GE/e the Reveal

Just before stepping home yesterday, I was given the GE Revea; on lighting at the target. it is 4 pack for 25 bucks. about what you’d expect for a bargain premium versus the Sylvania brand’s 3 pack for 24 at Kmart. However, while i can not get the 13 waters as cheaply as i used to, I did spot 20 waters cfl’s at 15 a 5 pack which is about right where they’d be from 2008 pricings with increase.

I also saw a 3 cup bodum coffee press. I can out coffee the unsuspecting at work?? perhaps.

today i stopped into the pub for a beer as I didn’t want to go straight home nor wait 15 minutes for the bus after the train. so I did everything and …waited 15 minutes for the bus lol. but before this next paragraph I must say i had the hendricks cucumber gin finally along with you better belief I bought a meal! but it didn’t matter I got home and had to take a nap… I mean the sugar won out not the alcohol.

what brings me here to discuss pricing is the weird notion it’s tied to what it costs to make it of course…but the price point is still arbitrary. I get renegades from hammer and sickle beer… it’s a four pack of 12 oz cans in a fancy plastic holder and at 9% abc there is a grenade quality to them. but as russian coffee stout goes expect if you can hang with such a heavy beer a fine fade into the evening. by size it’s two glasses of wine. yet the wine would be 2 cans at 8 dollars and y et this stuff is 10.00 a 4 pack. or about 3 a can. I never am likely to forget that somehow things cost what they do but somehow also it just doesn’t quite make sense.
because if one follows box win value it’s 4 more for a box which is 12 drinks not 4. or, in other words, the actual alcohol content of things per price wildly varies.

energywise, I shopped my feet on the path to prove again still i can walk 3 miles nonstop home. that target thing was a bit of a stomp and what was just unfair was all my sugars from lucy at the chinese place kung pao chicken steamed rice scoops ate half water… and I couldn’t have been much higher in lack of sugar control as evidenced then as today by the naps after these adventures not from booze but strictly sugar…the outcome is the same…nap…but how I get there is an entirely different feeling.

I’m not shopping for different work but I suppose it shan’t be long before I may truly feel the pressure to. I’m down to 4 hours per day which means no lunch and afternoons 1-5. this is barely my cable bil plus the bus fare to get there. not the rent or close enough. but I suppose they chose me and I mean the thank you in my heart for that as long as I can possibly afford to. I have also gotten the big punch of a chance to close out the balance on a major card and hold on the other factor/makestill some progress. so they help me i can feel in a way I return the favor… I hope.



there once was a time knowing how Georry rafferty’s :baker Street” opened musically that only saw that I hadn’t had the complete contest winning system of no life and a radio and a phone for the contest winning…nor the age to legally do so but shh, I would have enjoyed being closer than 8th in line for the first caller to win. I still have a minor bit of difficulty wanting to guess Metallica’s for whom the bell tolls to an ac/dc tune also opening with bells..the tones are distinctively different yet I’ll likely guess them wrong more often than not. I probably do not know enough of any popular tunes to play name that tune with anyone current 😀 what’s more, I switched… I remember the words more now rather than the tune.

when i think about those nights in montreal, i get the saddest thoughts for you and me…I just want to stop! for your love – gino vanilla.
or perhaps the joy of reading the PUMP album by aerosmith’s liner notes for the joke of what “girl, before I met you I was F I N E fine. f-ed up insecure neurotic and emotional isn’t the words I thought of but it lends a bit of humor to the attitude.
I’m the/e man! I’m the/e man, I’m so bad I should be in detention I’m the/e ma-n. anthrax when rap/metal crossover was huge.
is this real or is this just romance? – debbie gibson (lost in your eyes)
tonight, it’s been a year, we met each other here and here I am all alone with thoughts of you that go on. – make it real the jets.
if you should receive your calling before you should wake, could I make it through the night? cherish – kool and the gang.
got the time TIME sticking’ in my time – got the time joe jackson/anthrax.

there were no angry words as we carried boxes down the hall – reba mcintyre. i guess the world didn’t stop for my broken heart.
we got great pitcher what’s his name well we can’t even spell it. alabama cheap seats.
who put the line in gasoline – jerry reed.

an if I try, she’ll say I lie- mind your business, don’t hurt her you fool – silence is golden..sorry can’t place the band. sixties tune.
nothin from nothin leaves nothing you’d better have something if you want to be with me – nothin from nothin billy preston.74/75
on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away – southern cross can/y

