:) right on time

I did my bit and got close to paid zero to fight for international romance/travel etc only to choose a summer of pissing that and any quick dream away or be forever selfish fucking family over in their time of woe and need. I didn’t trust the 15 time fined timed tax cheat handling my paycheck. I didn’t cuss my employer for choosing his mistress well or not so. yet it appears I will suffer the worry of poor decision making and risk my own dreams because of poor brain power. and remember, no one will respect the outcome of the decision either way because of the fact I painted ME into this poor corner of outcomes…just by simply hoping I’d get some help towards my hopes and dreams instead of realizing pay for them myself and be ever vigilant of this shit and avoid the smell of it or boo too on me for being foolish enough to court it with foolish I say indecision.

not a back hell of a summer to fight through as I’m on the hook til semptember 14st see me clocked in at work thus one day after proving 2 full years of work by rules or the first chance at proving my future. I have 3 such chances and then maybe I have a better one the second is zeroed out paid in full everyone to begin saving and the third is proven 3 years on the job….everything else is bullshit lies. but funny how little I’ll get til the year is through especially if i make a poor string more of choices courting failure at every turn. it’s as simple as saying yes or no. what a grand job I do paradoxically say no to me or my future saying yes somehow to failures of responsible distance and stuff. don’t mind me I’m mad at myself for failing yet again.

I’m even reasonably sober so as not to compound the failure some more.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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so called failure is an unplanned new opportunity. beating yourself up for what looks to be a poor decision doesn’t help you in any way. it happened. move on. some of the best things that happen were “mistakes”. think about that.

aww thanks it’s true what’s worse is I’m forgetful that I have far more tools to deal than ever but yada I still need the sky to fall REALLY? not really it’s internal to me I need bad luck as it’s often all I had but a bad attitude.

I’m confused. Is failure in this case that you have to work as you are committed? And this working keeps you from travel? If I’m wrong, then I want to say I’m sorry. Even if I’m right, I’m sorry. Can you plan the trip at a later date? Maybe after September it’ll be warmer?

I worry too. but today, not so much. it turns out I’m not emotionally current with my level of powerful tool. first one is it is not my responsibility other people incur bad news. next, I planned taxes over 22 years and paid 10% of the time the respect for the life long process of knowing where to begin is hasn’t been given me so wow what a great mastery of one’s tax responsibility! if there were illegal things involved that’s what regulatory agencies and lawyers are for but I suspect it isn’t a long meeting anywhere . but the power of my tools continues, with I can very swiftly raise the dough to make such a bee sting go away and thus raise it a second time to cover my desires. it’s a brutal few months but not one of privations just a lil less dough free 😀

I got a X,xxx refund. it made sears go away. my co lead of this house got a X<XXX.XX triple what I got as a bill. while this isn't MY FAULT, it will effect me. in worrying about how badly it occurred to me that I haven't updated my coping skills, I can sue his troubles away GONE in a trimester. and fully recover even that in a trimester more I can, I didn't say I would as it still isn't my responsibility someone had not sense to check on withholdings or thought it'd go away or who really cares what excuse of complete foolishness was displayed. I wouldn't file my taxes for 7 years because I made 25,350 and I was told but failed to check that 25,000 was a line where it could impact my monies remaining untaxed….worked out I made nothing that number of years significantly anyways but still why should I toss stones? but in my 22 years of adulthood owing perhaps tax, I've gotten to pay twice and otherwise have built my guaranteed returns years to make bigger and better things happen. I built on the power of not quitting as zero an hour is NOTHING an hour unhappy at work versus nothing an hour….hard call some tunes

I really got it wrong then. And I’ll probably keep on getting it wrong. But I like how you put, “updated my coping skills”. I forgot that sometimes you can be the king of cool.

aww thanks, I’m trying to remember to sort it best which is to not let it be a sky falling moment and if it must be for awhile to be aware it will pass and share less of the discomfort around 😀 almost done on a prettier idea of possible….blog

Remember that old song “Gloom Despair and Agony on me…if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all….” 😦 Seems that’s how it is sometimes. Especially related to finances and taxes…oh…and life. Bummer. 😦
I wish you well…hoping things come together soon.
You are always a bright spot in WordPressLand, so I hope our good thoughts, best wishes, and prayers brighten your life. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

if you take this smile and a hug, and read on, I just worry. it turns out not with good cause as there are two avenues that don’t include my means to resolve what isn’t my issue just effecting me anyways. knowing I have a third helps. knowing I worry too much as unlike a decade ago I can handle the crippling repairs too. I have survived 4 months waiting reimbursement that still isn’t complete for stuff requiring a truck I can not drive that I took care of as in bought a stove to replace the busted oven on without self cleaning that worked as it was an old style clock thing that was busted on top of the oven busted…or if someone breaks the oven by cooking sausages without foil over to grease the oven beyond use then didn’t clean it after self cleaning so it fouled the burners/sensors why on earth would I just repair it to oven without self cleaning? expensive not driving this life but two things are a phone call with warranties away and WORK. so you see, and can read more :* I need only update my coping to acknowledge I am far more powerful 🙂

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