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a little delayed

Ipost a post of despair as it felt like it and if handled poorly can easily be despairing. however, I have more tools to cope than I did a decade ago and I’ve kept the tools sharpened and improved where possible. so, what can be a despairing shot at bankruptcy isn’t but a minor blip on my financial planning calendar and actually improves my time table of empowerments.

yes, a family member got the tax bill.
I thus am not responsible for this misfortune.
while effected by it, I do not have to do anything but provide aide where I can at my discretion.

it is amusing that I worked like a devil sucking it up and not quitting in disgust and worked to keep an eye towards my financial tools grown so as an adult I might have a safety net other than that of my parents. so, its a few months to reclaim that power and recycle it again paid and thus recycle it again to squish the misery the tax man offers… this puts me ahead of my goals in a way as that leaves me a month of every bill of my house operations ahead and my own goal of my rent two months in. this allows me to help if you’d call it that or offer.

remember all those 22 years of I did my own taxes to only a 250 paid more in that time not these life squishing bills? I didn’t have the respect then for the achievement but it is actually a blessing I know how and did well. sure I got scared nearly a decade ago I blew it by 250 bucks dollars and never filed til 2013’s season….turns out I owed nothing pfew! but this foolish head in the sand versus checking cost me a chance to attend school for the third college try as I didn’t appear for lack of taxes filed to be a resident…a reminder that while I could prove easily that I was for a decade no less in just a simple document listing my addresses over time via a government agency… it was too late as I was dropped and that class filled. but as I say, I’ve done my best and built on it to be good with the situation presented. have means to make it go away, realization of how to do so and for my own reasons none of which are entirely look at me…I mean duh, but you’re still free to disagree with the wow.

perhaps soon it will occur to me that I am not over the past just yet.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 responses to “a little delayed

  1. I hope for the best for you.

    • 🙂 thank you. in a way I’m curious if I can give the point across that it’s not world against us but something else…a slew of little things shitstorming…shit wipes up…so does puke egads that organic burrito was one bite ralph city….gross 😀

      • Maybe it’s the collective consciousness determining its values which are projected as the world. The us part who feels the slew of little things experience the byproduct. Isn’t organic burrito an oxymoron? 🙂

      • perhaps but first its just plain instant revolting. ew. kinda reminds me of all the hellabalue of grassed vs grain fed and how what to me is the worst taste possible is now coveted… grain causes weight gain fast and is also required in a way to get them cattle through a 30 quarantine at the plant everyone thinks this is where the hormonal imbalances come from grain from grass and they’re wrong in that antibiotics or added hormones are add to infect us but fatting livestock is more weight and oddly enough the hallmark of tastes craved…where were these health nuts at the ground round counter 30 years ago?

  2. You got my best wishes, good thoughts, prayers coming your way…and as always ((((HUGS))))

  3. Cows have 4 stomachs designed for digesting grass. Their anatomy was not made for corn consumption. The eat corn, get stomach aches, bloat then either explode shit or become constipated where a vet or ranch hand uses his or her hands to extract said clog a la a plumbers snake. Poop everywhere and on all the cows. They’re given antibiotics in an attempt to stave off E. Coli, slaughtered, and ground beef becomes nothing like it was in the old days. Mmmm remember Rare-medium/rare and steak tartar?

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