I don’t know when it was I went and switched from tunes to the words. I do know it happened because not long after my piano had to go away as I had to move on in life and at that instant I could neither afford to pay a mover nor exactly figure out how to move the thing safely or otherwise.

what are some things you can repeat…please keep it on the down low the taco bell thoughts…


the key to my skeletons closeted.

pictures as a measure of my life.
a measure of my life based against the places I’ve traveled.
whose heart have I broken the measure of intelligence is the ability to change

oh yummy! sssp sssp! the key to my skeletons in the closet is…gestures vaguely over “there” (albeit not this location, just the idea) (again, the idea, not me) (because there were many times I felt like I saw the promised land only to be denied entry) (forgive, I never did take a picture of my first success as a cook inventing my first well received truly mine…but sweet heat kebabs are my first dish that was my maboom! in kitchen-town.) (not me personally but my first “big time” job after clerking,babysitting computer rooms, delivering papers… center) (a shift, from the usual normal away to some life different beginning…camp counselor…. again not a portrait of me just representative) (the first permanent living arrangement away from the folks…heh mine had furniture 😉 ) (since I’m not female last time I checked, this again isn’t me but yes I lost loved ones) what I do for a living now)

as to the whose heart have I broke? Um, I do not have the same gal pals as I did when I began to notice their existence…surely I’m a horrible bastard. my favorite of things to remember by way of it’s not all about me and some things are important to others…was an incident where at a a party for my included as well graduation delivered to after work…..we were to go swimming… in a classic blind leading the blind moment of tragedy for me I was helping one not lose her footing to only have my gal pal lose hers. now you and I both know *I’m* going to hell for that one…but what’s interested to note twenty some later ex gal pal took a tumble on the nasty cement stairs…and was all aglow later of course of how her husband found and rescued her up…i.e. can’t be blamed by proximity and was. useful. perhaps I broke her heart but believe you me she returned the favor swiftly.

if intelligence’s measure is the ability to change…. I get dumber by the day! I must rely on carefully chosen strategies to be only so efficient at work and it’s almost a day of planning to stand up and go make a sandwich of something…seemingly as I am much more focused on how life is cookie cutter repeated because I can remember to living. like take cooking chicken. I’ve never cooked a boneless chicken split breast on a bbq. I know this sounds dumb but the rules kick in, the more you turn the more you leather sawdust and dry…it takes far longer than my usual patience per side…remember! and don’t you dare paint the burnable sugar sauce on til the food’s seared! as it just is charcoal waiting to happen!! etc and voila I have duplicatable precise methods to get chicken bbq’d right or a steak and I really am that good shhh.

a portrait of my life based against where I’ve traveled…. hmm
if the pictures do not begin to note it wasn’t all exotic locales but it was exotic to me… then I didn’t try.

I’ve been on the ground in 34 I think sets is it now of the use parts beyond the border between detroit michigan use and windsor ontario canada – the whole place used to be a beer garden without the urban decay of what I’d see in america. I may have technically hit a border of usa/mexico trying to get to el paso texas…but I’ve not really set foot in mexico. I’ve learned to take intercity busses as well as interstate ones and I’ve been flown or chose to fly as well. I warn you that it is preferable to take a car, it’s worth the hell that is rv stands only for ruined vacation… no sire, it’s luxurious to be with people who might care about you if you shut up 😀 and throw that damned lame music out the window ….because it’s not bad to fly or ride next to strangers just that now I ‘ll just tell you they get purdy strange..and each and all have you’re new favorite illness to share.

but imagine 9 walking from home across a fairly busy road or two to the airport just ambling along to discover planes to dream of flying, learning how the controls differ from cars/go karts. etc learning the joy of a packet apple cider and I doubt I ever saw an adult once while there with the home’s cost for the vehicle.

or imagine with me that the wind will whip the trees…and that day it was. I was due to go skiing with this program that met up at the closest big town to the trip to the skiing place…only to see a tree uprooted by the wind in that steely light of ongoing dawn.

