Hey! Did you hear Apple corporation is coming out with a new device? iBelieve! it’s aimed at capturing the conservation religious market. This device is stu;ed tp be reminiscent of a electronic PEZ dispenser with a light of face of YOU0KNOW-WHO with voice recognition of key religious vocabulary to then light up and dispense a special koolaid flavored confectionary product.

Is it wrong to put elderberry jelly upon children’s breakfast toast?

Why is it B vitamins are for sanity…should they be called Be’s

is it wrong of me to get a marinara for preparing dinner for westerns’ movie night…the spaghetti western?

why is it the height of sheik to have devices and or people whom hang upon your very voice….. I thought we shunned shizophenria.

I have to be round0about ish to achieve the dream of a raise. so considering the country I live in’s tax incentive i get 400 hours at x one year same four hundred hours a 1/2 the next yearend here I am after all of that at no incentive left making the most I ever could …what a surprise i make less than ever… okay that’s more not very ironic than an actual pun.

adobe is a brick style of home construction so adobo or adobada is of course where it all falls apart in chili water??

I never ever wanted to try so hard when the best i can do is try the least?

why is it we love to say something easy is a breeze…yet still think it’s mostly a bad thing when things blow?

how come the attitude of not caring is prized above all else for success yet we still want and pick a mate who we’d toss if they didn’t care for us or grow that way quickly to care for us more than life itself?

and while we’re splitting hairs of paradox, why is it we want what we can’t have and hate it when dew do get so lucky to acquire it?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “PUN-ny”

even though there is some pinching, it seems I have gotten my achievements through adversities. I have very little in tasks I want done like some lighting fixtures that work with actual globes/glass about them and a outlet for and the actual microwave so the house within maintenance/use is better and more useful than I found it, I’ve succeeded in throwing away most of everyone else’s junk so trees at foundation cut and augured and salted to retard their initial regrowth and such finishes most of the major season stuff I want of my 4th season dugout. or reclamation. which with the personal empowerment and hopeful full use of that power I can soon enough say I wield 2 years according to government papers well as while my start date is june open I must survive the another year no raise likely and all the magical complaints that appear come raise time 😉 to ass kiss through that and her vacation and school’s open and extra camping long weekends 😀 lol so september sees me with 9 work quarters rectifying if ever needed I have worked and thus get my ssdi. that’s a lot of little steps and achievements to be three month’s and a cremation in the bank plus all my bills 60 days ahead… and christmas with that achieved is I bettered my best achievement of longevity working this life if I do this… which means I can be lippy again 😀 count on it. go ahead, I can be hit by a bus I’ve covered my debts nd my family. go ahead I can walk out of here and fly across the world on inter nation vacations of a lifetime I work for that empowerment with having more than done my best but also achieved value for others. like when sears hits zero I have a stove and a dishwasher with maintenance agreements meaning call set appointment it’s fixed…. just call. that easy. after three years to have kept up and. improved things? nice feeling. but it’s all these little things that say okay it may not always go my way but don’t jerk me around I did my bit I’m here for ME. these little things help me even if they don’t ultimately mean all that much.

you done good, starman, for real. i’ll just stop there. you done good. (sent you invite to my now ‘private’ blog. not that thee needs to answer, but just want to make sure you knows.)

I was told elizabethan English has enough of the English way with words that encounter becomes a naughty way of mentioning that not so nice word for the lady anatomy… thus i wonder if you’ll ponder or punter which look with out take that’s plunder. 😀 but punter with me a lil more on how we say our words. like would you also laugh as conjure ways in my mind to say in just that way that my big boss is such a wise….person and wonder why with me I’m on her case at the moment I haven’t come to her attention lately and tomorrow I’m directed to ask her opinion on something…. dang it. I don’t want to come to her attention :D. I was liking my shadows…the last time I came to her attention I lost a lot of hours :D.

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