😀 I raise my glass.

  2. Add onions and mushrooms for me! 😛
    Your dinner sounds sooooooooooooo yummy! 🙂
    I shouldn’t WordPress on an empty stomach! HA! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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