it isn’t as idyllic as it sounded is a truth of opening that window to crawl out scraping myself across the metal sill…to push it down some but not all the way or I’m locked out… to walk the back way ducking behind cars so no one would see me and then crossing the major road so as few people saw me as possible to crawl under barbed wiring to cross a plowed field to a foundation with no home atop it upon the top of a rise…then down to the rope swing attached to a huge cottonwood about a community ditch. to contemplate the adventure that that moment was hollow…. i mean it was daring to go and I did again til I shut that window too much so it latched and I too cold to make the night rang the bell of I knew what was coming…grounded.

of course you might think it’s silly but it’s not just the places but the whens most of the time. I won’t neglect to mention that there is a time and that means past present futur/istic. you could have me travel that path to the creek except there’d be no point- it’s long since been turned into a subdivision and a girl murdered and dumped in a trash bag about that creek further up and a sidewalk runs near the entire distance of this creek that once was dirt….but also erosion has long since widened the creek at the swing to be more of a pool and believe me it’s just easier to go to the rec center and huff puff I’m a sack a bricks….splash…. I mean to say attitudes and living changes… people said there was a time you went OUT to play but in a new world of violent crimes it’s just not a grand idea to court misfortunes…nor is it a wise idea to get caked in mud to offer the washer person not me of course more hell within a challenge. oh and everything is faster… sure I can cross a street if the average speed is about forty mph spotting headlights about 1/1 a mile away. but now the speeds are sixty if they can or worse and I can not. also it’s just not there continues with attractions like a heydays forties amusement place on boblo island which is amhurstberg ontario canada and the amusement park if it came back is private and the place a suburban island community not a wonderland. but imagine how much less fun it’d be if it were it’s last days not my days when it was just a place for a rumble for the young punks of whichever affiliation of location. now it’s cops everywhere at amusement parks they’re is a kiddie land but also the candy falseness that is corporate earth. decor? one was happy to have a seat and damn were the doughnuts good…but the kids…my age…didn’t want the place and the 3am rise? nope to run a doughnut shop it was 2 am up or you didn’t open at 5. 4 is not the 4 most of need to get going to be there on time either it’s just small town versus 25 living of now. I will say I like the places currently in coffee versus the bitter sludge of yesteryear!

but now ten into the wood where it’s snow blanket all over the land yet you can see where it is way too flat to be land so it is a little puddle of a lake. the crunch of snow the dark smudge of pine trees shaking off the white nuisance. and to see a waterfall of ice. it was amazing to see it over a foot thick. it still does stir a sense of wonder to see hot springs against the snows. I know it was creeping corporate when I last went but one such place was just so neat to see the steam rise off the water as the snow fell in bug fluffy flurries… to walk to the grocery store and sit and read the rag/mags… to wish the putt putt was open now it just doesn’t exist. to know that contrary to today where I’d be seeking some tourist trap prize like a grand root beer/birch beer or perhaps some overpriced for the tourist souvenir jam….but then if i had means to Id get I was more interested in eye catching post cards once upon a time. yet still the wonder is there to make the most of the experience… to wish some of them were movie legend prettier but oh well, I liked tromping in to that silver thorn colorado town to get my me-made arnold palmer… or to finally stop into the middle park meat packing company to get MY hands on the best of that area in butchered products…only dammit to lose 3 pounds of swiss style brautwurst to the I can not see to make sure it all hits my bag and all the bags hit my hands…urgh! 😉 I looked forward to that. or maybe I’ll just invent a few more trips like the ones this and that anywhere in the world with that internet love affair. imaginary travel still sorta counts. it passed a couple of years to bring a little smile. wanna aril sea with me of surf the mosses of namibia please?


pick your picnic

I’ll take that and a bucket of chicken – well it’s a silly enough rejoinder. However, I’m thinking of things I want to accompany my bucket of delights. How do you fried chicken?

