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healthcare, schooling housing prices to a limited extent, and etc rise to the times. moron skies the world over having told their kids thee’s no better gamble than education to improve your standards….of course people always fall ill or fall period so healthcare isn’t going anywhere but to heavenly profits, housing still comes and goes but I swear it’s a bank scheme to sell another mortgage and keep lowes/home depot from closing. tobacco has not increased in 155 years in value it has plummeted yet the price sure has skyrocketed in taxes. but I’m after the italian restaurant..sing your billy joel or something…where once wine of france held sway as a watchword of posh yet I get nice quality new wines more or less at discount save italian wine… that competes with reputation to have grown in value as france declines in cost. it’s odd too that lots italy grows in cost as gourmet attaches to it. pancieta or bacon with the name costs a premium, cappicola is also a premium for ham genoa all of a sudden taste like a cheap salami sandwich but an elegant treat… yet the ultimate is gett crostini to be a dressed crouton at fabulous prices to be an appetizer…and everyone knows espresso technically b american buying habits of a generation ago is a lesser coffee altogether but a delicacy tree now…yet cafe coffee but popularized by the french so they could sell us doughnuts …well it’s amazing again how in love we are with gourmet but use italy as that watch for even if we still aspire toward french approval…yeah right.

it amazes me what we value and without that new word in values we haven’t an economy. con there is always a con in economy.


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7 responses to “reputation

  1. i was pondering health care this morning. as the bills start coming in and one insurance write-off is $4000. who the hell is paying full price for health care?

    • Medicae/medicaid pays on a sliding scale 50% less HOWEVER as it is a sliding scale and the largest provider of cash in that notion of healthcare, many many MANY payers of billing must occur to get even a pennies or so more out of the cheap system so note you can be billed 6 times for the same procedure and otherwise the system doesn’t obtain its cash…. nor people the wonderful opportunity to work from home! for a fee to this or that headhunter for the privilege to have noisy dogs and no motivation. 😀

  2. There’s arsenic in many popular wine varieties.

  3. Your last two sentences are so true and wise and say it all.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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