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picture postcard search

Montrose I hope colorado.

bueno Vista Colorado

Walsenberg Colorado

Trinidad Colorado

cortez, Colorado
Creede colorado

Red state offerings
Escaping city Cancer
small town intolerance.

Imagine chasing the moon
and then the road curves so we reverse
chase the night in that trinidad universe
dancing the turns, vroom!

Walsenburg advertisement
land! for sale land!
whho wouldn’t want dreams come true?

Beano Vista winds
washing clean the mountain scenes
of high adventure

Montrose I’ve met one of yours
I know I can find sanity in being individual
there are river, parks a downtown scene
it seems you’re big enough to encourage sidewalks
and not so dry as to choke off growth.


Creede Colorado is an artsy tourism town I list is as I’d like it if I have to be stuck here or any here, then why not creed hikes sledding beauty.

cortez is listed and thats as my brother likes it.. I list a prettier picture of the place but I don’t feel called to that much dessert.

I am sure I list interestingly with the detail that I hate city cancer like anyone that feeling you’re all of a sudden not free except to take what troubles comings. but I also hate places I can’t walk safely…sidewalks please….very disappointed in west oklahoma city for that dirt path junk…. thus beans vista is the smallest town you’ll see of the pictures – but as it’s name implies it’s pretty! 😉 next, city mean people and the more of them the more likely people can leave a little niche for me to try for. plus as one who can’t drive, this means i’m stuck. I’d like it to offer some pleasantness. you can discerns that I’ve been through every part of this listed but much is so old it’s forgotten save for the run across them again memories. this is apocalypse planning lol

because it give me great pleasure to say this

montrose according to the map link above is between the t and a of what would be maintains 😀 bahahahahaha
if you look for mt elbert and a city called salida just south of it, roughly the middle of this picture map… between mt elbert and salida is buena vista. it has some of the prettiest views of the collegiate peaks.
there is a lot of green terrain so where the terrain meets the plans go south from denver to colorado springs to pueblo….bye bye big towns…before the trinidad which is on the border of new mexico… there is a town half ways from pueblo and trinidad.

cortex is almost the border or southwest corner of the map…it is close to mesa verde of the anasasi cliff dwelling… it’s also close to ship rock new mexico which makes appearances all over tony hillermans mysteries. farminton durango also in that square are place that have shuttle service to the indian reservation casinos…or you can catch a lift out of town not pray your neighbors want to gouge you.
around the red eye… oh the jokes… the red I in mountains just to it’s right is a town called del norte… the road forks around here and about that I is creed cut off somewhat from the car travel notion of being somewhere but is trails everywhere exploring.

if you would ask me based on the lifestyles I have and or want, trinidad without hesitation because it has the most travel I can get and remains pretty with actual open water which is appolyptically important 😉 it only remains that I have some chance to say brew beer when other might like the still in colorado grow marijuanna thing…big enough town to enjoy walking out for a bite to eat or a magazine etc…strolling. I don’t have to ask permission on a full moon to hop the greyhound down to albequerque nm and enjoy the hills hide the moon or the chase it is within the canyon….

it wouldn’t be so bad if it was buena vista…but it’s thin air and mom has asthma its cold I have diabetes and am sensitive to some dumb frostbite comes easier. I don’t mind shipping in my cool but i worry not enough economy survives to get the roommate model that allows us up til now to live.

creed bigger than buena vista but same damn thing 0 great if you can drive… there is no transportation out of those places I can count on.

cortez, I’m sure I can find someone to deal with the bribe money to get me to durango where I can chase better my own living. it’s poor enough down there so by nature it improves over the above two

walsenberg has the same greyhound i can catch in trinidad but unless we’re packing money to buy our land and build the modern adobe dream house of my dreams that is… this place is 30 miles from anything whistle stop small town anything… this place is settled as there is but what you look about to enjoy. I just don’t know if this work without commute issues to pueblo / trinidad for employment prospects.

I don’t get to montrose often so the picture i chose says all I really know past some kindly people I met who came from there …yes I visited as a child but I don’t remember that. It’s a mountain town on what we call the western slope which means it’s okay for trees/fruit and is pretty, it’s possible to get a ride to gj but this town’s big enough to get most of my living done and I’m in no rush to get to utah…really been there done that.

well there you have it
where do you replant your dreams
picture postcard search.


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11 responses to “picture postcard search

  1. colorado is mighty beautiful.

  2. in related news, the colorado springs to denver or other way back shut down 3 years ago?? damn I should watch more tv. it’s cdot or our state’s highway repair/ now plans bussing similar in a program called busting as in mustang…. it doesn’t begin until “summer 2015” while this isn’t a tragedy in that greyhound offers similar service to and from, this leaves me in a bind of time to see him when weekends are best yet I haven’t one to offer…monday and friday are second best for him problematic for me… I then looked up how to get at least to durango as I figured no service existed to it normally which also was the case years ago. so i knew shuttle service to indian reservation gambling allowed me to get to farmington nm and shuttle close… I am wrong cortez has a station as does greyhound now to durango has a larger frequency. this is interesting in that I can see cortez via the g.j. down the west edge of colorado through montrose for a layover…pretty important smoke break 😉 along with telluride,..closest thing to heaven …its an old song about the snowfall in telluride which reminds of 2006 ish and hoping for “her” she offered me a date once…only once to see jack nicholson movies as she was a fan but I turned her down to drink beer with the boys during bridge building day at one of their works after awful house …waffle house…and that ecstasy of fire and power tools and wheat …not barley beer. if you think about it, I know they said the same…idiot…. but I smile still the same. I chose empowerment over a love affair… I won…. idiot…. 😀 so, I can get to most of these towns of interest in two trips … i think I just may. but now? beer and chinese food. 😀 remind me to be careful, I have had a few… I have to cross a busy street perhaps… I know that I’ll be okay either way and can say no… but here it is… empowerment. all the time. I hope I’m doing okay at it and being adult.

  3. I remember walking this path (more like a suburb path behind a town) from hotel to shopping place where there was a coffee shop. On the other side of town was a restaurant, ’50s style. Denver. Then there was this main street on the drive out where southwestern chain food could be found in a busier section. Pretty hot in July. And from Kansas there, across the border, scary storm like Wizard of Oz scary only it was night time after a truck stop. All in all you live in a varied and cool place. Oh yeah, and there was Pearl street or something that this provincial girl was impressed by because she had never seen street performers while window shopping.

  4. Wow! I love the pics! 🙂 And this was interesting to read!
    I love CO!!! My youngest lived there until her job moved her to another state. (years ago) So I visited her there MANY times in CO and always had fun! 🙂 One year I was there on Mother’s Day with her and it snowed!!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all of this info and that last haiku is perfect!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. kaylar

    so montrose is the belly button? 😉 neat pics, and the usual interesting “Once Was” writing. oxoo

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