macaroni salad – avoided usually as I’ve enough carbs coming
potato salad – I prefer the american style extra mustard stuff
three bean salad – I haven’t had that in ages!
coleslaw – I’ve had a boulder slaw and yet still tend to like the sugar-crack kid kfc sweet junk
baked beans – I’ve this cuss of who has the best sides and it’s usually not the originating main dish joint…cuss! but, there’s this new trend with bbq joints and burnt ends and beans and oo lala!
red beans and rice – the stuff is just heavenly to me yet oddly I’m just not into it with fried chicken.
corn – be it cobb with a drowning in butter or kernels.. i have this carb thing and love corn but avoid it as a side. I never have to date like cream of corn… I haven’t tried lately so I may be in error.
greens. I like collards, chard, turnip and even kale and even snappy mustard greens…even with bacon 😀 mmmmmm but kale /tomatoes is good – but I haven’t tried it with fried chicken/just swiss steak.
salads proper – sure but I just can’t remember when I bought fried chicken AND a salad together.
lettuceless salad- like three bean salad already mentioned, I do think a dressed bit of fruit/veg can be delightful – I have a nice spicy tomato salad…but I again can’t think of a time I put that with fried chicken.
mashed potatoes and gravy. I’m saddened that the mashed/gravied’s are lame lately – I do have a new reason to do up my own instant or scratch… I know how…and put an onion gravy to them. mmmm
other potato offerings be it scallops country fried or french of the fries or chips/crisps… I’ve seen it…. I usually don’t try to get it.
begall – a vegetable medley with lima beans and carrots corn green beans that’s typically better with butter and a splash of vinegar….. I again don’t go out of my way to get this but I have had it and it isn’t bad.

I’m reminded of about the oddest thing I saw for fried chicken which was peruvian kebobs or a spiced assortment of potato chunk and squash perhaps onion and a bell for color.

but the point still remains how do you pick your picnic?


Inspirational CRAP.

The reason for this abuse is courtesy of a fine poet that thought it was interesting that certain critters (Wombats) put out square poops.

Night-soil! – Not Your Rain.

later now this night I’m sure I’ll hear of what was found
Lilac, my rains tried to make and end of you
that woman walked out and told us of the wrong.
and she surely meant it too.
They need nightsoil not your rain
and some days the chewing-out might never end
some actions you just can not defend
yet I still hope that vine ‘ll never bloom again.
The woman didn’t curse nor call to Jesus
What were you, too lazy to use the can?
I’ve never seen the like in all my days
yet no bodily shaking nor woodsheds to meet a man
both plant and I saw another day
They need nightsoil not your rain
and some days the chewing-out might never end
some actions you just can not defend
yet I still hope that vine ‘ll never bloom again.
ooo I thought I was sly – but oops got caught being the chump
lord knows cute ‘s the only wool you can pull over a grandmother’s eyes
now karma of nurturing beauty against those with their doody some other fun
yes my beauty sought is giggles for screams for what I’ll finder all around.
They need nightsoil not your rain
and some days the chewing-out might never end
some actions you just can not defend
yet I still hope that vine ‘ll never bloom one more time again.
blast! the thing’s still surviving to my chagrin
Oh I’ve had a few few come my way from then til now
but, alas that vine still blooms again and again.


partially edited. yes, it’s an actual memory but it wasn’t an *I* but a we. I’m actually not sure they didn’t rip out that vine about a decade ago… and about my only felonies generously given are the lazies too lazy to throw the cigarette butts in the can closer and easier than into the yard…and the usual pet leavings. in retrospect, it’s not hard to see my lack of contriteness which is accurate didn’t sit well as later I heard of my other sins…. often. but, here you have another rewrite of the hits. it’s not of love but poo that vine! I am not really sure it’s a proper parody either… it just was worth the effort to complete the thought that began it.


pigletting blog three. results.

it is worth noting I had my taxes done professionally on february the sixth. the expected results were I’d have something to say about the speed at a cost/convenience of said. I do.

I believe the cost was about 227 dollars of which fifty fast cash was given straight away or 277 – 50. the federal of which they were granted permission to withhold their bill of services was about found to be in my bank via a transfer by the 16th of february – this was not a treasury check but whichever bank this tax place utilized of which was less a 40 nearly transfer fee … this is included in the 277 above. thus this is in truth a hidden loan towards the return. however it sure would look damn bad if a professional service can not accurately do one’s taxes provided they’ve accurate information of which one has to sign on fraud against the government and theft / collusion as well against the place of business for. the checkmate was 3/05/15 or less than 30 days for the state return however by mail it took 4 days to receive. so 33 days was how this month worked out or 30-37 days is this year’s average less 277. laster I file on the 11th and received checks both ways about the 28th of march or doing my own taxes saves me 277 dollars but costs me14 or more days. I know the smarter of you can smell a manufactured value of time for a bit of money. but, 20 dollars a day I have to wait for regular service, it is worth considering again professional services.

