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paradigm shift ( ps )

once, gasoline was provided with tetraethyl lead. “leaded” gas worked great to lubricate key parts and also improve upon performance issues otherwise worse without it. yet once there was steam and electricity and before that some beast of burden. paradigms shift.

now alcohol offers an alternative to gasoline in say brazil which is cost effective competition and also homegrown and renewable.but before this is some revolution, it has to be practiced upon a scale governments live within…this just can’t be right so few control everything key. prior to this there was struggles to get enough. but just as it can and did succeed, so too could it have failed in a squeaking rats running away rich with what is also hopes being stolen to a place to die.

Unions once were the only way to get a better slice of the pie. it wasn’t enough that there was work but a measure of fairness was demanded. however I highly doubt anyone working in union ogg now would complain of the superior chances unions still provide for very long anyways. yet who will note the very divisiveness unions are was a social setback as some thought a glorious way forward? for you see some and well chosen by skin tone and sex made it…others were left to dream of what could be. oh the others got theres as did jimmy hhoffa wherever he is. so did the nazis playing the same game of divisiveness to reap the grand eve of limited success…. go look at the wages of what unionism in the nineteen ten america and the mid thirties germany meant to a working man and remember it’s not my job to support the world as I am not atlas of greek mythology…yet smell the smell. it reaks of social injustice…that lead to union voting blocks of over a million who would swing power to those to knew the chances in this new then paradigm.

now we find ways to use for decades now ceramicatalyst to more effectively convert what otherwise is waste petroleum back into gasoline. this is great news in a world told it just has less of the good supplies left. we have little invasions where we claim unfair as we should yet do little if not less to fix the issue as who cares about that place when we’ve 2.xx gasoline again yet prices haven’t gone down in other markets. taxes other all will go up so they can appear to go down for some. paradigms keep shifting as gas lost it’s lead and became more efficiently made unions once the lifelong bread butterer now are banned outright or made mute if they exist at all as people aren’t interested in fair as so few have the fair or the butter…social projects are grand but communism or the grand expression of the people is shown bubkiss at heart and yet strong in whatever form is still winning. backlash is everywhere if not a win today then in time the win tomorrow…or, the paradigm still shifts… but does it really?

I still want mine. if I don’t get enough, I will. complain. I am not interested except in what will gain me. is this true? is this the energy?


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

13 responses to “paradigm shift ( ps )

  1. theinfiniterally ⋅

    I guess there are the top and bottom parts of the wine press and the grapes in the middle trying to either get to the top or simply escape altogether. Or maybe you have your red and blue grapes, with the blue grapes glad to play their part and the red grapes wanting to escape the squeeze, and the press, top and bottom parts, so dependent on the grapes, desperately seeking to keep them in place. Hmm. Perhaps the waters of the end times aren’t so much red with blood as with wine. 😀

    • 😀 if you’d like to come over for a wine, Sir… we can sort something out :D…

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        Either you’re very optimistic of our political abilities or you’re planning on lifting my wallet. 😀

      • oh but br. bear! you would feel so much lighter 😀

      • oh and I’ve paid plenty of full price medical care. most of my eye care and all of my dentistry is out of pocket.

      • now now, where’s your sense of economy 😀 you wouldn’t be wishing our youngsters to learn we lied about opportunities existing out there real money jobs if only you just clean piss instead of mop tables after pissy customers 😀 😀 would you?

      • besides, without this “real money” out there, abundance I know I’d still be unemployed. plus i really can say i deal with other’s shit…. hopefully not too often…such is smelly 😀

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        That’s a pretty penny. When my daughter had dental recently, there was a huge discrepancy between one dentist and another for the same amount of work. I found that odd.

      • I don’t, I’ve heard of comfort dental, I’ve never been as I’ve never once heard anon say it wa comfortable. I paid my full price to whine about the bitch I did get with her mean lidocaine needle and hands that forever smelled of onions through the gloves 😉 because when i paid for the best in orthodontic surgery on my molar needing a root canal holding my bridge, his hands did NOT smell like onions through the gloves but of the nurse’s seat. I wasn’t amused. and still, I could have saved money just having them pulled wait three days and get a temp in plastic dentures sure, but as I’ve worn dentures and surely will again, I will note there is NOTHING like proper teeth. NOTHING.

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        A doctor really ought to wash up after that sort of thing.

      • 😀 the nose knows… not bad for a chimney of a smoker to smell through! 😉 latex.

  2. Did you say something about gas?! Alcohol?!
    Now I’m thinking about a bowl of beer beans.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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