stomp stomp stomp

I have conduit, connection clamps, screws, spare wire nuts aplenty, box and gasket/facia and thus added to the romex and gfi outlet i have; I have nearly everything I need to make the outlet appear near stove. I walked another five move something miles to do it.

Prior to leaving out, sugar was fasting 112 mg/dL and I felt lethargic malaise. I enjoyed the hell out of my last late afternoon chinese food but apparently as I cleared about 1/3 of the liquid I consumed at best with a 3 hour tub, I think I had too much salt and my sugar still isn’t right but its thankfully on the other side of right than high wrong. 🙂 I had to walk slower as I a: don’t feel well, b” don’t feel well . I managed this without injury and I don’t have too much tingly due to hypertension that can’t be right after high salt intake…like it ever is anyways but whatever.

I need to gain advice on anchoring the cabinet for microwave use with a potential stove hood with serious carbon filter as I can not vent outside. I know I overbought for my application but I don’t care. I’m not burning down the house for lack of not trying to do what i want with some element of care and forethought. I likely have to do this myself mostly-no one has time really. I need to hit a construction site for a scrap 2×4 so I can lop off about an inch or two to get my stupid fixtures hung… I need two more, I bought one already. that ought finish my basic maintenance past an outlet cover or two.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “stomp stomp stomp”

I feel better sugar wise and I’m not wholly red-faced so hopefully I just slowly get the fluids in and salt sorted it’s never all at once that’s a two step bathroom moment 😀 but slowly enough and I’ll get to have some more soon 😀 mmmmmmmm

Well, well, well. Aren’t you handy? I once paid an electrician $10k to do a crappy job rewiring my house. Perhaps you should look into getting a license?

I’m capable of reading so, I rather sure my only sin is too much pontification. I will make the plunge if I haven’t a bid from someone supposedly better by late week. I may even get my splash wall too just not the one I intended as the only paint I have on hand is black and drywall repairs really should be covered up and by gum I have the distance to do an in wall job.

I do feel else tired however I’m still not pleased with liquid passing. I will walk yet again some more and do so with measured fluid replacement and see if i wasn’t dehydrated atop the high salt… I don’t feel bad. but i do watch it to try and not feel horrid :D.

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