there is another result, despite every possible chance to have made this tax and savings plan disappear I only lost 300 buck empiric cash money to visit a fancy party and have everyone pinch in their time to make sure I got there. yes it pains me to put acknowledgement to printable evidence that I am more supported than it feels like. so 2 grand towards sears/kmart via city/shitty bank leaving me less than 2 months in debated after aprils outlay is paid which isn’t last july sure but shit happens. but I seriously wanted a working oven and can not drive and appreciate the chance in reality to have handled it versus cried crocodile tears over please landlord buy me a even more disgusting appliance please. I wanted a new dishwasher that fit my space needs and again I can not drive so that too delivers, I wanted a couch and television and computer 0which of course breaks out of warranty…dag rabbit. and I just had to have a suit for the party!!! 😉 lol or I can add up every want/need excuse and tabulate that such is easy and fast to rack up bills and this doesn’t explain the retarded amount it cost me in every possible nickler and dimer for the house which is how I really look at the money I got recompensed. so without fully losing focus on the gratefulness of support I received, I note again I made a goal, I have put huge investments toward my home often seemingly unfairly…yet I have had stability enough to do the most I can for others….AND MYSELF.

so with any luck, I may have a shot to achieve my other goals of maintaining work for my two year anniversary but please not if the hours remain cut and the bullshit the same… it is a struggle to remain composed but to remain stably employed is a nice boost to respond back that I am not without employment which instantly equals bum/mooch despite excuse. I also obviously wish to be 2 months ahead on rent which leaves me free to move. I also wish to be entirely debt free which means that I have 3 month’s income to manage any basic move. and I cap this with the hope I can not use credit so wish to add one additional month in cash just to have that fully loaded financial freedom. I may again not achieve this prior to lujly but again 21 months to have saved 21 months isn’t unreasonable a hurdle this gives me til the end of the year and that would push me past two bother goals to make on paper 2 years work already mentioned but 2 years in social security work credits which isn’t june but september due to vagaries of paperwork… and christmas’ check marks the longest I ever held a job period or a little over 2.5 years which would be nice to say if I can put up with no other job prospects as all my time is someone’s playground never mind the law principles or paycheck now. and the niggling time to be stolen as it’s not paid for but expected and no time remains for said because on paper there is time…then there’s the constant calls to ultimately require face time to solve which isn’t paid. again paycheck or principles and also please note a bias warning of neglecting the WHOLE truth…surely any adult should laugh and expect i left a few details out. 😉 so. these are the goals, hopes and challenges but also

the results.


Because I Misspelled the last one

vision vs. perception. let’s talk of irony. royal purple comes from about the ugliest creature ever…yet is prized for it’s beauty….and rarity – yet as so little of the substance dyestuff’s in the sea critter, it takes a high multiplicity of these creatures to obtain a suitable amount of dyestuffs.
a color wheel exists where we can compare and contrast all the colors we perceive. this is a rare moment when I doubt a single person wouldn’t find it rather neat that thee most boring subject of school, algebra, is in fact rather dang neat when we realize a color wheel makes use of an inverse of the colors as numeric values within a range of the electromagnetic spectrum as values flipped between 0 and 1. yes, it can sound nap-inducingly boring. yet, here are two ways algebra is damned neat and YOU KNOW IT”S TRUE…oh crap, I’m going to start singing milli vanilla and we all know they didn’t actually sing millie vanilli…big scandal.

a color wheel

the basic thing of positive and negative or “flip” of color in photographs… and now another example where it isn’t so potently obvious

a not so obvious color flipped image imagine this picture at night with a blue sky with purples and deeper blue / navy colors as in ambient light.

Irony is much of life is like this too, it’s not so fun when it’s obvious…who, but the poor author, rereads the who-done-its? when the mystery’s gone? who want relationship leftovers ON PRINCIPLE not the actual person. Who really stands for their principles at work when the mortgage’s due? How many gush at the love and beauty onscreen when they use pancake makeup to hide the 30 years of cocaine wrinkles and lots of cash must trade hands for the greatest show on earth?

and while we’re on tho irony, how come the most powerful damned things ever….are always illusions or invisible?



I’m musing how to make a haha out of literal interpretations of Chicago’s Holding On. how instead of desperately clinging to the relationship in it’s last gasp… it’s a man trying to keep hold of a clunker car with a blown out tire.

