Beer. I like it. Quire a lot of it leaves this house. I want to brew it. I’m fairly sure this is a hobby thing as there isn’t likely any REAL savings to this plan.

About my most desired beer of the moment is, of course, one I can’t get. Benediktiner hefewissen or a dark wheat beer of South-Estern Germany – near the Austrian border.

Financially, there is just NO savings in home brewing really. HOWEVER, it isn’t without advantages… providing one serves good “stuff” up and only home-brews, there is no reason savings is to be achieved by having PLENTY when it’s of a less desirable nature than what’s available with their wallet’s elsewhere.

I know enough to be dangerous… shhh. I have brewed/vinted many gallons of ciders to wine. this is NOT unlike beer production. I know my process and desires admits without question that craft is shit compared with commercial offerings … mostly due to more people desiring less haze and chew to beer which also includes the live yeast for the bellyache…and a variety of other factors all adding up to:

do one’s best with temperature control as flavor is here – just like tone is all in the mechanics of the guitar player’s hands. be scrupulous about cleanliness as it’s going to hold the results if not make them.too. remember well that while filtration is going to happen via many handling processes, filtration of beer removes both tastes and carbonation of beer to varying degrees…but clarity is a hallmark of what people want.

so, I expect to brew which I’ve done enough of, filtrate the results to pride’s clear beer 0 recarbonate all the while remembering if necessessasry to pasteurize my outcome to hold it for the 40 days good to great beer lasts…and admit upfront that I’m more in keeping with the enemy of “real beer” in that I appreciate and want consistently commercial style beer versus crap craft beer.

have I pulled the 300 dallar trigger? no because it’s 1200 for a righteous setup and the sundry invests over time to produce all the batches required to break basic even. this is a LOT of money much of which is due up front as in 1/4th. thus there is a huge financial outlay to make shit and own attic fodder. I’m not keen on that risk entirely.

however, if one thing is certain, having 5 gallons of good enough homebrew on hand can say something like woot, free beer, all you want. well home brewing is tempting to not directly save money but ultimately come out prettier due to the effort.

it’s all for naught if it’s more like 600 down to try appropriately. thus is more than i have to part with next month. to beer or not to beer, that is the question whether it is nobler in hops tones to brew up one’s savings indirectly or suffer the forever gouges of outrageous prices tacked to their shelves.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Beer.”

HA! I love the way you ended this post! “…to beer or not to beer…” etc! Clever and funny! 😛
Isn’t that a quote from Schlitzpeare’s play Heinekenlet?!? HA! 😀
I hope you figure out the solution to that dilemma! 🙂
As you know, I’ll even settle for a rootbeer! 😉
HUGS!!! 🙂

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