chaulk full.

it’s chakalakka night with bbq chicken ala shake and bake allowing tomorrow to be steak and tater night with gb’s and the tangy.

I’ve place too much curry powder into the tomato sauce and added cheap beans of the baked kind to it. it was too “sweet” so i added smokey all salt to it.

I flubbed my lunch so I stayed to get within a minute of my allowed shift. aww. 😀

I now have a 1893 mason and hamlin pump organ in desperate need of moisture correction then refurbishment. I’m resisting the orange glow / goo gone ruination of the treasure.

I feel a total smack lately on hours restrictions as if I wwaas a bad boy… I did write something which didn’t log as it didn’t happen oon my notes and I thus “caught myself prior to making a serious error of logging a visit that didn’t occur as the person was deceased. I mean I know I could have noted it as it’d have not been out of expectation save that alive/dead thing 😉 I am glad I check even my own notes!!.

so african esque saturday chicken with beans. perhaps not a sex meal… but it’s fast and I’ve rum. and the whiskey was out to a “good home” 😀 wouldn’t you provide a bottle over a treasure?