I’ve shared before some of my favorites of music within th context of my memory/life.
I remember still the progression from … well no, this moment seems to play that song in my head but I can’t wrap my fingers around the mechanics of playing it… the year of the cat
other’s I learned were:
suicide is painless/ M*A*S*H*
Send in the clowns
Sunrise/Sunset – although I never saw that film til 2001 or over fifteen years later. (fiddler on the roof)
and the neutral reception to loving and wishing to play a then church tune – Keep you Eyes on the prize” (I was Raised a Jehovah’s Witness)

songs I played over and over again
Music, sex and cookies.
Love theme from Disney’s Robinhood.= drove my mother insane with that one!
It might be you – tootsie, the only movie I ever walked out on
losing my religion REM which I later I guess did, heh
Fade to black – Metallica I can not say it is uplifting
AHA’s Take on me and I still resist trying to sing it drunk or sober as I know I can not sing.
Jefferson Airplane – Go ask alice – which I will sing and again probably shouldn’t 😀

interesting things trades…
I traded cd’s as I had slightly better luck with them versus baseball cards.
I trade chicago’s greatest hits twice
and metallica’s master of puppets
I only remember getting black sabbath’s TYR album out of the second chicago trade
and for metallica a Japanese band Loudness – Thunder in the East.

I once was music til being fired for home movies skateboarding. the van would roll up, the door slide back just like that approach of the Lybians in
Back to the future.
and I repeatedly played about thee worst selection possible for any skateboard action sequence. I think I would’ve been shot if I trie some barbara streisand but given my mood I probably would have had had I owned any.

of course I have my crazes of song and go crazy angry over others
I remember the irritation of always having my stuffed ruined as in disc case RIGHT THERE and yet the scratched beyond playing disc face in make-up boogers and random grit…. GRR! to have in it’s place TLC….that disc of sis’ did NOT survive…and as it was her favorite…karma chameleon or otherwise sayeth my 90 dollar foil razor? first shave r a strawberry as sis was curious and destroyed the top…but surely in a war of limited shared bathroom space, it was in the way as well 😀

I remember every song for 8 years doctor dement ever played on a friend’s wall. I remember the coolest thing was a men at work tape. my first experience of seeing a cd was van haleness ou812 and indiana jone on the dvd…and walking into a Montgomery Wards to hear “electric avenue” on a stereo to laugh….you know which part of the store that was? 😉 and nothing ever has topped this lady disc jockey seguay – John Mayer’s Your body is a Wonderland -to – UB40’s Red Red wine.

I remember like a prarie home companion, hearts of space, or even a syndicated then/once show future hits. just as Uncle drove by a dead skunk on that michigan road towards my best sunburn ever they played Kool and the Gang’s Cherish. I have adored playing the wrong music all the way to michigan as well… see how long YOU can stand Art Garfunkle’s lefty album before insanity sets in… all because I just didn’t want to belier out another chorus of “roll on Highway, Roll on crew, Roll on mama like I asked you to do and roll on eighteen wheeler roll on.” I don’t dislike that alambama tune but only in moderation thank you…there are far worse sin to repeat ad naysium!

lately I suppose I’m not improved. I like the yoshida brother’s the rising instead of loudness crazy nights. I might play play the chicago instead of the heavy metal..even sip wine to steely dan or get lost in some air supply only to remember anthrax’s I’m the man. I liked folding my paper’s within the length of the album or two of theirs.

only then will Disney return with a vengeance to despoil all hope of any taste in tunes.

as for rap- one of my least favorite genres… I admit it was funny to watch john candy at the school on whatever hell he was about to see which is being a tall man in a boy’s room. eek only to have tone loc play him out the door.
or “cheddar” music or aka Mexican genres… I was pleased I found an into cable tune.

books are no better. I have read a few and had a few read to me.
red storm rising clancy, war and peace tolstoy. two books of note I couldn’t read by myself do to losing interest repeatedly and or falling asleep.
the prince machievelli was dangerously close to about as dry for me…but I managed to read that then see in tiny toon adventures them make a prince joke and out pops machievelli…and laugh as I actually got it.
Ispent my younger time reading tinkerings of how to make a crystal radio which is wow with wires about a toilet tissue tube. how to make a fish lantern of white phosphorous in some oil buried.. only to see a mister wizard on a later favorite…calcium carbide. or how to make sugar candy with molasses in the big woods/laura in galls wilder or how fried apple n onion’s were almonzo’s favorite in farmer boy same author I have tried the latter. how to make a calabash whistle… an indian toy and how I never to this day can find it called that anywhere but in back to basic by reader’s digest…it’s a string and button toy where it is neat to see the colors as it spins. later during seventh grade boredom was the paperclip springs and somehow later the remembrance of snowflake art had me fold paper to cut out a butterfly and attach that to a spring… but neither then was in a book…but be assured like me it either will be or came somehow from one.

