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to dream again,+CO&saddr=Shiprock,+NM&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&geocode=Kb_Dly46tjuHMWl3yb6Nx9XO;KSHBnHGXbzmHMUcvgyUJebBa&dirflg=d&sa=X&ei=uvAfVYW2C4XSoATQq4GYDg&ved=0CCIQ-A8wAA

the link if it display (fine with me) is to a map displaying the distance from a town called cortez, colorado to a significant point of Shiprock, nm. this is 70 kilometers or 42 miles distant. a bit too much to walk but not too much to ride a bicycle. one way anyways. last year summerish was 31.4 Miles and I could do more. it took about 5 hours maybe six I forget altogether…but I did stop for lunch and walking hills, lights etc.
this is a link to why the map is what it is. this is a link to Gallup and the southwest chief train to L.A. or K.C / Chicago. or ye ole bus towards the same.
this is a link to a land lot likely not available when I’m interested in cash but whatever 😉 it illustrates the basic NOW cost of something
this is to cal Earth, a super-adobe system of how to cheaply get up something slightly more usefully lasting than a tent. it’s dirt (heh) cheap a cistern with deliverable water a few solar panels enough for basics of modern living, some form of black water elimination such as an incinolet toilet or outright septic setup and a wood stove would complete the dream.

or, while I can not on my means exactly afford a house, I’m not against more of a cabin thing 😉 and if done like this, it is actually feasible to have it MINE paid in 3 years. not 30.

however with the renter clause to home mortgage, it’s possible for the same minus 2 to occur for not much more than I pay in rent now…well if I include the purchase needs which I just call rent.
or a standard home in town 140k seems to beab out that.but again that’s a 30 year thing not 3. but it’s IN town versus 30 extra miles from town or something ridiculous which turns a 42 mile journey into something i can not consider with my abilities.

I’m ready to see may already as it begins my 4th year at this house as in I’m less than 30 from completing my 3rd year here.
I couldn’t this hot second zero out one of my cards but I’m 50 away. I either tonight or tomorrow get to zero the other and I have just enough pennies to make a beer run and get through til next work payday. 1-th ish. I say may because I tidy the run to be a full month ahead on all my bills with a few wholly disappeared or to owe about or less than 2 months income. I have done DAMN good to make this from 5+ if not six outright and it onl took cussing and scraping for 5 months straight with one last hurdler of tidying to go to be ahead in the short term and hopefully zeroing completely thus beginning ME time opening of sumer. ahtt’s my present to me and a worthy gamble of not trying for more at work but dates and achievements of longevity which is a little reputation work possibly well worth every penny…

you know. to dream again, like the above can actually happen?

the navajo inter-reservation transportation thing is huge as it’s 5 bucks to flaggstaff or gallup minus that snag of 30 some miles to get to the bus stop 😉 but, while durance’s easier in location casino shuttle to say not ship rock but farminton…which gets me to this winds of the navajo bus… I’m not sure it isn’t worth the consideration of cortez as it’s nearer vineyard and the college town for other people’s misery of living with college kiddos to be affirmed with wine and quilts or something… it just seems easier to pick against the hassle for the privacy and commute if other’s need to. but I must comb my hair and catch a lift to work 🙂 asta.


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2 responses to “to dream again

  1. Keep dreaming! Don’t stop! Keep working toward your goals! 🙂
    I’ll check out the links you shared! 🙂
    Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂
    Hope you got your hair combed and got to work! 🙂
    I had a busy WHEE-kend and am just now getting around to WordPress-ing! 😛
    How are you doing today?!?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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