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wine saves the day.

I said I had a worry that I enjoyed my chinese too much with that their soya salt stuff they’ve got. a few days of careful salt intake and finally screw-it, not the top off that was a cork, I made wine spritzers.

chateau ste michelle’s sauvignon blanc of 2012: starts tasting like crappo chardonnay which means tg I got the pop and juice.
diet squirt is a fine enough grapefruitish twist
welches passionfruit Juice – City it’s all pretty red on the bottle and passionfruit can be that but oh no, the juice is something yellowish….so much for setting sail with captain margin a two fists of mai tai’s the color’s wrong…it gotta be reddish! passion. not chicken yellow passion! all poetically wrong.

well 70 oz fluid on the day is more than half instead of a 1/3 back again so the crisis salt is over. of course right now I want chinese right on time for lunch!

anyone with a grain of common sense knows that wine spritzers of the white wine are providing only a smile pretty much for health so patience and good procedural habits likely save the day. and as i feared I don’t think it was the salt at all but good old fashioned high wind and low water intake or dehydration versus salt, the reason is the only woe I felt was sugars not the greasy confused of non-cleansing. this said, Ignore that! Wine saves the day!


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4 responses to “wine saves the day.

  1. There is a medical notion that keeping blood pressure regulated is more about hydrating versus reducing salt intake. Relax. Keep stress at bay. Summer is around the corner. Wine spritzer season. 🙂

    • to that end I got a glug of chablis. 😀 I do want to make sure I get the mussels made this week. I lack now only annato seed/saffron and butter, a big bread to round out the experience…as it’s savory dining I might even get a big of nurse’s oregano as i can whip that into butter and still use the stuff with a dab of elderberry jam. like a traveling peasant’s dinner and dessert.

  2. I prefer wine over whine! And cheese is always appropriate! 😛
    How you feeling on this fine Tuesday, J-Man!?!?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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