or how listening to some kenny g album combined with reading how the wizard in terry brooks’ wish song of shannara – my first big book, led to tears and the dud bought it to become a shade.

or how earth heatwave,always and forever and kurt vonnegut make me remember my paternal grandfather’s funeral as the saddest thing ever… about the only words I heard from him were christ sakes… and to manage to be the lucky one to annoy him enough to whop me with a couch pillow. and remember vividly how awful a driver he was though I never road in a car with him anywhere I remember next to nothing of him. yet there it is all sad, I don’t drink but breakfast of champions was the book about then and that damned song of love is more than likely just like other tragic combination of books and music to make me all teary.

sure, I’ve read the hydrogen economy. all about how it’s soooo possible to switch to safer fuel yet no one wants to admit that bar none nothing beats the value of gas/petrol for power and economy….who will pay to truly save the planet?

sure I’ve adored garfield and again later vonnegut and the seeming sneer of gore vidal.

I never really did like reading steven king but hypocritically I must admit I like most of the films. although between misery and it, since I did read them I can’t stand how john ritter made it into anything KING. I still don’t understand how it was weeny of them to sledgehammer the poor writer versus the better gory scary of ax and torch torture. I don’t understand the fear of clowns. but I admit I read them books. just as I did every harry potter yet I couldn’t bear the movies after the second they seemed frauds.

I still want to make vinegar pie straight out of cooer’s a taste of the west 2nd edition. I know how to make custards, I know how to make fruit vinegars. I’ve made a merge or two. so many acceptable pastry crusts… yet I have remembered this odd sounding pioneer era recipe and yet haven’t tried after my own version in nearly 30 years.

I note a minor case of murder by markowitz is the first time I ever quasi met any author and understood the connection…as in this is that person who did that perpetration upon the planet at large. sure, since I’ve met many others…it’s unsettling that it isn’t magic how books come to be.

lately I have richard bach’s illusions that probably can fairly be credited for allowing me the choice to read with passion again. I stopped altogether around 22010 for a couple of years. but

it didn’t miss shipwrecks by yoshimura and delight in the tragedy that was to be. I didn’t miss aruthur goulding’s memoirs of a geisha just prior to the movie and drag my reluctant of culture to culture to await my chance to cheer PUMPKIN! for her revenge!

nor did I miss de quincy’s confessions of an opium addict, the anarchist’s cookbook – dull by the way.

but oddly enough barbara kingsolver wins the award for about the most intriguing of ideas in the bean trees of a tree of multiple scions of I believe it was cherry’s and almonds or something like said. I liked it even the depictions tragic of oklahoma and wished I’d seen hers even though I have been the back way and the flat way through most of that state.

nor can I miss telling you of amy tan in her bonesetter’s daughter book that there just is a feel or anew to the life I won’t ever experience…but the boobieprize is I can pay cash money for good chinese in namesake but hardly authentic as it is to western tastes. I can still dream again of ibiblio chinese music archive and maybe me making the best there ever is tonight in as an american fusion….all the while loving the crap pop version of purple bamboo / there is a beautiful place…

you know enough by now to suspect I know what I know of tea because of James l pratt’s a tealover’s treasury.

you probably don’t suspect I read all my titles for african american history:
sundiatta, mansa musa,sasons in blood something about an overview of africa and religion/history…. I meanI can’t help watch a snippet on timbuktu and dream of the glory days of the mali or try like hell to not defend racial bias and also not what really happened that is modern history….yuck on both fronts… yet while racial bias is uncool, so is nigerian check fraud…. although I idiot apparent, felt so egoic to tell them to f off with why not use the chi which is the temperature sensitive ink that turns colors when your beer in folk and the security marks the majority of banks use on checks and a variety of super spy cool other products like glow in the uv light or dark altogether inks….or class up you jerks and try to get me a chance to cash the thing – not just me cash and send cash onl to find out it fails and I’m sneaky mcrobbed…. while that’s not all in a book… again it can be

or my favorite internet love affair is 300,000 messages long now. easily length to compare with the 7 pillars of wisdom by or aka lawrence of arabia…but mine’s a tad more secular 😀 as in not very scholarly.

