truth suffers.

about the only spannish *western) song I really like.

still not a big beets fan either but:,-105.065884,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x19e25e27e378f1d6
it is precisely because they don’t serve it up Harvard, just like the 9/11 explanation worthy of 1000 years of conspiracy theories – thanks to their authoritativeness, Yale Beats. yeah yeah, it’s precisely because of yale we get a shot at conspiracy but shhhh I still like the beats.
or sweet heat kebabs… shh it, this is not the actual thing as I’m not wasting an hour to find my photo on Facebook and all that nonsense when it still looks about the indistinguishably similar to this chicken kebab with cranberry sauce. pork with cranberry teriyaki glaze or chicken kebabs with cranberry sauce same look entirely different tastes.

+ ad nausium
I’m not against flavorings. I’m not at all but I am no longer 20 or younger so I do get a sissy complex looking at what is a flavored alcoholic beverage and remember ZIMA was once popular then it became everything from captain morgain’s this to Schmirnoff That….and it still was faggoty to begin with getting a beer when if you want a clear beer just get a damned vodka bozo! the foggoty clown?! I know I’m being insensitive to my gay friends appearing, please understand I’m an incentive child of the 80’s school of it’s cool or GAY…. as in not cool whether or not the group is or is not. I thus apologize in a way, but then again I’m also eliciting a kaleidoscope of what is cool gay or not…for instance the production of “Memoirs of a geisha” was homosexual and the movie a masterpiece of presentation and fashion raising th e bar o f what you can imagine as stylish…please come at me like said, with not the recriminations of i being a hateful know-nothing but wow, you think it’s not cool to be GAY? look at this… I won’t switch sexual orientation, mind but I would like to delight in the magic available. that at least is what I want but I didn’t exactly ask nicely, so I get what I get.

why the long preamble?

I’m listing things I dislike. youthful advertising because I don’t feel a part. I look at the new things and think mad dog 20/20 of 20 years ago or thunderbird and the homeless of 30. boones farm wines like strawberry hill – does anyone know how fucking sour strawberry wine is? it’s poetically the opposite of plundering youth.

I guess I suffer a little from…truth.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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