but pick up chinese literature… it never ends well but neither do russian lit’s greats like here’s you AN INVITATION TO A BEHEADING


53 inches

there was a sky where I could see the stars
they told their stories and for once i could see
northern star or the big and little dippers
I could drink it all in so I knew it was a dream
then I put on a movie and it was there again
the sky where I could see it all written up

I chose as some of you know an approach
let us see if I can live to it – march with it.
it costs risks, it may for a time see no support
yet, it matters to me I have certain things
th e power to choose and be successful
sure, this might meet with success of mute meaning
but why can’t I wield destiny some
not land where it whims

I bought a collection of biblical stories
I shouldn’t fight the stories but succumb
but they suck so very badly! highlighting men
I dislike the tales that call to the divine
in a look what I’ve done so fine.
it eviscerates the magic and the power.
a still beating heart impaled on a stick
all before one’s dying eyes.

I knew I’d should rush to have all my taxes done
I knew timing was critical. but i didn’t know why
the day after I had the advanced loan part one?
my hours are cut. a new fridge sits in the closet
figure it out, it costs the hours I lose if I’m right
amazing how a fridge is more valued than I.

I knew I’d should rush to have all my taxes done
I knew timing was critical, but i didn’t know why
the day I looked at what remained of that
with the main month in was the day she called
I felt rich even if I knew I was actually behind
with the main month in was the day she called

if the reason this reads poetic seems odd
it’s my thoughts compressed to save you time
if you want a funny, I miss the one who not cheers
but jeers each attempt at boasting aloud
take for instance my ceiling fan, I have pulled the old one
I see 3 cracks now the length of the ceiling and the mount’s loose

of course I defend I didn’t install the one before
but here it is a month from the last five minutes spent
only to be defeated in a 30 minute project again
it only took 30(?) minutes ‘worry’ to find MY tools buried in anthers
the ladder now loose to the floor thus unstable
and I again afraid to put it up as it was before but working anew

I need only tell you I suffer the hell of learning
learning to say my no, to not worry the ass before did it wrong
I’m the new ass and it’s not a mountain each of these molehills
I’m not the first person to see all the wants trimmed to only the needs
I’m not the first to cuss my misfortunes only to hear others want to add
to share my grand fortunes overall…yet say yes or no with wisdom

to understand I am a juggernaut surely
but often one only to destroy everything
I must care a bit less – to let go only then do *I* gain.
I won’t have the pinnacle of perfection each chance
yet I can have excellence if I strive wisely
but fate laughs at what I find important, I can just hear it.

53 inches is all my router needs to be moved one so i have internet. 53 inch not even five feet! FUCK YOU. you want it the other side ppay 300 dollars and pay someone else to rewire the house for your happiness. 53. inches is a lll I need to get a stable signal so 3 months of my life wasted was all it was. 53 inches. because of someone else’s abuse of form. FUCK YOU. move it and I will rip your heart out of your chest and kabob it in front of your dying eyes.


interesting…well maybe not

100 off eye doctor’s vis. better than nothing 😀 they’re about 215 to 275 ish depending on where/whom optometrist speaking.
I have about all of my bills paid early already so it’s nice these sneaks
be they expensive pal visits or leftover eyedoc bill or leftover monthlies I’ll not get exactly everything to the penny but lose about a check’s progress with the shorter hours overall.
not bad!
not heehaw festival although apparently i had one anyways so had an early night
oh and the cable outrage with house internet was a free tech call… FREE as it was a wire connection at service from pole that burnt half the insulation off to bare wires….wet weather sizzle no signal :D.
I cook a mean chicken ala bbq. thanks to multiple burners and a working thermometer on the lid I held an average of 410F across 28 minutes including bbq sauce later basting on big. boneless chicken split breasts. that means fully cooked turned twice oh sinner! but still quite juicy.
I did half at least of the time bandits at work so I achieved not a home run weekend but muster.
disappearing gal pal called that’s nice.